The Diary of Anne Frank - Fall 2013

Anne FrankMadison Trowbridge (freshman) 
Otto FrankChace Avery (junior) 
Edith FrankSarah Rhodes (sophomore) 
Margot FrankKiersten Hoehn (junior) 
Peter Van Daan Trevor Clifton (freshman) 
Hermann Van Daan Dawson Richard (freshman) 
Petronella Van Daan Elizabeth Collins (junior) 
Alfred DusselCasey Bohnert (sophomore) 
Miep GiesRachel Bacher (senior) 
Mr. KralerLuke Schumaker (senior) 
ThiefBrooklynn Bruner (freshman) 
Nazi OfficersMadison Eve (junior) 
 Aaron McCool (junior) 
 Faylyn Minzenberger (junior) 

Show Dates and Times
November 9 at 7:00
November 10 at 2:30
November 16 at 7:00
November 17 at 2:30
*Doors will open 30 minutes before showtime

Ticket Price: $5

Intermission: 15 minutes
*Baked goods will be sold during intermission for $1

Special Effects: flashing lights, smoke, loud sound effects

Cast members will be moving through the audience during this production.

Photography is acceptable, but please refrain from recording any portion of this production.

Please do not use cell phones, tablets, etc. during this production.

Note: Due to the serious nature of this show's content and themes, parental guidance is suggested for audience members under the age of twelve.