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李力恒 謹啟




1st July 2018

Alumni Manager of Incorporated Management Committee of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School

According to the Guide for Alumni Manager Election of Ng Wah College - Secondary Old Boys Association Limited, the Association has initiated the nomination period for Alumni Manager Election from 1st June to 24th June.

Only ONE valid nomination was received before the Election Day. According to the Article 4.3.8 of c: that candidate shall be declared the Elected Person for Registering as Alumni Manager unopposed.

Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that Mr NGAI Man Fu is nominated as Alumni Manager for the Incorporated Management Committee of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours Truly,

Hans Chan

Secretary, Ng Wah College - Secondary Old Boys Association Limited

1st June 2018

To: All Alumni and registered voters


Incorporated Management Committee of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School

Alumni Manager Election 2018

Election Notice


Notice is hereby given that the Election of ONE Alumni Manager for the Incorporated Management Committee of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School (IMC) shall be held on 15th July 2018 (Sunday) at Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School. The Elected Person shall be nominated for appointment to the IMC and his term of office shall be 2 years (i.e. 2018-2020).  


The Schedule, Nomination Form, Voter’s Registration and Guide for Alumni Manager Election are enclosed for your reference. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Returning Officer at


Yours faithfully,


Adley Ho

Returning Officer for Alumni Manager 2018

Ng Wah College – Secondary Old Boys Association Limited



- Schedule:

- Nomination Form:

- Voter’s Registration (Registered alumnus are not required to re-submit this form):

- Guide for Alumni Manager Election:








現通知上述選舉將於2018715 (星期日於天主教伍華中學舉行,並為選出一名校友校董加入法團校董會。校董會將提名當選人予法團校董會,其任期為兩年 (2018年至2020)




伍華書院 – 中學部校友會有限公司


何澔楊 謹啟







選民登記表格 (已註冊的選民無需重覆登記):



                            伍華書院 - 中學部校友會有限公司
                               2018 年 幹事會增選委員 選舉 
                               幹事會 (2018~2019) 主要職務 

伍華書院校友會 2018 年度週年大會幹事會成員增選提名及選舉已於 5 月 20 日在母校禮堂 舉行,

下列五位校友取得全體出席校友的信任,在會員大會後接替五位退任委員,為校 友會及母校服務:

        謝威傑校友 (Tse Wai Kit, Kenneth; 1994)

        劉洲權校友 (Lau Chau Kuen; 1996)

        劉逸熙校友 (Lau Yat Hei; 2004)

        陳朝鏗校友 (Hans Chan; 2012)

        梁曜麟校友 (Woody Leung; 2013)

新一屆幹事會成員於 5 日 29 日召開了第一次會議,並於會上依章就四項職務進行互選, 


董事及主席:         李力恆校友

董事及副主席:     王啟文校友

董事及義務秘書:  陳朝鏗校友

董事及義務司庫:  梁曜麟校友

董事 :                     鄔行知校友


謹此 敬告!  

                                                                                                                         幹事會 秘書處

                                                                                                                    2018 年 6 月 1 日


[最新消息] 19/04/2018


Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting: Rescheduling to May 20th, 2018

In response to members request, that the Nomination Period for Executive Committee Membership Election be extended, the Directors and Members of the Executive Committee have decided to reschedule the date of our Annual General Meeting to May 20th, 2018, with the following details:


A.      Notice and Agenda


Pursuant to Articles 19 (c) of the Articles of the Association, Notice is hereby given that the 2018 Annual General Meeting shall be held in the School Hall of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School (Choi Hung Road, San Po Kong) at 15:00 on 20th May 2018.  The meeting will be asked to:

(1)   Receive and accept the Minutes of the Last AGM and EGM held on April 9th, 2017

(2)   Receive and accept the Auditors Report for the Financial Year Ending March 31st 2017

(3)   Receive the Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheet for the Financial Year Ending March 31st 2018 and the appointment of an Auditor to carry out duties in compliance to jurisdictions governing our Association

(4)   Receive Reports from the Executive Committee on Transactions and Accounts incidental to the Affairs of the Association.

(5)   Elect Executive Committee Members pursuant to provisions stated in Article 41.


B.      Election to the Executive Committee


Pursuant to Agenda Item (5) and Articles 65 and 66, Notice is also hereby given to all General Members inviting them to offer for election to the Executive Committee by informing the Returning Officer in writing on or before May 6th 2018, and prepare a valid nomination with members ready to make and second a nomination by attending the meeting in person.

