APCO International awards

posted Jan 6, 2017, 5:08 AM by New Hampshire Emergency Dispatchers Association   [ updated ]

Just a quick note that the deadline of April 1, 2017 for submitting award nominations is quickly approaching.

There are many SUPER STARS amongst us out there.

Go to the website psap.apcointl.org read over the instructions & submit your nomination(s)
- Keep in mind you do not need to be an APCO member to nominated or be a nominator
- If you're not an APCO member just follow the instructions for setting up as a nominator
- If you are a member of APCO, log in go to PSConnect and click on awards then follow steps for submitting nominations

Ensure you select the right category for the person(s) you're nominating
Categories are:
Telecommunicator of the Year
Communications Center Director of the Year
Line Supervisor of the year
Radio Frequency Technologist of the Year
Information Technologist of the Year
Trainer of the Year
Team of the Year

Currently overall there have been 74 nominations total throughout the nation. In past years nominations have exceeded 200.
This is my 3rd year serving on the APCO International Awards Committee & I'd like to pass on some keynotes such as;
- The Atlantic Chapter being the largest & highly respected , has had very low number of nominations submitted over the years. Hopefully with both  the continuance & enhancement of the Atlantic Chapter Awards program more of our Super Stars will be recognized. I'm aware some agencies may be good at recognizing  their Super Stars locally, which is fantastic. Now lets work on being nationally recognized.
So, if you are reading this message Get The Word out to your local, regional & state agencies.
- Even the East Coast as a whole has a low number of nominations being submitted. The vast majority of nominations seem to be from central to western part of the country. 

So in conclusion let me say lets find the time and make the effort to recognize the many Well-Deserving professionals we have out there. Also well done to anyone who is already stepping up and recognizing their respective Super Stars.

Best of Luck to everyone
Lawrence Lafferty

P.S. If anyone either upon logging in or setting up an account have problems/issues with completing the nominations feel free reaching out to me via email or PSConnect messaging.