Fall Student Workshops

NHETG Fall Student Theatre Conference
October 14th, 2016 

at the Silver Center at Plymouth State University

WHO:               High School Students, Teachers, Directors, and Chaperones (This is not a middle school activity.)

WHAT:              An opportunity to develop skills and explore the world of performing arts:  Each student will have the opportunity to participate in five workshops. To encourage active participation, adults are invited to observe at no charge.

WHEN:          Friday, October 14th, 2016– Workshop Day 8:45 am to 5:00 pm. PSU performance of Carrie the Musical at 7 pm. Registrations due October 4.

WHERE:       Silver Center for the Arts, PSU in Plymouth, NH

FEE:                $15 per student (inc. workshops and NHETG membership valid until (8/31/17) $10 per adult (NHETG membership only, no charge to observe workshops) $10 per ticket for Carrie the Musical

*** Due to increased numbers, we are capping the workshops at 350 students this year.***

PSU Theatre: Carrie the Musical

Carrie, the telekinetic musical adapted from Stephen King’s novel Carrie, is the story of an awkward teenage girl with special powers who struggles for acceptance. Her lonely life is dominated by an oppressive religious fanatic mother and the unforgiving judgmental attitudes of her classmates. However, Carrie has hope when one girl befriends her.  Just when everything seems perfect a horrible prank unleashes Carrie’s telekinetic powers on her high school classmates and teachers, destroying all. Carrie has a book by Lawrence D. Cohen, lyrics by Dean Pitchford, and music by Michael Gore.

TICKETS:   Tickets are $10 – performance at 7:00 pm. This is a special discounted price for registered participants of the Fall Workshop only. The NHETG will be forwarding a list of all eligible schools and the number of each school’s participants to the Silver Center Box Office. Additional tickets at the regular box office price of $18 adults/$14 seniors/$14 youth may be purchased for bus drivers, family, or friends who are not registered participants of the NHETG Fall Workshop. Tickets will be sold day of the show as available. This performance has reserved seats. Anyone wishing to sit together must purchase tickets at the same time. There are no exchanges or refunds. Tickets may be purchased on line at http://silver.plymouth.edu (full price only, convenience fees apply), by phone at 603-535-2787, at the box office Monday-Friday from 11:00am to 4pm or by mail. Phone and mail orders have a $2 handling fee. Send your request for tickets and check (made out to Silver Center) to:

Silver Center Box Office, MSC 36

17 High Street

Plymouth State University

Plymouth NH 03264

REGISTRATION: Download the registration form at www.nhetg.org. Fill it out and email it to Scott Giessler before October 3rd to guarantee a spot for you. Please note that due to the short turn-around time, registration fees may be turned in at the door. However, if you forget your money, there is no obligation to allow you to participate. Note: do not include ticket money in your registration check. Tickets are purchased directly through the Silver Center Box office.

MEDICAL FORMS: A copy is included or you can download it at www.nhetg.org – you need to bring 2 copies of each student form to Registration at PSU, 1 for you, 1 for us, sorted alphabetically.  All medical forms must be filled out completely, especially the signature and initial section at the bottom.

TEACHER/CHAPERONE RESPONSIBILITIES: Please communicate to your students that all participants in the NHETG Fall Workshops at PSU are required to attend scheduled workshop sessions during this event. Students should not be wandering the hallways during scheduled sessions and are not permitted -- under any circumstances--to leave the Silver Center unaccompanied by their teacher/chaperone. To ensure the best workshop experience for all participants, we ask teachers/chaperones to assist students in finding their ways to scheduled workshops as needed.

PERSONAL PROPERTY:  While in attendance at the Fall Workshop, please ask your students to keep all of their belongings with them at all times. There is no secure place to leave backpacks, coolers, or lunch bags available. Please ask students to leave any unnecessary items at home and to plan on carrying all of their personal belongings, including their lunches (if they bring one), with them to all sessions.

WORKSHOP TICKETS: Due to the interactive, hands-on nature of most of the workshop sessions planned, the number of active participants to some sessions needs to be limited. For these sessions, a certain number of tickets will be issued to each participating school for each of the limited sessions. These tickets are to be distributed to your students (in whatever manner you deem best), before arrival at the Fall Workshop. Should a student have a ticket to a specific session that s/he is not interested in attending, s/he may choose to visit the “Swap Table” in the lobby of the Silver Center and exchange the ticket for a different session ticket. The “Swap Table” works similarly to the penny bowl at the local convenience store - if you need one, you may take one and if you have one to spare you may leave one. For the better enjoyment of all Fall Workshop participants, TEACHERS/CHAPERONES, please ask your students to respect the session ticket system and to use the “Swap Table” courteously.

IF YOU READ ANYTHING – READ THIS!!! Your registration is due to Scott Giessler by Oct. 3rd. He will email or call you with a confirmation of your registration – contact him if you do not receive a confirmation. You may pay your registration at the door and hand in your medical sheets – you may NOT register more students at that time – NOR may you register FEWER students at that time (our finances are built upon your good faith). Late registrations will not necessarily be honored due to space. If students are dropped from your list, contact Scott Giessler as soon as possible or you will be expected to pay for those students – no one can be dropped on workshop day.


For more information, contact:

Scott Giessler





8:45 am – 9:20      Registration


9:45 – 10:45           Session I

11:00 – Noon        Session II

Noon – 1 pm        Lunch

                             (on your own)

1:15 – 2:15            Session III

2:30 – 3:30            Session IV

3:45 – 4:45            Session V

5:00                      Wrap-Up

5:00 – 7:00            Dinner

                             (on your own)

7:00                      Carrie the         



o Acting: Romeo & Juliet + Air Broadswords

o Acting: Using Dramatic Irony o Basic Audition Techniques

o Building Basic Scenery

o Contemporary & Jazz Dance


o Directing: Anne Bogart’s


o Directing: Telling Actors Stories

o Drama Machine: Brainstorming


o Fun with Foam

o Improv Games

o Lighting Design: Les Misérables

o Lighting Instrument Basics

o Movement for the Performer

o The Actor as Creator

o Playing Shakespeare’s Minor Characters

o Playwriting: One-Word Play Festival

o Projections as a Scenic Element

o Scene Painting

o Set Design: Les Misérables

o Shaping Up Shakespeare with Your Voice

o Sound for the Theatre: How it Works

o Stage Managers: Communication Specialists

o Tech Olympics

o Tech: Working Drawings & Scale Rules

o Tours of Silver Center

o Trauma & Zombie Makeup

PERFORMANCE OF Carrie the Musical  


DIRECTIONS TO PSU: From the North or South, take I-93. Get off at Exit 25 and turn right off the ramp. The facilities parking lot will be on your left after the two gas stations. Continue on that road, left around the roundabout to Main Street, Silver Center for the Arts will be on your right – you may NOT park here ($100 ticket that cannot be “fixed”!).

PARKING AT PSU: You may drop off students at the front entrance to the Silver Center and then park in the facilities lot across from the physical education center. Shuttle service from this lot to Silver is available, or you can walk (about 5 minutes).

FOOD: Plymouth has a variety of fast and semi-fast foods available within walking distance of the Arts Center (both on campus and off).

For more information, contact:

Scott Giessler