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Danh sách viết tắt trong tiếng Anh (CNTT)

1GLFirst Generation Language (machine language)
24/7Twenty-four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week
28680286 (microprocessor)
2GLSecond Generation Language (assembly language)
38680386 (microprocessor)
3COM3 Com Corporation (The 3 Coms are
3GLThird Generation Language (programming language)
48680486 (microprocessor)
4GLFourth Generation Language (descriptive language)
6DOFSix Degrees of Freedom
AAAuto Answer
AABAll-to-All Broadcast
AALAsynchronous Transfer Mode Adaption Layer
AAMAutomatic Acoustic Management
AAPApplications Access Point [DEC]
AARPAppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
AASAll-to-All Scatter
AASPASCII Asynchronous Support Package
AATAverage Access Time
AATPAuthorized Academic Training Program [Microsoft]
.ABAAddress Book Archive (file name extension) [Palm]
ABCAtanasoff-Berry Computer (First digital calculating machine that used vacuum tubes)
ABENDAbnormal End
ABIApplication Binary Interface
ABISTAutomatic Built-In Self-Test [IBM]
ABLEAdaptive Battery Life Extender
ABRAvailable Bit Rate
ABRSAutomated Book Request System [British Library]
ABSAddress Book Synchronization [IBM] ; Absolute
ABTSASCII Block Terminal Services
ACAutocheck ; Automatic Computer ; Alternating Current
ACAPApplication Configuration Access Protocol
ACCMAILAccessing the Internet Via Email
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACDIAsynchronous Communications Device Interface
ACEAccess Control Encryption/Entry ; Adobe Certified Expert ; Advanced Computing Environment [SCO] ; Adverse Channel Enhancements [Microcom] ; Automatic Computing Engine
ACFAccess Control Field ; Advanced Communications Function
ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACIASAutomated Calibration Interval Analysis System
ACISAmerican Committee for Interoperable Systems
ACLAccess Control List ; Asynchronous Connection-Less (link)
ACMAssociation for Computing Machinery ; Audio Compression Manager [Microsoft]
ACMSApplication Control Management System
ACPAncillary Control Program ; Auxiliary Control Process
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACRAllowed Cell Rate
ACROSSAutomated Cargo Release and Operations Service System
ACSAccess ; Access Control Set ; Access Control System ; Advanced Computer System [IBM] ; Anti Curl System ; Asynchronous Communication Server
ACSSAudio Cascading Style Sheets
ACTSAutomated Computer Time Service
ACTTAdvanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology [Seiko]
ACUAutomatic Calling Unit
ACVCAda Compiler Validation capacity
A/DAnalog to Digital
ADAAutomatic Data Acquisitions ; (Programming Language named after Augusta Ada Lovelace)
ADBApple Desktop Bus
ADCAdaptive Data Compression (protocol) [Hayes] ; Add with Carry ; Analog to Digital Converter
ADCCPAdvanced Data Communication Control Procedures
ADDAutomatic Document Detection [WordPerfect]
ADFAutomatic Document Feeder ; Automatically Defined Function
.ADFAdapter Description File (file name extension) [IBM]
ADIAutoCad/AutoDesk Device Interface (driver)
ADLAddress Data Latch
ADLATAdaptive Lattice Filter
ADLCAdaptive Lossless Data Compression [IBM] ; Asynchronous Data Link Control
ADMACSApple Document Management And Control System
ADMDAdministrative Management Domain [X.400]
.ADNAdd In Utility (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
ADOActiveX Data Objects
ADPAOLserver Dynamic Pages ; Automatic Data Processing
ADPCMAdaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADSApplication Development Solutions [AT&T] ; Application Development System ; Automatic Distribution System
ADSCAddress Status Changed ; Adobe Document Structuring Conventions
ADSIActive Directory Service Interface [Microsoft] ; Analog Display Services Interface
ADSPAppleTalk Datastream Protocol
