The Granite



Congratulations, you've found it! Intentionally or not!  This site's purpose was to bring geocachers, especially those in New Hampshire, together and to help educate the general public about what geocaching is all about. Thanks to Bass Chaz, who took my challenge to create a better site, we now have the Granite State Geocachers' Website.  Check it out!!!

- Official Site
- Geocacher University
- Geocaching Maine
- The Geocacher's Creed
- Groundspeak's Forums
- NHGC Google Group
- Where'd this menu come from?

It is evident that the need for a centralized repository for all things geocaching is needed here in New Hampshire.  This is needed for a number of reasons:

  • To help cachers, new and old, share ideas and experiences.
  • To act as a central place where important information can be posted.
  • So interested folks (including authorities like the police) can come and see what we're all about.
  • To set up some fun stuff!  Events, a NH Geocoin, more events...  We ARE here to have fun, right? 
  • I'm sure there are more reasons, shout 'em out! 

The Granite State Geocachers were started to help make this happen!  Join us!