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Newfound Regional HS

No Photos available yet just some old drawings from 1995. New photos will be posted by Tuesday, 1/17/2017.
This is a proscenium arch theatre.

Stage Dimensions:
Proscenium: 40' Wide, 14' High
Trim: 11'6"
Stage: 37’4” Wide, 25’ Deep (Apron to wall)
Apron: 6’ Deep
Pit: 41" below stage floor
Left Wing: 20'
Right Wing: 20'
Load-in Doors: Double door in left wing 5'10"w x 6'7"h
Cross Over: 3'6" up of cyc or doors in both wings lead through music room.
Seating: 491
yes, more info to come
yes, more info to come
Soft Goods:
3 Travelers 
more info to come
Cyclorama: Lt. Blue, 18' up of Plaster Line, 3'6" down of US wall
New LED lighting throughout theatre.
2 follow spots in back of house (by booth)
ETC Element board in booth.