ADSRAttack, Decay, Sustain, Release
ADTAbstract Data Type ; Application Data Types
ADUAutomatic Dialing Unit
AEAbove or Equal
AEBAnalog Expansion Bus [Dialogic]
AECArchitecture, Engineering, Construction
.AEROAviation Industry (Domain Name)[Internet]
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AESAATM End System Address
AFAuxiliary carry Flag
AFAAccelerated File Access
AFCAntiferro-Magnetically Coupled (media)[IBM] ; Automatic Font Change ; Automatic Frequency Control
AFDAutomatic File Distribution
AFDWActive Framework for Data Warehousing [Microsoft]
AFIAuthority and Format Identifier
AFIIAssociation for Font Information Interchange
AFIRMAutomated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match
AFISAutomated Fingerprint Identification System
.AFMAdobe Font Metrics (file name extension) [Adobe Systems]
AFPAdvanced Function Presentation [IBM] ; Advanced Function Printing ; Appletalk Filing Protocol [Macintosh]
AFSAndrew File System (protocols)
AFTPAdvanced/Anonymous File Transfer Protocol
AGAAdvanced Graphics Adapter
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
AGPAccelerated/Advanced Graphics Port
AGUAddress-Generation Unit
AHAuthentication Header (protocol)
AHSAutomated Highway Systems
AIAnalog Input ; Artificial Intelligence
AIAApplications Integration Architecture [DEC]
AICAIXwindows Interface Composer [IBM]
AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
AIIMAssociation for Information and Image Management
AIMAOL Instant Messenger
AINAdvanced Intelligent Network [Bell Atlantic]
AIPApplication Infrastructure Provider 
AIRArchitecture Implementation Review
AISAutomated Identification System [NCIC] ; Automated Information Systems
AISBAssociation of Imaging Service Bureaus
AISPAssociation of Information Systems Professionals
AITAdvanced Intelligent Tape (drive) [Sony]
AIXAdvanced Interactive Executive [IBM]
ALATAdvanced Load Address Table
ALCArithmetic and Logic Circuits ; Automatic Level Control
ALEAddress Latch Enable ; Application Linking and Embedding
ALGOLAlgorithmic Oriented Language (see IAL)
ALIBIAdaptive Location of Internetworked Bases of Information
ALICEArtificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
ALINKActive Link [HTML]
ALIWEBArchie Like Indexing in the Web [Internet]
ALNAsynchronous Learning Network
ALRAdvanced Logic Research, Inc.
ALTAlternate (mode)
ALT.Alternate lifestyle [USENET Newsgroup Category]
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
AMAAutomatic Message Accounting
AMANDDAAutomated Messaging and Directory Assistance
AMASSArchival Management and Storage System
AMDActive Matrix Display ; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMIAlternate Mark Inversion ; American Megartrends, Inc. ; Application Messaging Interface
AMMAAdvanced Memory Management Architecture [Everex Systems]
AMPSAdvanced Mobile Phone Service
AMRAudio Modem Riser
ANCOVAAnalysis of Covariance
ANDFArchitecture-Neutral Distribution Format
ANIAutomatic Number Identification
.ANIAnimated Cursor (file name extension)[Microsoft]
ANNArtificial Neural Network
.ANNAnnotations (file name extension) [IBM]
ANOVAAnalysis Of Variance
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANXAutomotive Network Exchange [Chrysler/Ford/General Motors]
AOAnalog Output
AOCEApple Open Collaboration Environment
AO/DIAlways On/Dynamic ISDN
AOEApplication Operating Environment [AT&T]
AOLAmerica Online
AOSAdd Or Subtract
APAdjunct Processor ; Application Processor
A/PAccounts Payable
APAAdaptive Packet Assembly ; All Points Addressable ; Arithmetic Processing Accelerator
APARAuthorized Program Analysis Report [IBM]
APARENAddress Parity Enable [IBM]
APCUGAssociation of PC User Groups
APDUApplication Protocol Data Units
APIApplication Program Interface
APICAdvanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (bus) [Intel]
APISAdvanced Passenger Information System
