New Hope Christian Academy was established in Harrisburg, IL, for the 2012-2013 school year with a 33-year heritage as Equality Christian Center School (ECCS) in Gallatin County. 

Operating as an independent 501(3)(c) corporation, NHCA celebrates its decades of administrative and teaching experience in a Godly and loving environment as we partner with First Church of God, where we are housed. 

We are thankful for the covenant relationship we have with the church and its leadership, including Pastor Dan Masters. Pastor Dan's wife, Lynn, has been associated with the school since she began teaching during the 2011-2012 school year. 

Mission Statement

American education has its roots in the home and the church.  As children are a gift from God, it is the responsibility of the parents to train and educate their children for the glory of God.  New Hope Christian Academy is pleased to offer Christian Education as a ministry to Christian families in our community and surrounding area.  We recognize that a Christ-centered education is essential to the spiritual, academic, and moral development of young people.

 It is our conviction that the training of children is regarded as a joint responsibility of the home, church and school.  Preeminent in these is the home where parents model Christian behavior and establish the framework for character building and spiritual growth.  A concerted effort on the part of all three units, home, church and school, must be made to facilitate the development of positive Christian personalities in the children enrolled.

Philosophy of Education

Every aspect of the school, spiritual, academic and physical is based upon the Word of God.  A quality education is offered in an atmosphere where Jesus Christ and His Word are an intimate and inseparable part of each school day.  A climate of joy and peace is offered as Christian teachers uphold Biblical principles in all subject areas. 

NHCA is a discipleship school.  All programs have their foundation in Christ and utilize the Word of God as their foundational core.