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the nature of the universe and consciousness

author : Nguyen Van Hung

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What is the nature of the universe and consciousness ?

How is the material constructed ?

That is the problem concerning to the humankind for a long time. And we always thought that the universe is created from the elementary particles, but perhaps we also always agree with Geoffrey Chew’s idea : “A truly elementary particle – completely devoid of internal structure – could not be subject to any forces that would allow us to detect its existence. The mere knowledge of a particle’s existence, that is to say, implies that the particle possesses internal structure!” (1).

And it must be completely homogeneous, each its debris must be intact itself not different, it could not be subject to the space and time

With that particularities, the elementary particle could not exist in the our world, even though in the subatomic world.

So, why do we always thought that it must be a smallest particle?

Why can not it be an unlimited one, contains all motive laws of the universe?

And there is only the unlimited one that contains all the particularities of an elementary particle.

Therefore, universe is just one the unlimited and homogeneous entity, with an inherent internal energy in oscillations form, in which, the material is mere the sets of internal oscillations of that entity.


In Newton times, people could calculate necessary hardness of  the universe to the light has c velocity

But for experiment of Michelson and Morley and theory of relative of Einstein, maybe people could find moving mode of material in an environment so hard, because verily no real solid move, all that merely image of  the oscillations.

The theory of relative is an erroneous turning-point in the more than last 100 year, it led science come to a standstill at strange point of the Bigbang.

The hardness of the universe is cause of existence of the elementary constants, in there, the c constant is most easily seen

We know that the energy of each light ray (each photon) always intact throughout the move process in the vacuum. Like that, with the point of view:  the universe is a homogeneous entity, each light ray is transverse oscillation pulse create a series the empty particles small gradually on the oscillation axis correspond with the oscillation amplitude decrease gradually of pulse






With such a mode, the light preserved its energy in the process wave transmit.


The emptiness (r) of empty particle series is direct ratio with the oscillation energy and inverse ratio with the hardness (k) of the universe

r = [ E/k ]

The elasticity limit of the universe created big limit (U) of empty particles (empty limit) and limit of the energy density (J)

At the same a hardness of the universe, and with different energy levels, the light rays always has the same an oscillation frequency and only different on the emptiness and length of the pulse

That is nature of the light, therefore, the interferometer of Michelson and Morley was no efficiency in experiments formerly (1887).

Phenomenon of the red-shift spectrum in astronomical observation prove that the hardness of the universe is increasing

If so, the material in the past existed at the limit of energy density is lower than now and that is one more element to makes the light in the past more and more red-shift

(Therefore, when using specific brightness to measure the distance from the earth to galaxies, this distance was increased because the brightness that not only decrease by the distance but also decrease significantly by time, this led into erroneous of the calculation to mass of the universe, and the dark energy did not true exist)




What is will happen when the hardness of the universe is change?

To begin, let’s examine structure of electron, neutron…together with nature of the forces operate universe

Each the photon is an elementary oscillation pulse of the universe

The oscillation pressure of them can resonant and interact one another, in several case, direction transmit wave of the photon can be warped by the oscillation pressure resonant

When the photon velocity is small enough and the oscillation pressure resonant is big enough , the photons will be warped and twisted by the oscillation pressure resonant and become material structures, in there, each the photon become a textural ray of that structure, the velocity of it become textural velocity of the structure

Textural cycle is the internal time unit of each structure

In moving state, textural cycle will stretch because textural ray (Z) must perform extra a move: V

V vector is true velocity of all things in the universe.

And that is the nature of the inertia phenomenon.







The famous experiment of pendulum of Léon Foucault is the clearest evidence for the this theory

The oscillation pressure of the textural ray also form the convexo-concave creases according to each structure, and create the oscillation crease resonant force between structures, and this force direct ratio with convexo-concave degree of the oscillation creases, therefore it only appear in sphere very small radius of structure, that is nucleus link force in atom

Limit of the energy density does not allow nucleus link force press structures above permission of limit density, that is nature of the weak force

The more at sphere big radius, the more convexo-concave degree of the oscillatory creases is blurred, therefore the oscillation energy only show the emptiness of set

Pressure resonant at big distance created the gravitational force








How may a photon length enough , with an emptiness big enough , and a velocity slow  enough to them may be twisted by the oscillation pressure resonant and to become material structures ?