APLA Programming Language (Mathematics)
APMAdvanced Power Management [IBM]
APNICAsia-Pacific Network Information Center [Internet]
APOPAuthenticated Post Office Protocol
.APPApplication (file name extension) [R:Base]
APPCAdvanced Program-to-Program Communications [IBM]
APPIAdvanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking
APPNAdvanced Peer-to-Peer Networking [IBM]
APRPAdaptive Pattern Recognition Processing
APSAdvanced Photo System ; Advanced Printing Service [IBM] ; Asynchronous Protocol Specification
APSEADA Programming Support Environment
APTAddress Pass Through ; Advanced Parallel Technology ; Automatically Programmed Tools
A/RAccounts Receivable
ARAAppleTalk Remote Access
.ARCArchive (file name extension)
ARCAAdvanced RISC Computing Architecture
ARCnetAttached Resource Computer Network
.ARJCompressed File (file name extension) [Jung]
ARLAdjusted Ring Length
ARLLAdvanced Run Length Limited
ARMAdvanced RISC Machine (processor) ; Annotated Reference Manual ; Asynchronous Response Mode
ARMAAssociation of Records Managers and Administrators
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol [Novell]
ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARPLAdjust Requested Privilege Level
ARSActivity Reporting System [Unisys]
ARTAApple Real Time Architecture
ARTICA Real-Time Interface Coprocessor [IBM]
ARTSAsynchronous Remote Takeover Server
.ARTSCultural Groups (Domain Name) [Internet]
ARTTAsynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal
ARQAutomatic Repeat Request
ARUAudio Response Unit
ASAutonomous System [Internet]
ASAIAdjunct Switch Application Interface [AT&T]
ASAPAs Soon As Possible ; Automatic Switching And Processing
AS3APANSI SQL Standard Scalable and Portable
ASBAdvanced System Buffering [Intel]
.ASCASCII text (file name extension)
ASCCAutomatic Sequence Controlled Calculator [IBM]
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASDApplication Structure Database [Microsoft] ; Automatic Skip Driver [Microsoft]
ASFActive/Advanced Streaming Format [Microsoft]
ASICApplication-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASITAdvanced Security and Identification Technology
ASKAmplitude Shift Keying
ASLAdaptive Speed Levelling
ASLMApple Shared Library Manager [Macintosh]
.ASMAssembler Source Language (file name extension)
ASMPAsymmetric Multiprocessing
ASNAbstract Syntax Notation ; Autonomous System Number
ASOAutomated Systems Operations
ASPActive Server Page [Microsoft] ; Application/Authorized Service Provider ; Association of Shareware Professionals
.ASPActive Server Page (file name extension)
ASPIAdvanced SCSI Programming Interface [Adaptec]
ASPSAdvanced Signal Processing System
ASRAddress Space Register ; Automatic Send-Receive ; Automatic Speech Recognition
ASTAST Research, Inc. (named from first initials of the founders: Albert Wong, Safi Qureshey, Thomas Yuen)
AS/UAdvanced Server for Unix
AS/400Application System/400 [IBM]
ATAdvanced Technology ; Attention
ATAPIAdvanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
ATCAdvanced Transfer Cache
ATDPAttention Dial Pulse
ATDTAttention Dial Tone
ATEAutomated Test Equipment
ATGAdvanced Technology Group
ATHAttention Hang-Up (Modem command)
ATLActive Template Library
ATMAdobe Typeface Manager ; Air Traffic Management ; Asynchronous Transfer Mode ; Automated Teller Machine
ATPSAppleTalk Printing Services [Macintosh]
ATRAutomatic Terminal Recognition
ATSAdministrative Terminal System ; Apple Terminal Services
AT&TAmerican Telephone and Telegraph
ATTRIBAttribute (also ATR)
ATXAdvanced Technology Extended [Intel]
ATZAttention Restore configuration profile from nonvolatile RAM (Modem command)
.AUAudio (file name extension)
AUDITAutomated Data Input Terminal
AUIAttachment/Autonomous Unit Interface
AUPAcceptable Use Policy [Internet]
AUTOEXECAutomatic Execution
AUXAuxiliary ; (First Serial Port)
