Upcoming Events & Announcements

Hi Everyone,
Please review the calendar, as I have made some updates to it this evening. 

Leaders, I added information about the upcoming trainings in late April and May. Please be sure to register with nhscouting by the deadlines listed. Some registrations require you to download and open a flyer which has the required registration info.

A reminder that if you and/or your child is going to camp this summer, all parts of the Medical Forms (A. B, and C) must be completed. I would like these to be turned in as quickly as possible. The deadline for camp paperwork and balances is May 5th. I will be contacting everyone individually with the final payment amounts due. 

Leaders and Parents we need to examine when we will be holding our pack committee meetings. Spring sports are underway, and between track, baseball, and lacrosse practices; our regularly scheduled committee meeting night and time (usually Monday evenings at 7 pm) may not work. We need to figure out how best to make sure that we can have the majority of people attend, as these meetings are important to the organization of pack activities through the remainder of the year.

Lastly parents; we need your help. Scouting is a volunteer-run program. We currently have multiple unfilled positions in the pack committee. There are any number of ways that you can help make our scouting program the best it can be for your child.
Likewise, it is time for Michael and I to start transitioning out of our roles as Cubmaster and Committee Chair. It is in the best interest of the pack that we have volunteers who are willing to work with us over the next 6-9 months to ensure that the change in pack leadership progresses smoothly so that we can "retire" in February when our own scouts move up to the troop.