Nathan Goldschlag

I am a senior economist at the Center for Economic Studies at the U.S. Census Bureau. My research focuses on the applied microeconomics of innovation and business dynamics. I am particularly interested in intellectual property rights, knowledge diffusion, R&D, and entrepreneurship.


"Business Dynamics of High Tech Industries (PDF)." Forthcoming. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. (with Javier Miranda)
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"Tracking the Technological Composition of Industries with Algorithmic Patent Concordances (PDF)." 2019. Economics of Innovation and New Technology. (with Travis Lybbert and Nikolas Zolas)
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"Proximity and Economic Activity: An Analysis of Vendor‐University Transactions (PDF)." 2018. Journal of Regional Science. (with Julia Lane, Brice Weinberg, and Nikolas Zolas)

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"Wrapping it up in a person: Examining employment and earnings outcomes for Ph.D. recipients." 2015. Science, 350(6266), 1367-1371. (with Zolas, Jarmin, Stephan, Owen-Smith, Rosen, Allen, Weinberg, & Lane)

Book Chapters

Research Experience as Human Capital in New Business Outcomes (PDF)” 2017. In Measuring and Accounting for Innovation in the 21st Century. (forthcoming). (with Ron Jarmin, Julia Lane, and Nikolas Zolas)

An Anatomy of U.S. Firms Seeking Trademark Registration. (PDF)" 2017. In Measuring and Accounting for Innovation in the 21st Century. (forthcoming). (with Emin Dinlersoz, Amanda Myers, and Nikolas Zolas)
        Press: WIPR
"Is Entrepreneurship in Decline? (PDF)
". 2015. In Understanding the Growth Slowdown (pp. 169-187). Washington DC: Cato Institute Press. (with Alex Tabarrok)

Working Papers

Founding Teams and Startup Performance” 2019 (with Joonkyu Choi, John Haltiwanger, and J. Daniel Kim)
    Slides: CAED 2019

Squeezing More Out of Your Data: Business Record Linkage with Python.” 2018. CES Working Paper No. 18-46. (with John Cuffe) 

Just Passing Through: Characterizing U.S. Pass-Through Business Owners.” 2017. CES Working Paper No. 17-69(with J. Daniel Kim and Kristin McCue)

Technical Notes & Data

Building a Better Bridge: Improving Patent Assignee-Firm Links (PDF).” 2018. CES Technical Notes Series No. 2018-01(with Dreisigmeyer, Krylova, Ouyang, and Perlman)

In this paper we describe the creation of the Business Dynamics Statistics of Patenting Firms (BDS-PF) patent assignee-FIRMID crosswalk. A number of efforts have been made to link patent assignees, the businesses to which patents are granted, to Cesnsus Bureau business microdata (e.g., Kerr and Fu (2008) and Balasubramanian and Sivadasan (2010)). The coverage and quality of these links are limited by the lack of detailed information about patent assignees found in the USPTO patent data. The BDS-PF crosswalk overcomes these limitations by leveraging additional information about inventors to generate more and higher quality patent assignee-FIRMID links. The match methodology extends and improves the triangulation strategy first introduced by Graham et al. (forthcoming). At its core, the triangulation methodology leverages fuzzy matches of both patent assignees and patent inventors, in combination with job-level data, to disambiguate and validate matches.

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Work in Progress

"Employment Dynamics of Patent Inventors." (with Ufuk Akcigit)

"Trademarks, Product Quality, and Welfare." (with Emin Dinlersoz, Mehmet Yorukoglu, and Nikolas Zolas)

"Reconstruction-abetted Re-identification Attack on 2010 Census Data." (with Abowd, Adams, Ashmead, Garfinkel, Leclerc, Porter, and Vilhuber)

"Patents, Productivity, and Dynamism." (with Javier Miranda and Shawn Roberts)

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