NGSS Curriculum, Resources, Activities, and Lessons

Educator are encouraged to submit an entry to this database. To support the quality of this database, please be detailed in the entry and ensure accuracy of any information submitted.

The entries searchable by date submitted, grade, and type. Types are defined as:
  • Resource: Compilation of materials, lessons, simulations, articles, or phenomenon.
  • Activity: Student-centered event or demonstration that engages students in phenomena, investigation, data analysis, or sense-making.
  • Lesson: Teacher instructions for guiding and organizing student learning. 
  • Curriculum: Standalone product or program that includes teacher lesson plans, student activities, and materials.
This database has been developed by the San Diego County Office of Education for use by California teachers and educators. The entries have not been vetted or evaluated. A resource, curriculum, activity, or lesson mentioned in this database does not constitute endorsement or promotion by the San Diego County Office of Education or its staff. To report errors in this database, please contact John Spiegel ( or Chelsea Cochrane (

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