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Kingswood Regional HS

Technical Information

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Proscenium: 44’6” Wide, 20’ High

Stage: 44’6” Wide, 33’11” Deep (Apron to wall)

Apron: 7’ Deep from Plaster Line to Edge

Pit: 3’6” below stage floor

Wings: 40’ High, 28’ Wide, 20’ Deep

Load-in Doors: All 8’ Wide, 12’ High

Other:  2 portable stair units in the pit.


·      Soundcraft LX7 24 channel mixer

·      Macbook with MP3 and CD Playback

·      iPod Dock

·      8 Wireless Handheld Microphones

·      8 Wireless Lavelier Microphones

·      ¼ inch and XLR Inputs to board

·      USB input to laptop


·      ETC ION Board

·      96 circuits

·      20 Programmable Faders on Fader Wing

·      Fader wing has ten separate pages for a  total of 200 Faders.

·      10,000 Cues

·      999 Cue Lists

·      10 pages of 2 sub-masters




·      All legs, teasers & travelers are black.

·      Grand Drape and Traveler operated manually from stage right.

·      Valence and teasers dead hung at 15’

·      Traveler & leg tracks are dead hung.

·      DS Legs:  6’ upstage of Plaster Line.

·      Traveler:  14’ up of Plaster Line.

·      US Legs:  20’6” up of Plaster Line

·      All legs are 16’6” wide, encroaching 3’ onto stage.

·      US Traveler: 27’6” upstage of Plaster Line (1 foot in front of Cyc)

·      Cyclorama: White  28’6” up of Plaster Line at US wall

Clearcom: Wired headset plugs located in booth, audio balcony, mid house left and right, down and upstage left and right wings.

Lighting Notes:

q     Ten LED, automatable, movable zoomable, RGBWA parcan lights mounted on the first and second electrics (over stage.) They can create a rainbow of wash on the stage. They are currently configured for a full wash.  Pointing of these lights is controllable from the booth.  Warning: Any re-tasking (repointing) can take up valuable time in the tech rehearsal. 

q     See the Lighting plots for further information on the festival stage lighting.

q     Two iMarc 200 followspots located on booth balcony.  The followspots can hit anywhere on stage and in the pit, and the front half of the audience. RGB Gels will be installed.  Spots are equipped with dowsers and iris control.  Due to high-efficiency bulbs, spots must stay on at all times and be dowsed when not used.  Otherwise, spot takes 30 seconds to relight.

q     One Followspot (Converted 26 degree Source Four Ellipsoidal) mounted on the catwalk for steep angle follow.  It can only hit the front ½ of stage and will be washed out on full stage lights. Must be turned on and off from the booth. 

q     The light-board can be run on fully programmed cues list with a “go” button or on sub-masters on the fader wing.  Lighting zones will be pre-programmed into the fader wing when your crew arrives for technical rehearsal.  If you choose to run the show from the fader wing, our staff will assist you in programming faders for ease of use.

If your show has a lot of cues and different or complex looks (20 or more), it may be difficult to program all these cues in the time allotted. Contact Scott Giessler for further information.