AVAudio/Video ; Audiovisual ; Authenticity Verification
AVAAudio Visual Authoring [IBM]
AVCAudio Visual Connection [IBM]
AVDAlternating Voice and Data
AVIAudio Visual Interleave [Microsoft]
AVLAVL Tree (named after its founders: Adelson, Veiskii and Landis
AVPAttribute-Value Pair
AVRAutomatic Voice Recognition
AVTApplied Voice Technology
AVVIDArchitecture for Voice, Video & Integrated Data [Cisco]
AWEAdvanced Wave Effects [Creative Lab]
AWGAmerican Wire Gage
AWK(Unix language named after its authors... Al Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan)
AWSAdvanced Workstations and Systems (group) [IBM]
AWTAbstract Window Toolkit [Java]
AXArchitecture Extended ; Automatic Transmission
BABell Atlantic (company)
BACPBandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BAKBinary Adaptation Kit [Microsoft]
.BAKBackup (file name extension)
BALBasic Assembly Language
BALUNBalanced Unbalanced (device)
BAMBoyan Action Module
BAPIBusiness Application Programming Interface [SAP]
BARTSBell Atlantic Regional Timesharing
.BASBasic Language (file name extension)
BASHBourne Again Shell [Unix]
BASICBeginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASMBuilt-In Assembler
BATBlock Address Translation
.BATBatch Processing (file name extension)
BBSBulletin Board System
B2CBusiness To Consumer
BCCBlock Check Character
BCC:Blind Carbon Copy
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
B-CHANNELBearer Channel
BCLBatch Command Language
BCNFBoyce-Codd Normal Form
BCPBest Current Practice ; Bulk Copy Program
BCPLBasic Computer Programming Language
BCRByte Count Register
BCSBar Code Sorter
BDABios Data Area
BDCBackup Domain Controller
BDEBorland Database Engine [Borland]
BDLSBidirectional Loop Switching
BDOSBasic Disk Operating System
BDRBus Device Request
BEBelow or Equal
B2EBusiness To Employees
BECNBackward Explicit Congestion Notification
BEDOBurst Extended Data Out
BEEPBlocks Etensible Exchange Protocol
BELLCOREBell Communications Research
BERBasic Encoding Rules ; Bit Error Rate
BERTBit Error Rate Test/Tester
BFBad Flag
.BFCBriefcase (file name extension) [Microsoft]
BFFBinary File Format [IBM]
BFTBinary File Transfer
BGABall Grid Array
BGCOLORBackground Color [HTML]
BGEBranch if Greater or Equal
.BGIBorland Graphic Interface (file name extension)
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
BGTBranch if Greater Than
BHIBranch if Higher
BHISBranch if Higher or Same
BIBinary Input
.BIBBibliography (file name extension)
BIFETBipolar Field Effect Transistor
BIFFBinary Interchange File Format
BIMBeginning of Information Marker
.BINBinary (file name extension)
BINACBinary Automatic Computer
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Domain
BINHEXBinary Hexadecimal
BIOSBasic Input/Output System
BISBusiness Information System
BISDNBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BISTBuilt-In Self-Test
BITBinary Digit
BITNETBecause It's Time Network
BITNICBitnet Network Information Center
BIUBus Interface Unit
BIWBusiness Intelligence Warehouse [SAP]
BIXByte Information Exchange (BBS)
.BIZBusinesses (Domain Name) [Internet]
.BK!Backup (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
.B~KBackup (file name extension)
BLBacklit ; Bit Line
BLASTBlocked Asynchronous Transmission (protocol) [Communications Research Group]
.BLDBASIC Bload Graphics (file name extension)
BLEBranch if Less or Equal
BLERBlock Error
BLMCBuried Logic Macrocell
BLOBBinary Large Object
BLOSBranch if Lower Or Same
BMIBranch if Minus
BMICBusMaster Interface Controller [Intel]
BMPBasic Mapping Support ; Basic Multilingual Plane ; Batch Message Processing Program
.BMPBitmap (file name extension) [Paintbrush Format]
BNCBayonet Neill-Concelman (connector used with coaxial cable invented by Mr. Neill-Concelman) ; British Naval Connector
BNEBranch if Not Equal
BNFBackus-Naur Form (also Backus-Normal Form) [developed by John Backus and Peter Naur]
