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What is NHETG and Festival?

The New Hampshire Educational Theatre Guild is an organization of high school students and teachers whose goal is to encourage excellence in high school theatre.  The major events each year are the Fall Workshops and the New Hampshire Drama Festival held in the spring.  High school theatre groups from all over the state meet to perform 40 minute one-act plays or cuttings from full length plays at several one-day regional festival.  Regional finalists participate at the two-day State Festival.  At all of the festivals, students have a chance to meet other thespians, share and discuss their productions.  Individual awards are given to students. Two shows are chosen from the state festival to go on to the three-day New England Theatre Festival.

Choosing a Play

For those already thinking of festival, here are a few things to keep in mind.  The play may be no longer than 40 minutes and zero seconds from the first dramatic moment to the last dramatic moments.  Dramatic moments include music before the house lights go out and actors interacting with the audience before the house lights go out. Many choose to do a single act of a play or a cutting.  Be certain to get the publishers written permission, otherwise this may be a copyright infringement. If there are further questions, don’t hesitate to contact a board member.

Festival VS Competition

The Board of the NHETG believes very strongly that theatre is an art form, not a sport.  In support of this premise we think of the festivals as a celebration of theatre where students and directors get to share theatre and learn from each others work.  Granted, shows are chosen to go on to the next level of festival but we do not believe this is the primary goal of the festival. The primary goals are education and fun.  Please help maintain the spirit of festival by discouraging the use of the “C” word in this regard.

OnPar (Only Performing ARegionals)

A school may register to perform at a Regional Festival but not be considered to perform at the State Festival. These shows will participate in all aspects of the Regional Festival including: Public Critiques, Student Forums, Directors Critiques, Consideration for All Star Company Awards. This status will be determined at the time of registration by an indication on the registration form and may not be changed after the January meeting where schools are assigned to Regional Sites. These school will be invited to attend the state festival as a non-performing school just as those that were not chosen to move on. They may participate in State Festival Student Forums and Directors Critiques provided they attend all critique session on both days.

Fall Workshop

Each fall the NHETG sponsors a day of theatre workshops.  For the last several years these have been held at and run by Plymouth State University.  Usually it is on the 3rd Friday in October.  The day runs from about 9am till 5pm.  There is an option to stay and see an evening performance of the current PSU production.  This is a great day for all.  We tend to have over 300 register.  Sometimes we have to turn folks away.  Registration info will be mailed in September and posted to our website at  Register early.

Festival Registration & Fee

Expect to receive your festival sign-up information shortly after Thanksgiving.  The paid sign-up forms will be due by the middle of January. The fee will be $200 to enter a show in the festival. This is a one time annual fee which covers all levels of the festival.  The fee is used to defray the cost of adjudicators, consultants, awards and equipment at all regional and state festivals.  Additionally this covers the registration fees for New Hampshire to participate in the New England Drama Festival.