C.      Proxy

Pursuant to Article 32 and 33, all members entitled to vote in person in a General Meeting may also represent five other members who are entitled to attend the Meeting by proxy.  The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing under the hand of the appointer, and shall be deposited at the registered office of the Association for the attention of the Honorary Secretary (Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School) not later than 15:00 May 18th 2018 (not less than forty-eight hours before the meeting at which the appointee named in such instrument proposes to vote).   A Sample Instrument of Proxy is attached to this notice.

D.     Membership Registration and Information Renewal

Also attached to this Notice is a “Membership Registration and Information Renewal Form”.  The purpose of this Form is to remind all General Members that the Association is governed by the Company Ordinance and is a “Company Limited by Guarantee”:  the obligation stated under Clause 6 of the Memorandum (contribution to costs and charges of winding-up, or such amount as may be required, not exceeding HK$100) is independent from the recurrent or non-recurrent subscriptions or fees paid to the Association.   To maintain a valid Membership List, the Association needs updated contact information from General Members, as well as a declaration of perpetual undertaking of the “sun-set” winding-up obligation.


By Order of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee

 But Ho Ming, Honorary Secretary

 April 17, 2018

伍華院 -   中學校友會有限公司

2018 週年會員大會延期至五月廿日通告



根據本會會章第19c項有關週年會員大會通告與議程之規定, 茲公告2018年之會員周年大會將於520下午3時假伍華天主 教中學(新蒲崗彩虹道5)禮堂召開。 大會議程如下:

(1) 閱並通過201749日召開的會員周年大會和特別會員大會 的會議紀錄。

(2) 審閱並通過於2017331日終結的財政年度核數師報告。

(3) 審閱2018331日終結的財政年度內進支賬和資產負債表, 並委任核數師執行核數工作,賦予執行監察本會的職權。

(4) 審閱幹事會提交的相關工作報告。

(5) 依據會章第41條有關規定,投票選出下年度幹事會補缺成員。



依據會章6566條之現定,會員大會議程第(5) 項關於投票選出幹事會補缺成員, 邀請有興趣參與幹事會工作的會員,201856日前安排 提名及提交有效提名表,並請提名會員依章於520親自出席大會 。



依據會章第3233條有關代理人票的規定, 所有親身出席會員大會的會員,可獲最多五位未能出席會員授權, 以代理人身份代表投票。 授權書必需由授權者簽署並以書面形式列明指定的代理人姓名,於2 018518日下午三時前 (即大會舉行前48小時,呈交本會秘書) 授權書的範本可參見本通告的附件。



本通告另一附件為"會員登記及個人資料更新表格"。 此表格的作用在於提醒全體會員,本會受香港公司法監管,是以"由 擔保形式成立的有限公司"; 根據本會備忘錄第六條規定本會若發生清盤情況或在清盤過程裡產生的費用, 每位會員擔保人應負的責任不超過港幣一百元。 這項責任和會員經常或非經常繳交本會會費並無關係。 為了維持並保有一份有效的會員名冊, 本會經常需要更新一般會員的聯絡資料,並保存一份會員已簽署的" 落日"清盤責任經常有效書面擔保聲明。

承 董事會及幹事會 議決


義務秘書  畢浩明

附件一   2017年週年會員大會會議紀錄 (Annual GM  Draft Minutes 20170409.pdf)

附件二   2017年特別會員大會會議紀錄 (EGM Draft Minutes 20170409.pdf)

附件三  會員登記及個人資料更新表格 (MembershipRenewalRegistration2018.pdf)

附件四   代理人授權書 (NG WAH COLLEGE 2018 Instrument of Proxy.pdf)

附件五   幹事會選舉提名表   (NG WAH COLLEGE 2018 Nomination Form.pdf)


[我們的校歌] 06/03/2018

邀請了校友Woody Leung, 為我們統籌,制作伍華校歌的絃樂四重奏版本。




[健康資訊] 08/02/2018





天主教伍華中學校友會檔案中存有二仟多位校友的「會員登記資料」; 我們相信,有部份資料因年日久遠, 需要覆核更新。




伍華書院-中學部 校友會有限公司 秘書

畢浩明 張樂軒 謹啟

2017年 天主教伍華中學 校友籃球賽




        (五場20分鐘比賽 五捷, 得分180 失分65)



        (五場20分鐘比賽 四捷, 得分140 失分91)


     恭喜恭喜!!   多謝 全體參賽校友!