BNSBackbone Network Service
BOBinary Output
BOABasic Object Adapter
BOBBreak-out Box
BOCBasic Operator Console
BOFBeginning Of File
BOMBasic Online Memory [IBM] ; Beginning Of Message
BONDBandwidth On Demand
BOOTPBootstrap Protocol [Internet]
BOPSBillion Operations Per Second
BORPQUBorland Pro Quattro
BORQUBorland Quattro
BOSBasic Operating System
BOTBeginning Of Table ; Beginning of Tape ; Robot
BPBase Pointer
BPBBIOS Parameter Block
BPDUBridge Protocol Data Unit
BPIBits Per Inch
BPLBranch if Plus
BPPBits Per Pixel
BPRBusiness Process Re-engineering [Linux]
BPSBits Per Second ; Bytes Per Second
BPSKBinary Phase Shift Keying
BRBad Register
BRGCBinary Reflected Gray Code
BRIBasic Rate Interface ; Brain Response Interface
BSAMBasic Sequential Access Method
BSCBinary Synchronous Communication
.BSCBoyan Script (file name extension) [Boyan Communications]
BSCSBachelor of Science (Degree) in Computer Science
BSDBerkely Software/Standard Distribution
BSFBit Scan Forward
BSIBritish Standards Institute
BSMBasic Storage Module [IBM]
BSPBulk Synchronous Parallelism
BSRBit Scan Reverse
BS-RAMBurst Static RAM
BSSBlock Started by Symbol
BSTBinary Search Tree
BSYNCBinary Synchronous Communications (protocol)
BTBit Test
BTAMBasic Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]
BTBBranch Target Buffer
BTCBit Test and Complement
BTIBusiness Type Identifier
BTPBatch Transfer Program
BTRBit Test and Reset
BTSBit Test and Set
BUBranch Unit
BUBLBulletin Board for Libraries [Janet]
BUSBroadcast and Unknown Server
BVHBase Video Handler
BWMBlock-Write Mode
B2XBinary To Hexadecimal [REXX]
BYTEBinary Element String
CC Programming Language
.CC source code (file name extension) [C]
CACertification Authority ; Collision Avoidance
CABCompressed Application Binary [Microsoft]
.CABCabinet (file name extension) [Microsoft]
CADComputer Aided Design
CADDComputer Aided Design and Drafting
CADEClient/server Application Development Environment
CAEClient Application Enabler ; Common Applications Environment ; Computer Aided Engineering
CAENChemically Assembled Electronic Nanocomputer
CAEXComputer Aided Exploration
CAGColumn Address Generator
CAIComputer Aided Instruction
CAIRNCollaborative Advanced Interagency Research Network
CALCalendar ; Client Access License ; Computer Aided Learning
CALSComputer-Aided Acquisition in Logistic Support
CAMCommon Access Method ; Computer Aided Manufacturing ; Contents Addressable Memory
CANCancel ; Controller Area Network
CANBUSController Area Network Bus
CAPCarrierless Amplitude and Phase-Modulation ; Central Arbitration Point ; Communication Application Platform ; Competitive Access Provider ; Computer Aided Publishing
.CAPCapture (file name extension)
CAPDComputing To Assist Persons With Disabilities [Johns Hopkins University]
CAPEConcurrent Art-to-Product Environment
CAPSCapitals (Upper Case Letters) ; Cassette Programming System
CARCommitted Aaccess Rate [Cisco]
CARLColorado Alliance of Research Libraries [Internet]
CARTComputer-Assisted Radar Tomography
CASColumn Address Select/Strobe ; Communications Application Specification ; Computer Aided Styling
CASEComputer Aided Software Engineering
CASLCrosstalk Application Scripting Language [DCA]
CASSComputer Assisted Search Service
CASSISClassified and Search Support Information System
CATComputer Adaptive Test ; Computer Aided Testing ; Computer Aided Tomography ; Computer Aided Transcription ; Concatenate
.CATCatalog (file name extension)
CATSComputer Assisted Training System
CAT SCANComputerized Axial Tomography Scan
CATVCommunity Antenna Television (this was the original name for what is now known as Cable TV)
CAUControlled Access Unit
CAVConstant Angular Velocity
CAVEComputer Automatic Virtual Environment
CBCCipher Block Chaining
CBCRChannel Byte Count Register
CBDSConnectionless Broadband Data Service