This is only may happen when the photons deform in the process reduce hardness of the universe



To begin at a maximum hardness, the inherent energy of the universe will form the very small and short photons, but with a very high energy, and when the hardness of the universe decrease gradually, the emptiness of the photons increase gradually, too, but because limit of energy density is decreased, redundant energy of the oscillation will to induce the length of the photon increase, and their velocity also decrease gradually








The universe is brimful of the very length photons with highest energy level, until the emptiness of the photons big enough , and a velocity small enough , them will be twisted by the oscillation pressure resonant when interact one another and become the notrons, the nucleus link force and the gravitational force were formed and assembled the notrons together become the giant notron stars

However, the more the heavenly bodies are big, the more their inside density are decrease, because limit of energy density does not allow them exist at over-dense density

The universe to become dark because all the lights were condensed into the material structures

When the hardness of the universe continue decreased, the emptiness of textural rays will be increased, therefore nucleus link force will be increased

The limit of the energy density decreased, the redundant oscillation energy induce the notron be splitted into proton and electron, denseness of the sets decreased to existing limit permitting

Electromagnetic force are formed together with the weighty elements, the oscillation energy is continue redundant and radiate electromagnetic wave all over the universe (Quasar phenomenon), until the hardness of the universe is stop decreased

So, if looking towards the past of the universe, the thing we can see furthest is only Quasar phenomenon (electro-magnetic radiation inundates space, at the end of cycle decrease hardness of the universe), further are only the fossil of free energy parts and an empty space

And as a periodic variation, the universe will continue varies according to a reverse process, the hardness of the universe will increase gradually, the velocity of the textural rays will increase and the emptiness of them decrease gradually.

The limit of energy density increased, therefore the emptiness of the textural rays more and more under level limit, thus them have endergonic capability to increase emptiness to new limit

(This can be the reason making the standard weight of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures reduce mass when the increase its mass is slower than the weights outside (due to preservation conditions) )

The nucleus link force more and more decrease, the heavy element will disintegrate gradually, the heavenly bodies break out and become bright stars, the lighter than elements are formed

In a group heavy element, when an atom disintegrate, radiant energy to get adjoining atoms a partial absorb, therefore the emptiness and  the nucleus link force of this elements are increased, help them overcome disintegrate time if them are not bombarded

But they will continue disintegrate when the nucleus link force is weak gradually in increase hardness process of the universe, that is cause of the semi-disintegrated cycle of radioactive elements

The new lights are created with the energy level larger and larger (because they are radiated from the structures that absorbed another energy), while emptiness of the old lights are fewer and fewer (red-shift) and the light of the sun will bring to the earth more and more energy that make the earth hotter and hotter

All the elements will be disintegrated gradually until merely hydro and neutron exist

The light velocity and the velocity of the textural rays are more and more increase and the emptiness more and more decrease until the oscillation pressure resonant are not strong enough to keep textural rays exist in the structures, all things will become the light inundate the universe, light rays, their turn also gradually small with maximum velocity and gradually disappear, the time and space are not exist any more, the universe become the a world of permanent silence

However, with an unlimited latent energy source, the universe will continue varies according to a reverse process after attained a critical hardness, and the light rays will be revived anew in a new cycle

The trends energy  absorb and cumulative of the lives that has the deep origin in the internal trend of material structures in process of hardness increase of the universe: the textural rays incessantly energy absorb to attain to level of the limit of energy density more and more increase of the universe.

With that trend, complex sets gradually formed and create the current lives on the earth


When an oscillation  form at a point in the space, also means that it form at once throughout infinite thickness of space according to the elastic direction of oscillation at that point.

And therefore, each object, each flower, each dust grain always contains in itself the limitlessness of the universe

Each individual is always a part of other individuals
All of us is of the same body, that is an undying, unbegun, unlimited entity periodic varying with an unending rhythm, no beginning and ending

1) G.F.Chew, Impasse for the elementary particle concept, the great ideas today (William Benton, Chicago,1974),99.