Accreditation by a state governmental agency is an administrative mechanism designed to achieve uniform education for all children in secular schools. 

Accreditation of a private Christian School is not necessary for a graduate of that school to enroll in a college or university.  

New Hope Christian Academy does not seek accreditation by any outside educational body, but does endeavor to provide the highest academic program as evidenced by the scores its students earn on national standardized achievement tests (California Achievement Test CAT5, Terra Nova 2nd edition – McGraw-Hill publishers).

Admissions Policy

New Hope Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin and grants the same all the rights, privileges, and access to programs and activities generally accorded all students enrolled.  It is assumed that each student comes from a Christian family that regularly attends a Bible-believing church.”

First-time enrolling students and their parents must attend an interview with a member or members of the administration and school board.  Students enrolling in the junior or senior high school must provide three referrals: one by the student’s youth or senior pastor, and two from non-pastoral sources.  The fact that a student has been interviewed does not guarantee placement at NHCA.

Tuition Schedule

New Hope Christian Academy is dependent on tuition and other fees collected for each student in attendance, and any contributions or gifts given for general use by the students and/or staff.  Gifts and contributions are tax deductible.

A sample Tuition Schedule for 2016-2017 follows based on an Eleven-Month Payment basis. Discounts are calculated for multi-student families. Additional fees will also be assessed.