CBEMAComputer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBGACeramic Ball Grid Array
CBIComputer Based Instruction\Instrumentation
CBLComputer Based Learning
.CBLCOBOL source code (file name extension)
CBMSComputer-Based Mail System
CBRCase Based Reasoning ; Constant Bit Rate
CBTComputer Based Training
CBWConvert Byte to Word
CBXComputer-Controlled Branch Exchange
CCCluster Controller
CC:Carbon Copy
CCDCharged-Coupled Device
CCFTCold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
CCICommon Client Interface
CCIECisco Certified Internetwork Expert [Cisco]
CCITTComite Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique/Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone
CCLConnection/Cursor Control Language
CCMCorba Component Mode
CCNACisco Certified Network Associate
CCNPCisco Certified Network Professional
CCPCertified Computing Professional ; Console Command Processor
CCSCommon Command Set ; Common Communications Services ; Common Communications Support ; Continuous Composite Servo ; Cryptographic Checksum
.CCSColor Calibration System (file name extension)
CCSDCellular Circuit-Switched Data
CCTLDCountry Code Top-Level Domain
CDCarrier Detect ; Change Directory ; Collision Detection ; Color Display ; Compact Disk
C/DControl Data
C2DCharacter To Decimal [REXX]
CDACompound Document Architecture [DEC]
.CDACD Audio Track (file name extension)
CDBTCompact Disk-Based Training
CDCConnected Device Configuration ; Control Data Corporation
CD_CHRDYCard Channel Ready [IBM]
CD-DACompact Disk - Digital Audio
CDDICopper Distributed Data Interface
CDECommon Desktop Environment ; Complex Data Entry
CD-ECompact Disk - Erasable
CDFChannel Definition Format
.CDFComma Delimited Format (file name extension)
CDFSCompact Disc File System [Microsoft]
CD+GCompact Disk plus Graphics
CD-ICompact Disk - Interactive
CDIACertified Document Imaging Architect
CDLComputer Design Language
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDMFCommercial Data Masking Facility [IBM]
CD-MOCompact Disk - Magneto Optical
CDOCollaboration Data Objects [Microsoft]
CDOSConcurrent Disk Operating System
CDPCertificate In Data Processing (First certification for Computer Professionals)
CDPDCellular Digital Packet Data
CDRCall Detail Record ; Call Detail Recording ; Common Data Representation
.CDRCorelDRAW (file name extension) [Corel]
CD-RCompact Disk - Recordable
CD-RDxCompact Disk - Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard
CDRLContract Data Requirements List
CD-ROMCompact Disk - Read Only Memory
CD-RTOSCompact Disk - Real Time Operating System
CD-RWCompact Disk - Rewritable
CDSCurrent Directory Structure
CDSACommon Data Security Architecture
.CDTCorel Draw Template (file name extension)
CD-VCompact Disk - Video
CD-WOCompact Disk - Write Once
.CDXCompound Index (file name extension) [Fox Pro]
CD-XACompact Disk - Extended Architecture
CECache Enable ; Chip Enable ; Collision Elimination ; Convert Enable
CECCertified E-Commerce Consultant
CEGContinuous Edge Graphics
CEIConducted Electromagnetic Interference
CELPCard Edge Low Profile (socket) [Intel]
CEMSConstituent Electronic Mail System
CEOPConditional End Of Page
CERCanonical Encoding Rules
CERNThe European Particle Physics Laboratory (initials originally from Conseil Europien pour la Recherche Nucliaire)
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CFBCipher Feedback ; Configurable Function Block
.CFGConfiguration (file name extension)
CFMCode Fragment Manager [Macintosh] ; Cubic Feet Per Minute
CFMLColdFusion Markup Language
CFRComputerized Facial Recognition
CFSCaching/Common File System
CFVCall For Votes [Bitnet]
CGControl Gate
CGAColor Graphics Adapter
CGECommon Graphics Environment
CGIComputer Generated Images ; Computer Graphics Interface
CGI-BINCommon Gateway Interface - Binary
.CGMComputer Graphics Metafile (file name extension) ; Graph (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
