The North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet Center inspires and develops our students’ interests in biological and zoological sciences by providing relevant, hands-on instruction to extend learning beyond the classroom. The Zoo Magnet is recognized by the American Association of Zookeepers as one of only six high schools in the nation partnered with the a working zoo. Our close proximity and ongoing collaboration with the Los Angeles Zoo, Autry Museum of the American West, and Griffith Park Rangers facilitates implementation of unique internships, animal science courses, and interdisciplinary, magnet-themed curriculum.

Our curriculum, dedicated staff and hard working students have helped us reach a 100% graduation rate. Our 2017 graduating class of 61 students earned over $550,000 in scholarships. 95% went on to a college or a university, with 87% attending a 4-year university.

Our Schedule

North Hollywood High is on a traditional schedule and the Zoo magnet is on a block schedule. Click here for more information about our unique schedule.

Our Course Offerings

Our academically rigorous program features a full core curricula that meets or exceeds university A-G requirements. As the only biological science magnet in the district and one of only 6 high schools in the nation with a partnership recognized by the American Association of Zookeepers, we offer 20 exciting science electives including Animal Husbandry, Animal Behavior and Animal Science. Since our students have the opportunity to take courses on 2 campuses, student also have the opportunity to select from 23 Advanced Placement courses including AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Chemistry. Click here for a detailed list of our courses.

Our Mission

We will graduate students who will be responsible, well-rounded citizens who have mastered the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. We will prepare historically, ethnically, and racially underrepresented students for success in college, university, and employment in the fields of biological and zoological sciences.  

Our Vision
Our students will think critically about science, policy, people and the environment and become agents of change.  The North Hollywood Zoo Magnet Center will inspire excellence, intellectual curiosity, respect for diversity, and active citizenship.

LA Opera
The LA Opera presents The Wreck of the Miranda by Nathan Wang and Matthew Leavitt, based on proposals by students at North Hollywood Zoo Magnet. The Wreck of the Miranda is centered around two high school students, Angela and Eva. When the residents of their seaside town begin to fall mysteriously ill, eco-conscious Eva becomes suspicious that a recent shipwreck is to blame. She has to learn to put aside their differences and work together with popular student Angela to change the tide of public opinion in a town that's propped up entirely by the fishing industry. Together with their school, played by the chorus of students, they must conduct research, collect data, and confront the mega-corporation to hold them responsible.

The White Bird of Poston
Ms. Gottlieb began teaching Ethnic Studies in the 2016-2017 school year.  We were lucky enough to gain a partnership with the LA Opera.  Our Ethnic Studies students learned about the history and music of the opera, "The White BIrd of Poston." During WWI, a Japanese American girl is forced into an Internment Camp within a Native American Reservation.  There she meets a Native American boy.  They challenge each other's perceptions of race and culture and connect through common struggles.  Our students performed with professional opera singers at the Autry Museum of the American West in the Fall of 2016.

The White Bird of Poston

Griffith Park Ranger Internship

Autry Gallery Internship
Tiger Schenkman is our one and only our Autry Gallery Intern. Aside from dancing, participating in our schools' Mentorship Program and shaping our school in the Zoo Magnet's Leadership Class, she interned at an evolutionary biology lab at USC, participated in a summer program at Cambridge University, taught underprivileged youth at the Colburn Academy, served as a youth docent at the L.A. Zoo, and interned with KCRW. These experiences helped her to develop patience, public speaking skills, and learn how to work in a professional setting. Learn more about the Gallery internship in an Interview with Tiger Schenkman and California Continued.
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