Ngwe Tun, thinking to add some title*


CEO @ Solveware Solution

Program Manager @ Myanmar Unicode & NLP Research Center

Open Source Localization Activist @ OpenMM ,  

Technical Designer & Owner of  MyaZedi Myanmar Unicode

Founder of Parabaik Myanmar Localization Team

I'm quite elder up to 35

Welcome to My Personal Site;

Mingalabar;  I'm very harder to write in any place but... I may write some article in this area Please be patient on reading these articles.

1) Comparison Report of Myanmar3 and Padauk Fonts

2) My Speech in IT talk Organized by Solveware and Personal Computer Magazine 

3) UTN11 Myanmar Encoding Pitfall (Detail Document)

4) Myanmar Unicode & L10N Information; 

5) Myanmar1 OpenType Font

6) Myanmar Unicode Archive Page 

7) Sorting Implementation In Microsoft Access

8) Unicode in Myanmar Translation 

9) Wait !!! Or Can we try ourself?

10) We can start translation in, Easily.

you can have those translated string freely, don't use in another software without our permission.

11) Web Page Design Training