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MATH 340 Introduction to Linear Programming Section 201 TTh 9:30-11 LSK200

Instructor: Nguyen Lam nlam "at" math "dot" ubc "dot" ca
To see your final exam, please fill out this form http://www.math.ubc.ca/Ugrad/ugradForm/ViewExamForm.pdf
GRADING: The grade will be computed as 55% final; 15% midterm; 30% quizzes and assignments.
MISSED WORK: From time to time students may be unable to finish assignments or attend midterms or the final exam. In the case of the Final Exam, the students should contact the Faculty of Science office and the missed final will be handled in a formal way. In the case of assignments,please contact me before class time on the due date, and given your reasons for the missed work. Assuming the reasons are legitimate, I will note that you will be missing the assignment. A missed midterm/quiz can be handled in a similar way, if you contact me before the test time. In such circumstances your grade is computed out of a smaller number than 100 and then scaled appropriately to get a grade out of 100. For example, if a midterm counts 15% and a student informs me in advance of legitimate reasons for missing the midterm, the student would have a grade computed out of 85 and then this would be scaled to a grade out of 100 by multiplying by 100/85. Without advance notice (to me by email or phone message to Math Office etc) the default will be a grade of 0 in the missed work but you may contact me. A student must finish a significant amount of term work in order to pass.