。Old School
。We Came By Many Ways From Many Homes





1982 Ng Wah Graduates, 40年啦!


(在此呼籲82年畢業的伍華仔,如有緣見到,請聯絡我們的主要聯絡人(Gary Lai 黎榮健先生,電話號碼:93831838及本人陳少基Derick Chan電話號碼:97336438),期望下次的聚會,也有你的出現)


院 - 

2017 年 

於 2017年4月9時 

龍 岡 道 學 下 室 


員 席 宜 




院 - 

2017 年 會  

於 2017年4月9 

龍 岡 道 學 下 室 


員 席 宜 


二  至2016年3月31

三  至2017年3月31

四  告 (2016~2017




天主教伍華中學法團校董會—校友校董選舉 (2016-18年)

當選人名單 (25-JUN-2016)



4.3.8 倘於選舉舉行前 14 天,只有一名候選校友校董,則該名候選校友校董自動當選。


如對以上候選人名單有任何問題,歡迎電郵至cchk19941213@hotmail.com或致電6352 8978向選舉主任王啟文校友查詢。



天主教伍華中學法團校董會—校友校董選舉 (2016-18年)

更新 (18-JUN-2016)


4.3.4 倘於選舉舉行前 21 天,沒有校友獲提名參選,選舉主任須把提名期延長 至選舉舉行前 14 天。 












The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Ng Wah College - Secondary Old Boys Association Limited is to be held on 3rd April 2016.
Details are as follows:

Date: 3rd April 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Venue: Special Activity Room, Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School

Enclosed please find the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact me at 91692690.

Best Regards,
Ho, Adley H.Y.
Secretary of Ng Wah College – Secondary Old Boys Association, Limited



 *** 目前晚宴的門票已全部被校友訂購。***

登記候補 電話: 2383 8077 Rita Chung


**  香港時間:2016年3月1日(星前二)之前  **
**       用下列方法付款及取票。       **
** 逾期未付款項者,將當作放棄訂票,概不另行通知。 **




星期一 至 星期五 : 上午九時 至 中午十二時 及 下午二時至下午五時

  星期六 : 請致電: 2383 8077 Rita Chung 預約

(周日, 公眾假期 及 學校假期: 休息)






伍華書院 - 中學部校友會有限公司 為 慶祝母校金禧校慶

謹訂於 2016年5月20日(星期五) 下午七時正
假座 百樂門國際宴會廳
( 地址: 九龍灣宏光道29號 宏天廣場地下)

舉行母校金禧的慶祝晚宴, 校友會現誠邀歷屆校友出席參予。





OBA Newsline l 星夢相傳音樂會

YouTube 影片


OBA Plastic Ball Challenge 2015 - 1st May

Please click above banner to watch video of this event.


2015 周年會員大會(AGM)

Ng Wah OBA Annual General Meeting 21-3-2105


1. 由財政(Treasurer) 提交已經由審計師(Auditor) 審核的2011/2012, 2012/2013 及 2013/2014 年度的3份財務報告;以及一份目前校友會財政狀況的報告(未審核)。

2. 再次確認校友會於2014年修改後的會章(M&A),以及由中交翻譯成為英文的Guide for Alumni Manager Election (校友校董選舉守則)。

3. 由主席(Chairman) 提交的工作報告;以及聽取由副主席(Vice-Chairman) 和 秘書( Secretary) 分別作出的口頭簡報

4. 六位校友會幹事會幹事 (Committee Members)的更替與任命

     最新加入成為校友會幹事會幹事分別是: Yam Kwok Yin, Lonnie  - 任國賢  (1979), 

                                                                            Lee Man Kit, Max - 李文傑 (1998),

                                                                            Li Nic Hang, Nic - 李力恒 (1998),

                                                                            Lo Chi Hong, Elvis - 羅志康 (2013),

                                                                            Lo Wai Lam - 盧瑋琳 (2013),

                                                                            Wong Kai Man - 王啟文 (2013)  

    同時亦一致通過,發函致謝六位退任校友會幹事會幹事的校友,包括: Leung Kai Yuen, Josiah - 梁啟源 (1972)

