Our students navigate 2 bus systems.  One bus system transports them to and from their home school to the North Hollywood Main Campus.  Another shuttle bus transports them from the NHHS Main Campus to the Zoo Magnet Campus.

Bus Safety Video


Home School Routes
The district provides transportation to/from a school by your home as long as you live more than a 5 mile radius away from North Hollywood High School (NHHS).  If you are not sure if you qualify, here is a map showing NHHS' boundary.  Not sure if you qualifyMake sure you get to your stop at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.  If you would like to verify your route, you have questions regarding transportation, or your bus is late please call the LAUSD Transportation Division at (800) LA- BUSES / (800) 522-8737 or call the Zoo Magnet Office at (323) 660- 0165. 

Shuttle Bus
The morning shuttle to the Zoo Magnet leaves NHHS at 7:30am.  Please board the first available shuttle.  Do NOT leave your NHHS classes early in order to catch the bus.  Please call the Zoo Magnet Office with any questions at (323) 660-0165.

How do I clear my tardy if my bus was late?
Each bus driver has tardy passes.  Make sure to ask your driver for a tardy pass if your bus was late. If you are shuttling to the Zoo Magnet, check in at the office to clear your tardy.

Dual Stop
If a student would like to be dropped off or picked up at another assigned location, please complete a Dual Stop Form.  Click here to download a form.  Forms are also available in the Zoo Magnet Office.

Our school NEEDS buses in order to function and we want to support our bus drivers.  Please follow your bus driver's rules.  Be prepared to show your bus pass.  Make sure to thank your driver every day!