Upcoming Events & Announcements

Just a reminder that we have den meetings tomorrow night at the regular time. 

We are a little over a week away from the Pack 23 - 2016 Pinewood Derby. Our schedule for next week is a little different as a result...there are no scheduled meetings on Thursday 1/21, although some dens do choose to meet to work on their derby cars. 
We do meet on Friday night (1/22 at 6 pm) to set up the track, give the cars a test run and officially weigh them in.
Remember that you need to use the BSA Pinewood Derby kits, the cars have to fit on the track, and cannot weigh more than 5 ounces.
The race is scheduled for Saturday (1/23)  from 2-4 pm at Strafford School.

Trophies are awarded at the end of the race:
For Scouts-
1st Place Overall
2nd Place Overall
3rd Place Overall
Spirit of Scouting Award
Turtle Award-Presented to the Slowest car to cross the finish line

Open Class- 1st Place Overall

There are not any participation awards/ribbons. Please plan accordingly.

Blue and Gold is coming up in mid-February. This is our celebration of scouting and when the Webelos 2 cross over into Troop 23!

This year's Blue and Gold ceremony will be held at the Bow Lake Grange on the afternoon of February 14th. More info as we get closer.