                                                                                                                               Ng Hoi Sang, John -吳海生 (1972), 

                                                                                                                               Tse Kwong Chi, Peter - 謝廣志 (1972), 

                                                                                                                               Wong Wai Ming, Raymond - 王偉明 (1993), 

                                                                                                                               Chau Sui Wo, Benz - 周瑞和 (2007), 

                                                                                                                               Wong Chi Tung, Andy - 王志東 (2007)                 

5. 委任 陳業文校友( Norman Chan ) 為校友會的審計師 (Auditor)。

* 下面是由主席(Chairman) 提交的工作報告原文 *

Ng Wah College – Secondary Old Boys Association Limited

Chairman’s Report at AGM

 21st March 2015

Vice Principal Mr. Tse Ping Nam, Honorary Chairman Mr. But Ho Ming, OBA Members, Committee Members and Gentlemen.

427 days ago, I was elected as Chairman of the Committee. It has provided me such a wonderful opportunity to work alongside with a garrison of brilliant minds. So, fourteen months down the road, like my predecessors, it is my task to give you a report. Apparently, it shall not be long and boring, but it shall be clear and candid.

First of all, with the assistance of our Honorary Chairman Mr. But Ho Ming, and at least half a dozen members, we have amended the M&A in compliance with the IMC requirements. By doing so, our mother school have granted us the status of recognized alumni body. And with the help from our Returning officer, Mr. Eason Chan, we have also accomplished our task in organizing the Alumni Manager Election last August.

Next, we have just revived our re-owned Mentorship Programme. SonShine Project is kicking off right after this AGM. Eleven young S.4 students from our mother school are now paired up with eleven alumni in the next eighteen months. Thru sharing of experience between them, I believe our young boys should be benefited in the process. Great efforts from Michael Tam shall be praised. Certainly, the assistance from our mother school must not be neglected.

Last May, we organized a sport event --- the Plastic Ball Challenge 2014 again. Twelve teams enrolled to compete for the championship. More than a hundred alumni turned out and participated at school. After 15 exciting soccer matches, young alumni from 2013 teamed up with alumni from 1979 fought to won the championship.

And this Committee organized alumni to provide financial support to the Band Show event at school last summer also. Donations more than $15,000 in amount were collected and soon handed over to the Band Show Organizing Committee. Inevitably, the Band Show was a success. I deeply believed, thru this event, our young boys should have learned some precious experience that could inspire them for the rest of their life.

Gentlemen, the Lai Man Ho Scholarship is a GO now. Consent was given by the widow of late Mr. Lai Man Ho Horace, the Committee shall meet staffs of mother school to work out implementation details of this scholarship as soon as possible. I must point out that this scholarship would not come true without the tremendous effort contributed by our Committee member and Retired Chairman - Mr. Gary Lai.

More than 130 young boys send us their applications to join this alumni body earlier this month. Each one of them received a souvenir OBA badge as a welcoming gift. Let us aware that their membership shall come into effect immediately after they left school in June this year. Also, the Committee has passed a resolution to send this badge to all members as gifts upon they pay their annual subscription before 31st December 2015.

Efforts are also being put into one daring project. It is the OBA TV. A few of you might have already watched its opening episode. Obviously, there are rooms for improvement. Please do not hesitate to criticize its shortfalls. Your opinions are welcome. So does your generous support.

We are now officially participating into our mother school’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. An open day activity at school in January 2016, a banquet at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center in May 2016, and a couple other ideas are now being examined and discussed by a Sub-Committee.

My fellow alumni, when your professional expertise, or your skills, or your connections could aid us much in organizing the events of the 50th Anniversary Celebration, your keen participation and generous financial support are vital. We shall submit our proposal to mother school next month. And upon approval of our proposal by our mother school, we shall make announcement as soon as possible.

Dear Members, I am gratified. But far from satisfied. 

I regret to report that the Governance Sub-Committee established last May have never left ground. No meeting of this Sub-Committee has been successfully lined up. So no work has been done. Certainly, my apology to all members and members of this Sub-Committee would not heal this shortfall. As Chairman of the Committee, I take full responsibility.

At the end of my report, I would like to share with you a paragraph in a book “ The Proud Tower” written by Barbara Tuchman.

“A year before she died, Queen Victoria, returning on her yacht from a visit to Ireland, was disturbed by rough seas. After a particularly strong wave buffeted the ship, she summoned her doctor, who was in attendance, and said, in unconscious echo of a distant predecessor, ‘Go up at once, Sir James, and give the Admiral my compliments, and tell him the thing must not occur again.’ But the wave would not stand still.”

