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Living and Non-living Things

We have been learning about living things, non-living things and once-living things. Living things are called organisms and are special because unlike non-living things, living things grow. A cat grows and thus it is living. A couch does not grow and thus it is non-living. A sandwich is a once-living thing because it is made from things that used to be living (wheat, meat from animals, vegetables). In class with Ms. Moo and Ms. Schroeder, we made posters of living, non-living and once-living things.

After we figured out what living things were, we found out what they need in order to stay alive; food, air, water, and shelter. To further investigate these needs, we made terrariums by collecting organisms from around NHCS. We made observational drawings and notes on our organisms before we let them go. We made pictographs to find out which type of organism was most abundant on campus. We also chose our favorite organism and wrote a short story about it.

In KIDLAB, we created our own animals and designed a place they could live (called their habitat) based on what we thought their needs would be. These "crazy creatures" ate everything from bubbles and worms, to ice cream and people. They had wings, scales, horns, and claws not to mention up to 6 eyes!