Planning on taking Health over Summer?
One option to complete your health requirement over summer is through Opportunities for Learning - fill out the form here. Once it is filled out, bring it to the Zoo Magnet office to get it signed and approved by Mrs. Fender.
Accessing Grades
Ms. Benitez, Ms. Hope, Mr. McDonnell, Mr. Monarch, Ms. Narsico, 
Mr. Owsley, and Ms. Vanian all have their grades on Schoology

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Kay Benitez, Zoo Magnet Coordinator

Angela Vega, Senior Office Technician

Alicia Fender, Counselor

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Zoo Mag Swag

This year's commemorative T-shirts harken back to 1981 when our school was founded.  Our 80's vibe T-shirts will come in pink, blue and green with a throwback design from Amelia McKee.  T-shirts will be on sale April 17th in the Safari Stop for $10.

Get your commemorative 35 Year Anniversary Hoodie featuring art from the Zoo Magnet's founder, Barry Shapiro!

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