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Student Handbook


$20.00  set  (t-shirt and shorts)

$8.00    t-shirt

$12.00  shorts

$20.00 Grey crew neck sweatshirt

$25.00 Black Hoodies (sweatshirt)


North Hollywood High School - Student Store Hours:

7am – 8am

Nutrition and lunch

 818 753-6254           Parents please call the Student Store if you find yourself in the area and want to purchase



When your student is absent or tardy they must return to school with a note in order to clear the absence, if no note is brought to the office

The absence will reflect  truancy after 3rd day.

Remember an absence from Zoo Magnet is a 2 day absence from the class because of block schedule (2 hr class)

If you are tardy to Zoo Magnet for periods 1 or 2, and your parent is driving, you need a note to clear your Tardy

If you are tardy to Zoo Magnet due to Bus shuttle, you need to come to office as soon as you exit the bus, give your name to Mrs. Vega who will clear this tardy immediately, this tardy is not reflected on report card



There is no Nurse on our campus, all minor incidents that require 1st aide are handle here at the Zoo office.  Parents are contacted if Student needs to be picked up due to illness.

Phone # to NHHS Nurse office – 818 753-6263



Go to North Hollywood High School Athletics

You can click on to the sport or subject you are interested in, these will always be updated by

Athletics Assistant Director Ken Harris @ 818 753 6240



All students should receive their bus routes by the Week of August 10th.

If you have not received please feel free to call Zoo Magnet  office (only) at 323 660-0165

I will have information as to the drop-off’s and pick-ups of your students.

Or you may call 1-800-LA BUSES

Please do not call NHHS, they do not have information on bus routes




If you have missed your home shuttle

1.        There is no second shuttle to pick you up at your morning pick-up

1a.   Call your parent

1b.   Take Metro to NHHS or Zoo if directed by parent

If you arrive late to NHHS and miss the Shuttle bus to ZOO

2.        This is due to parent dropping you off late, you must have a note to clear your tardy and

3.        Report to the main office of NHHS (only) give them your name, in which they will

 Call the Zoo Magnet.

2a.  If you do not report to Main Office at NHHS you will be marked truant, no exceptions

4.    If your shuttle arrives late to NHHS, this shuttle will bring you into the Zoo Magnet                            

If a Shuttle bus arrives late to ZOO Magnet your Tardy will always be marked cleared due to School Bus




Your student will find out their class schedule on the first day of school.




Every student must report to North Hollywood High School.

Cafeteria Windows will have your students name posted along with their 1st period class

If  it reads Zoo per 1, then they exit NHHS and return to Bus Shuttle on Colfax which will bring them in to the Zoo for their Period 1 and 2 classes.


If it reads anything other than Zoo per. 1, they will stay at NHHS campus and report to the listed classroom.


If your student begins at NHHS for periods 1 & 2,

After period 2 is over, it is now Nutrition and they need to exit as quickly as possible to the

Zoo Shuttle buses on Colfax where they were dropped off in the morning.


Students will have their nutrition break once they arrive to the Zoo Magnet.