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Bylaws of the New Hampshire Archives Group

 As compiled from draft proposed bylaws, 1993;
with changes made and approved May 16, 1994;
revised by May 6, 2003 meeting.

 I.        NAME

           The name of this non-profit organization organization is the NEW HAMPSHIRE ARCHIVES GROUP.


           The New Hampshire Archives group is an organization established: 

  • to foster the identification, preservation, and use of records of enduring value in New Hampshire, public and private, corporate and individual;
  • to improve the management and the public awareness and understanding of such records;
  • to sponsor continuing education in archival theory and practice;

  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information among individuals and institutions having responsibility for records of enduring value in New Hampshire; 

  • and to foster appropriate means of communication and cooperation with other archival organizations at the local, regional and national levels, and with individuals and groups  representing allied professions.


  1. Membership is open, upon payment of dues, to any individual or institution concerned with or interested in the accession, administration, organization, preservation, or use of archival and manuscript material.
  1. There are two categories of membership: individual or institutional membership.  Each member, whether individual or institutional, will have one vote at the annual meeting.
  1. Annual dues for and terms and categories of regular membership may be changed at an annual meeting by a majority vote of the members attending.
  2. The membership year shall run from June 1st to May 31st.
IV.        OFFICERS AND GOVERNANCE (amended by vote of the membership, 16 May 2012)       
1. In matters of planning and policy administration, the membership shall create an executive board empowered to govern the  organization throughout the year.  The executive board will be elected by the membership at the annual meeting.  The executive board will consist of the four officers and three at large members.  The executive board will conduct the business of the New HampshirevArchives Group, plan the workshops and meetings, and to attend to policy matters.  All board meetings shall be open to the membership.

2. The officers of the organization will be as follows:
A.  A vice president will be elected each year at the annual meeting.  This person shall assist the president in planning workshops and other meetings.  In addition, he/she will chair executive board meetings in the absence of the president.  After serving for one year, the vice president will assume the office of president.
B.  The president is responsible, with the advice and consent of the executive board, for all planning and policy changes for the New Hampshire Archives Group.  The president will also serve as the spokesperson for the group to other organizations and the general public.  After serving one year, the president will assume the office of immediate past president.

C. The immediate past president will use his/her experience to serve the president as an advisor in planning and policy administration.  In addition, he/she will chair executive board meetings and the annual meeting in the absence of president and vice president.  The term of office will expire and the end of one year.

D. The secretary/treasurer will be elected to a three year term at the annual meeting.  He/she will act as the corresponding secretary, be responsible for all meeting minutes, maintain the records of the organization including preparation of records for transfer to the archives, manage the organization’s money, and serve as the membership secretary.

E. Three at large members will be elected to three year terms at the annual meeting.  These terms will be staggered so that only one at large seat will be open each year.  The at large members will provide advice and assistance in the planning of meetings and workshops as well as policy matters.
3. The executive board shall meet on a timely basis in order to carry out its mission.  The president shall be responsible for setting the specific time and place for such meetings.  A quorum will consist of 4 members one of whom shall be the president,  vice president, or immediate past president.
4. Prior to each annual meeting, the executive board will present a list of proposed candidates for each vacant position.  At the annual meeting, the membership shall be given the opportunity to nominate individuals from the floor.  A majority of votes cast will be sufficient to elect.
5. Should a vacancy occur on the executive board, the president, with the advice and consent of the executive board, shall appoint a replacement.  This person shall serve until the annual meeting.  If they are elected to the position, they shall serve out the remaining time left in the term.      
V.          MEETINGS
  1. The New Hampshire Archives Group shall hold at least one meeting a year to transact any business brought before the meeting and to provide a program of general interest.
  1. Special meetings may be called by the president, with the consent of a majority of the executive board, or at the written request of ten percent of the members addressed to the executive board through the president or president elect.
  1. The membership shall be notified at least thirty days in advance of an annual meeting and thirty days in advance of a special meeting.  Those members-in-good standing present and voting shall constitute a quorum.
  1. The executive board shall meet as necessary, but at least once a year.  Four voting members, one of whom must be the president or vice-president, shall constitute a quorum.

 VI.        FINANCES

  1. The secretary/treasurer shall record the financial transactions of the New Hampshire Archives Group so as to ensure that the membership may have a sound basis for evaluating the management of its funds; that the board may have adequate information on which to plan the activities of the organization; and that its financial practices conform to applicable accounting standards.  The secretary/treasurer shall maintain such records, for accounting purposes, on a cash basis.
  1. (Amended by vote of the membership, 16 May 2012).  The president shall from time to time, but no less frequently than every third year, appoint and audit committee of no more than three members to examine the financial practices of the secretary/treasurer to insure that they conform to applicable accounting standards.           
  1. The fiscal and membership years shall run from June 1 to May 31.


  1. As the records of the organization become non-current, those of enduring value shall be donated to an archival repository selected by the board to be preserved under a formal agreement which shall address the needs of both the officers and members of the New Hampshire Archives Group and the general public for access to the records in accordance with the normal policies and practices of the repository.
  1. If it becomes necessary to dissolve the organization, its assets shall be turned over to an historical organization selected by the board.


             The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Orders shall govern all proceedings of the organization except as otherwise provided in these bylaws.


Bylaws of the New Hampshire Archives Group shall be adopted by at least two-thirds of those attending the first annual meeting.  Amendments to these bylaws must be proposed in writing and filed with the secretary /treasurer at least sixty days in advance of the annual meeting.  Copies shall be mailed to all members at least thirty days in advance of the annual meeting.  An affirmative vote by a two-thirds majority of voting members present shall constitute passage.  

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