This is the end of my report. Thank you.


OBA TV - Opening Episode (20th March 2015)

OBA TV - Opening Episode


Annual General Meeting 2015 周年會員大會

Dear all,

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Ng Wah College - Secondary Old Boys Association Limited is to be held on 21 March 2015. Details are as follows:

Date: 21 March 2015 (Sat)  Time: 3:00 p.m. Venue: Special Activity Room, Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School

Attached is the agenda of the AGM. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact me at 91692690.

Best Regards,

Ho, Adley H.Y.

Secretary of Ng Wah College – Secondary Old Boys Association, Limited




    日期:2015年3月21日(六)   時間:下午三時正  地點:天主教伍華中學地下活動室










1.      Financial Report 

2.      Report from Chairman and/or Key-Officer(s)

       3.      Election of Committee Member(s) 

4.      Appointment of Auditor 

5.      Adjournment

Nomination Form: Click Me


Programmme SonShine- Mentors Recruitment

Dear Alumni,

Become a mentor now!

Programme SonShine, meaning “leading the sons of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School to shine”, is the 2015-2016 mentorship programme of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School. It matches high school students with alumni mentors, through a 1.5-year programme to encourage college and career aspirations.

The focus of the mentorship programme will be on building a positive relationship, developing mentees’ vision and inspiring them to discover their passion as well as realize their potential.

By serving as a role model, trusted friend and career advisor, a Mentor makes a significant contribution to our school community, while helping to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Mentoring is rewarding, satisfying and rejuvenating. Submit your application now!

Key Features of Programme SonShine:

-              1.5 year / 18 months programme (Jan 2015- Jun 2016)

-              one-to-one mentoring relationship

-              matching base on background, profession, interest, personal preference etc.

-              training and support to mentors

-              could organize individual, virtual or group mentoring activities

-              parents’ support and involvement

-              systematic evaluations by mentors, mentees, teachers and parents

-              mentors’ reward and recognition


Mentor Requirements

-              be an alumni of Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School

-              with at least 10-year experience in a professional area, with recognizable expertise and performance

-              usually resides in Hong Kong, or able to meet the mentee in-person and attend the kick-off meeting, mentoring activities and review meetings

-              able to attend the mentor training sessions

-              able to make 1.5-year (18 months) commitment

-              able to meet or communicate with your mentee at least once every two months (totaling not less than 2 hours). In-person meetings are encouraged

-              able to spend 20 minutes after every meeting documenting the activity and mentee’s progress

-              enjoy working with youth

-              have depth and breadth in personal and professional experiences and willing to share

-              willing to complete the application and screening process

-              willing to adhere to all program policies, procedures and guidelines

-              able to maintain confidentiality

-              Exceptional case would also be considered with special approval by the Committee

Desirable Qualities and Skills

-              Effective listening and communication skills

-              Organization and time management skills

-              Basic computer skills

-              Strong interpersonal skills

-              Culturally sensitive and diverse

-              Encouraging and supportive

-              Patient and flexible

-              Caring and committed

-              Trustworthy and reliable

-              Cooperative and open-minded

Application and Screening Process

-              Application method: please download the Mentor Application Form from , 

                                                 Complete it and return to TAM Pak-kai, Michael via by 14.12.2014

-              Screening & interviews (date to be announced)

-              Announcement of application result (date to be announced)


To learn more about Programme SonShine, please contact TAM Pak-kai, Michael ( / 9488 3884). 

Application Form:








按《伍華書院-中學部校友會有限公司校友校董選舉章則》規定,本會於201482日中午十二時正截止接受參選提名,本會共收到   1   份提名或自薦為參選人表格。譚佰佳先生自動當選校友校董。


Booking of School Premises
For security and management reasons, all intended school premises users must fill in an application form for booking of school premises.

Please contact school staff Mr. Kevin Hui (Tel: 2383 8077) during office hours for details.


Photos of gathering with retired teachers: Click here


Let's mourn for the passing of Vincent Lai Wood Ying 黎活盈 (1969, 5B) in Toronto on December 16, 2011.


Photos shared by Paul Chong : 40th anniversary gathering on 20111129 

Ng Wah OBA Cup Basketball Championship Competition 2012 - 19th November 2011