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Bow HS

Photo Tour
This is a typical proscenium arch theatre. See photo link above.

Stage Dimensions:
Proscenium: 36’6” Wide, 13’4” High
Stage: 37’4” Wide, 25’ Deep (Apron to wall)
Apron: 6’ 9” Deep at center
Pit: 13.8 below stage floor
Left Wing: 36’ High, 14’ Wide, 25’ Deep
Right Wing: 36’ High, 14’ Wide, 25’ Deep
Load-in Doors: 9’5” Wide x 11’ High
(Garage door) – loads directly into SR wing
Seating: 600
Mackie 32 channel, mixer in booth.
2 Wireless Handheld Microphones.
Inputs: 28 xlr, 1/8” mini-phone, 32 ¼” phone jacks, & 2 RCA phonos available for your computer, MP3 & your CD player
4 Hardwired intercom stations:
2 in booth
1 in R wing
 1 floater (can be SL or with spot)
Soft Goods:
Travelers are dark blue.
Legs & teasers are black.
Travelers, teasers & leg tracks are dead hung.
Travelers are operated manually from the right wing.
Legs slide L/R; downstage legs can rotate
Traveler: flush w/ Plaster Line.
Leg 1 (rotates): 6’10” up of Plaster Line.
Leg 2: 11’ up of Plaster Line
Leg 3: 18’ up of Plaster Line.
Cyclorama: Lt. Blue, 23’6” up of Plaster Line at US wall
1 follow spots in back of house (by booth)
ETC Element board in booth.
Other: 2 Step ladders will be available.