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Online Giving

Several people have inquired about online giving options to automate their monthly offering to NHCC.
After researching several online giving programs, we have only found one option that is free of charge:

You can setup a recurring automatic electronic transfer to NHCC’s bank account from your bank online.
These instructions are for your convenience only, please don’t feel pressure to change giving methods.
Please let us know if you have any questions or would like help getting this setup.
Thanks for your generosity in giving! May God help us to use these gifts for His glory!

Here are all the details you should need about NHCC’s bank account to be able to setupa recurring automatic electronic transfer funds from any bank:
For security reasons the version of these instructions posted online does not include NHCC's bank account information.
Please e-mail nhccweb@gmail.com to request instructions including account information.

Bank: _________

Account Type: _________

Routing Number: _________

Bank Account Number: _________

Example instructions for BECU customers to setup transfers to NHCC’s bank account:

1)      Go to https://www.becu.org/

a.       Click on “Online Banking”.

b.      Enter your username and password to login.

2)      Go to “Payments”.

3)      Go to “Pay Other People”.

4)      Click on “Send Money”.

a.       Click on “Add a New Contact”.

                                      i.      Enter First Name:  New Heights Christian

                                    ii.      Enter Last Name:  Church

b.      Click on “Enter the Recipient’s Bank Account”

c.       Account Type: _________

                                      i.      Enter Routing Number: _________

                                    ii.      Enter Bank Account Number: _________

                                  iii.      Re-Enter Bank Account Number: _________

d.      Enter the “Dollar Amount” you want to send.

                                      i.      Check the “Recurring Payment” box if you want to make this an automatic recurring payment, and enter the details for when you’d like payment to be sent (Start date/Frequency/Duration).

e.       Click “Standard Delivery (3 business days) – Free”.

f.       Select from which of your personal bank accounts you would like to withdraw funds.

g.      Under “Message”, send an e-mail to: _________ (to notify Rachel Clements when your payment is sent).

h.      Click on “Continue”.

                                                              i. Verify that the information is correct – Click on “Edit” if you need to make any changes.

5)      Click on “Send Payment” to complete the transaction.