Our mission: We will graduate students who will be responsible, well-rounded citizens who have mastered the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. We will prepare historically, ethnically, and racially underrepresented students for success in college, university, and employment in the fields of biological and zoological sciences.  

Our vision: Our students will think critically about science, policy, people and the environment and become agents of change.  The North Hollywood Zoo Magnet Center will inspire excellence, intellectual curiosity, respect for diversity, and active citizenship.

The North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet Center inspires and develops our students’ interests in biological and zoological sciences by providing relevant, hands-on instruction to extend learning beyond the classroom. The Zoo Magnet is recognized by the American Association of Zookeepers as one of only six high schools in the nation partnered with the a working zoo. Our close proximity and ongoing collaboration with the Los Angeles Zoo, Autry Museum of the American West, and Griffith Park Rangers facilitates implementation of unique internships, animal science courses, and interdisciplinary, magnet-themed curriculum.

Our curriculum, dedicated staff and hard working students have helped us reach a 100% graduation rate. Our 2017 graduating class of 61 students earned over $550,000 in scholarships. 95% went on to a college or a university, with 87% attending a 4-year university.

Duttonhaver Conservation Field Studies Scholarship
Meet Melissa Ruiz, Zoo Magnet Class of 2017 and Duttonhaver Field Studies Program Recipient.  This summer Zoo Magnet students Melissa Ruiz, Ryan Iwata, Nita Mc Hugh studied Elephants and Sustainable Agriculture in Kenya with Earthwatch.  Find out how this experience changed Melissa's life.


LA Zoo Research Internship
As a Research Intern, students work with Dr. Cathleen Cox, Director of Research at the Los Angeles Zoo.  Research Interns are trained to assist in various research projects. Skills such as data collection and entry are often put to use. With guidance, interns are expected to identify and recognize different behaviors displayed by the species. Students map exhibits, collect and catalog data from ethology studies to monitor the health and safety of the animals in the LA Zoo. Past project have included servals, mandrills and chimpanzees: ensuring the animals are not experiencing high stress levels, determining the success of Introducing new animals into exhibits, and assessing the safety of new feeding behaviors. Our research interns for the 2017-2018 are juniors Samantha Neuah and Alan Morales.

The White Bird of Poston
Ms. Gottlieb began teaching Ethnic Studies in the 2016-2017 school year.  We were lucky enough to gain a partnership with the LA Opera.  Our Ethnic Studies students learned about the history and music of the opera, "The White BIrd of Poston." During WWI, a Japanese American girl is forced into an Internment Camp within a Native American Reservation.  There she meets a Native American boy.  They challenge each other's perceptions of race and culture and connect through common struggles.  Our students performed with professional opera singers at the Autry Museum of the American West in the Fall of 2016.

The White Bird of Poston

Griffith Park Ranger Internship

LA Zoo Graphics Internship
Teresa Perez works in the Zoo's Graphics Department. Her internship requires her to research information on animals, draw, paint, digitally manipulate art, and help install art work in the Zoo. Her strong work ethic, experience in Digital Imaging, proficiency in Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator and her love for digital art and sketching made her an ideal candidate. Learn more about the Graphics Internship in An Interview with Teresa Perez.

Animal Husbandry
Animal husbandry is the care, management and breeding of domesticated animals. In our course, students get the unique opportunity of caring for exotic animals in the LA Zoo as a zookeeping intern.  Husbandry students are paired with a zookeeper to assist in maintaining enclosures, food preparation, providing enrichment and any other duties needed to care for the animals.
We offer approximately 25 "strings" per semester.

Danielle Garcia is one of our Animal Husbandry students. She has worked with an equestrian program called Taking the Reins for 6 years working with horses, goats, turkeys, bunnies, chickens and sheep. She's been involved in competitive horse judging and hippology at a national level for 4 years and now she gets to work with the Asian Elephants. Learn more about Danielle's first week in Husbandry when she gets to meet the LA Zoo's new female elephant, Shaunzi!

Interested in Learning more about our strings?  Read articles from our students.
Aquatics with Damaris Carranza
Avian Conservation Center with Pablo Velasco
Bird Show with Cassandra Hernandez
Bongos with Sophia Galindo
Cassowary with Monica Shelly
Chimpanzees with Gillian Tanda
Contact String (Petting Zoo) with Damaris Carranza
Elephants with Danielle Garcia
Giraffe with Cory Rangel 
Gorillas with Grady Johnson
Hillside with Ryan Iwata
Jaguar with Nicolette Del Barrio
Kudu String with Gabe Lizer
Koalas with Janelle Yanez
Nursery with Liam Shahaf
River Otters
South America String with Pablo Velasco
Upper Flight
Wild Dogs
Zebra with Nita McHugh

Autry Gallery Internship
Tiger Schenkman is our one and only our Autry Gallery Intern. Aside from dancing, participating in our schools' Mentorship Program and shaping our school in the Zoo Magnet's Leadership Class, she interned at an evolutionary biology lab at USC, participated in a summer program at Cambridge University, taught underprivileged youth at the Colburn Academy, served as a youth docent at the L.A. Zoo, and interned with KCRW. These experiences helped her to develop patience, public speaking skills, and learn how to work in a professional setting. Learn more about the Gallery internship in an Interview with Tiger Schenkman and California Continued.

The Wreck of the Miranda
In the 2016-2017 school year, Ms. Hope's Marine Biology classes worked with the LA Opera to develop a brand new, marine science themed opera.  Our students researched case studies and pitched their ideas to the LA Opera.  Their ideas were crafted into "The Wreck of the Miranda."  This Opera is currently being developed and will be performed by Zoo Magnet students and LA Opera musicians in the Fall of 2018.
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