CGSContinuous-Grain Silicon
CHAPChallenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHATConversational Hypertext Access Technology [Internet]
CHCKChannel Check
CHCPChange Code Page
CHDIRChange Directory
CHFNChange Finger [Unix]
CHGRPChange Group
CHIPSClearinghouse Interbank Payments System
.CHKCHKDSK (file name extension)
CHKDSKCheck Disk
CHMODChange Mode
CHOWNChange Owner
CHRPCommon Hardware Reference Platform
CHSCylinder Head Sector
CHTMLCompressed HTML
CIComponent Interface
CIACurrent Instruction Address
CIACComputer Incident Advisory Capability
CICS/VSCustomer Information Control System/Virtual Storage [IBM]
CIDCharge-Injection Device ; Configuration/Installation/Distribution
CIDRClassless Inter-Domain Routing
CIFCommon Interchange/Intermediate Format ; Crystallographic Information File ; Customer Information Feed
CIFSCommon Internet File System
CIMCommon Information Model ; CompuServe Information Manager ; Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIOChief Information Officer
CIOCSCommunication Input/Output Control System
CIPCommand Interface Port ; Common Indexing Protocol
CIRCommitted Information Rate
CIRCCircular Reference ; Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code
CISCard Information Structure ; Client Information System ; CompuServe Information Service ; Computer Information Systems ; Contact Image Sensor ; Customer Information System
CISCComplex Instruction Set Computing
CITComputer-Integrated Telephony
CIVRComputer and Interactive Voice Response
CIWCertified Internet Webmaster
CIXCommercial Internet Exchange ; Compulink Information Exchange
CJLICommand Job Language Interpreter
CKDCount Key Data (device)
CLARChannel Local Address Register
CLASSClient Access to Systems and Services ; Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services ; Custom Local-Area Signaling Services
CLCClear Carry Flag
CLDClear Direction Flag
CLDCConnected Limited Device Configuration
CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLICall-Level Interface ; Clear Interrupt Flag ; Client Library Interface ; Command Line Interface
CLIBC Library
CLIDCalling Line Identification
CLISTCommand List
CLNPConnectionless Network Protocol
CLNSConnectionless-Mode Network Service
CLOSCommon Lisp Object System
CLPCell Loss Priority ; Constraint Logic Programming
.CLPClipboard (file name extension) [Microsoft]
CLRCommon Language Runtime [Microsoft]
CLSClear Screen ; Common Language Support
CLSIDClass Identifier
CLTPConnectionless Transport Protocol
CLTSClear Task Switch Flag
CLTVConstant Linear Time Velocity
CLUICommand Line User Interface
CLUTColor Look-Up Table
CLVConstant Linear Velocity
CMCentimeter ; Control Mark ; Corrective Maintenance
CMAConcert Multi-thread Architecture
CMCCommon Mail Calls ; Common Messaging Calls ; Communication Management Configuration ; Complement Carry Flag ; Computer-Mediated Communication [Internet]
CMDCircuit Mode Data
.CMDCommand (file name extension)
CMFCreative Music Format
CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol
CMISCommon Management Information Services/System
CMLChemical Markup Language ; Conceptual Modelling Language ; Computer Managed Learning ; Current Mode Logic
CMMCapability Maturity Model
CMMSComputerized Maintenance Management Software
CMMUCache/Memory Management Unit [Motorola]
CMOSCoats-Mellon Operational Specification Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMOVConditional Move
CMPCompare ; Computer
CMPSCompare Word String
CMSCall Management Server ; Code Management System ; Compiler Monitor System ; Conversation Monitor System
CMTSCable Modem Termination System
CMVCConfiguration Management Version Control [IBM]
CMWCompartmented Mode Workstation
CMYCyan-Magenta-Yellow (color model)
CMYKCyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black (color model)
CNACertified NetWare/Network Administrator
