Use this as a roadmap to getting all the paperwork in on time and to the right person. 

We have a new registration process using Google Forms as of 2017. You will receive an email after the Directors’ Meeting on Saturday, January 14, 2017, with a link to the new registration form. Fill out as much of the form as you can right away. Until everyone fills out the form it will be impossible to develop the festival schedule. Please enter something for every question. If you don’t have an answer yet, enter a question mark, “?”. Where applicable, you might also use: “none”, “n/a” or “0”.  After submitting the form, you will automatically get a confirmation email with a link to edit the form. Save that email or bookmark/favorite the link so you can go back to revise your submission in the future. About 2 weeks before the festival you will be notified that the form will be closed to future changes to allow your host to finalize plans. Hopefully there will be no further changes but if there are, you will need to email your host.

In order for students and adults to participate in festival, they must become a member of the NHETG.   First, fill out the form, and then bring both the form and payment to your regional.

This form needs to be completed by every student attending festival.  No student will be admitted to festival as a participant without a completed form, including the parent signature for permission to treat.   There are no exceptions to this rule, so it is vital that this form get filled out.  Directors may bring these forms with them on the day of the festival.  Please have them alphabetized before submitting them to the registration table. 

Get this form signed by your school principal and send it to the board member indicated on the form and/or the checklist.  This indicates that you have secured the royalties, and your principal has approved the content of your show. 

This form is used at the festival itself.  The NHETG does not play the role of censor when it comes to content.  (We, of course,  ask that you do not perform content at festival that you would not be willing to perform at your school. ) Instead, the purpose of this form is simply meant to prepare any students for material that they may find disturbing.  For example, your play may deal with the death of a character.  If a student audience member has just suffered a loss of someone close to them, the teacher of that student, upon reading the notification, may elect to have that student sit out of the show. 

This form provides the host with any necessary information about your students needs in the way of allergies, or other medical issues. 

Your regional and state hosts will be creating a program for the festival audience.  In order to do this, you as the participating school will need to create a program page and e-mail it to them.  Below we have templates that you can adapt to your show, both for programs that are full sized 8.5" x 11" and programs that are the smaller 5.5" x 8.5" booklets. 
Newfound & Kingswood will use fullsize
Bow & Granite St. Arts Acad. will use booklet size

This is the first  form you send in to the NHETG to indicate your are interested in signing your school up for festival.  When you send this, you'll send a check with it for registration fees.  Afterwards, in mid-January, you'll be invited to a statewide meeting for all new directors at the state host site.  At this meeting you'll find out which regional you are attending.  This form can either be filled out on paper and mailed, or on-line and submitted.
SIGNUP DEADLINE for the NHETG 2017 Festival: 12/9/2016
revised 1/15/2017