NH Hydroelectric

For Sale:  This operating hydroelectric facility located in northwestern New Hampshire consists of two sites located on 5+ acres.  
Site 1 Description:
  • Drainage Area:  19 sq miles
  • CFS:  39
  • Head:  44 feet
  • Output KW:  100
  • Voltage:  480
  • FERC Exemption # 6474
Site 1 Equipment:
  • Ossberger crossflow turbine vintage 1982
  • Flender Gearbox/Speed Increaser  
  • Irwin Smith induction generator
  • 36" steel penstock
  • 22' x 16' concrete block powerhouse
Site 2 Description:
  • Drainage Area:  20 sq miles
  • CFS:  22
  • Head:  93 feet
  • Output KW:  120
  • Voltage:  480
  • FERC Exemption # 7982
Site 2 Equipment:
  • Ossberger crossflow turbine vintage 1984
  • Flender Gearbox/Speed Increaser  
  • Irwin Siemens induction generator
  • 24" poly penstock
  • 22' x 18' concrete block powerhouse
Power Purchaser:  PSNH - No contract is currently in place.  For hourly kwh rate, see the NH Load Zone: http://www.iso-ne.com/isoexpress/
This site is qualified for a NH Renewable Energy Credits @ ~2.5 cent per kwh on top of the ISO-NE Rate.

I think any new perspective owner should be aware of the following:

  • The price per kwh has has been depressed in recent years.   Hopefully this will change over the next year and it does look promising.  Any new buyer would need to be financially sound enough to ride out these tough years.   The sites were qualified for NH Renewable Energy Credits in Aug 2012.  The ~2.5 cents per kwh will help greatly.  NH also passed Group Net Metering (NH SB 98) and this will help the financials if approval can be granted from NHs Public Utility Commission.   Here is a good article on SB 98.
  • I believe that keeping on the current maintenance crew will increase odds for success.  They are very knowledgeable, but a local owner will still be necessary.  The trash racks are manually raked (no automatic rakers)...this requires daily attention.
  • This is a seasonal site and typically does not run in July, Aug, Sept.  This time is used to perform maintenance.
  • Due to steepness (it is a hydro site), this land is probably not suitable for development.  
  • Please, no "drop-in" visits to the site.  The site is posted as required by regulation.
Asking Price: Available Upon Request 

2009 Appraisal available.  Please email:  PeerElectric@gmail.com for additional information.
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 Yearly Production:

Eastman and Celley Mill Hydro 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Kwh production 540,402 662,550 748,035 823,530 896,893 773,742 690,060

Eastman and Celley Mill Hydro2009

Kwh production 750,000

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