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The Dunbar Girls

The Dunbar Sisters

Back row, left to right,  Sybil, Mary, Jean

Front row, left to right, Margaret, Tena

All five sisters worked at Highland View Regional Hospital in Amherst in the fifties. Mary retired in 1959 to raise her son. Margaret left in the mid seventies and worked at several locations in Cumberland County, retiring in 1983. Sybil, Tena , and Jean worked at Highland View until their retirements.

Thanks to John Corning, son of Margaret (Dunbar) Corning, for providing the photo and information on this page.

Margaret Evelyn (Dunbar) Corning  Aberdeen School of Nursing Graduation 1942
Worked on Medical  HVRH
Died Amherst NS  March 26, 2009

Christena "Tena" Florence (Dunbar) Pierce Aberdeen School of Nursing Graduation 1943
Worked On Medical  Head Nurse HVRH
Died  Pugwash NS April 23, 2005

Mary Agnes (Dunbar) Tully    Amherst Highland View School of Nursing Graduation 1945
Worked on Medical HRVH
Died New Glasgow NS   December 17, 2004

Sybil Rebecca (Dunbar) Waugh   Amherst Highland View School of Nursing Graduation 1952
Worked Obstetrics Head Nurse HRVH

Jean Eleanor (Dunbar) Smith Amherst Highland View School of Nursing Graduation 1952
Worked Pediatrics Head Nurse HVRH

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