CNAPSCo-Processing Node Architecture for Parallel Systems
CNCComputerized Numerical Control
CNECertified NetWare Engineer
.CNFConfiguration (file name extension)
CNGCalling (tone)
CNICertified Novell Instructor [Novell]
CNIDRClearinghouse for Networked Information and Discovery and Retrieval [Internet]
CNNComposite Network Node
CNRCarrier to Noise Ratio
CNSSCore Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]
.CNTContents (file name extension)
CNVConventional (pertaining to Memory)
CNXCertified Network Expert
COCentral Office ; Command Output ; Convert Out
COASTCard On A Stick (module)
COAXCoaxial Cable
.COBCOBOL source code (file name extension)
COBOLCommon Business-oriented Language (See HLL)
.CODCode List (file name extension)
CODASYLConference on Data System Languages (Group that designed COBOL)
CODEClient-Server Open Development Environment
CODECCoder/Decoder ; Compression/Decompression
COEMCommercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
COFFCommon Object File Format [Unix]
COGOCoordinate Geometry (Programming Language)
COLCollision ; Computer Oriented Language
COLDComputer Output to Laser Disk
COMComponent Object Model [Microsoft] ; Computer Output Microfilm
.COMCommand (file name extension) ; Commercial Business (Domain Name) [Internet]
COM1First serial Port (asynchronous port)
COM2Second serial Port
COM3Third serial Port
COM4Fourth serial Port
COMDEXComputer Dealers Exposition
COMETCornell Macintosh Terminal Emulator
COMP.Computers [USENET Newsgroup Category]
COMSATCommunications Satellite Corporation
CONConsole (includes Keyboard and Screen)
CONSConnection-Oriented Network Service
CONTONEContinuous Tone
.COOPCooperatives-Business (Domain Name) [Internet]
COPICSCommunications Oriented Production Information and Control System [IBM]
CORCommon Object Runtime
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CORENCorporation for Research and Enterprise Network
COSCompatible Operating System
COSECombined Office Standard Environment ; Common Open Software/Systems Environment
COSMICComputer Software Management and Information Center [NASA]
COSMOSComputer System for Mainframe Operations
COSSCommon Object Services Specification
COTSCommercial Off-The-Shelf (software)
CPCopy Protected
CPACertified Public Accountant ; Cost Per Action
CPANComprehensive Perl Archive Network
CPCConstant Point Calculation ; Cost Per Click
CPCSCheck Processing Control System [IBM]
CPECentral Processing Element ; Customer Premises Equipment ; Customer Provided Equipment
.CPECover Page (file name extension)
CPFRCollaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
CPGClock Pulse Generator
CPICharacters Per Inch ; Clock Per Instruction ; Common Programming Interface [IBM]
.CPICode Page Information (file name extension) [MS-DOS]
CPI-CCommon Programming Interface for Communications [IBM]
CPIOCopy In and Out [Unix]
CPLCurrent Privilege Level
.CPLControl Panel (file name extension)
CPLDComplex Programmable Logic Device
CPMCritical Path Method
CP/MControl Program for Microcomputers [Digital Research]
CPOChief Privacy Officer
CPRMContent Protection for Recordable Media
CPSCharacters Per Second ; Cycles Per Second
CPTCommand Pass Through
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CPWCommercial Processing Workload [IBM]
CRCarriage Return
CRAMChallenge-Response Authentication Mechanism ; Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement
CRAYONCreate Your Own Newspaper
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
.CRDCardfile (file name extension) ; Chord (music file name extension)
CRENComputer Research Education Network ; Corporation for Research and Education Networking
CRFCable Retransmission Facility ; Cross Reference File
CRIColor Reproduction Indices
CRLCertificate Revocation List
CR/LFCarriage Return/Line Feed
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CROMControl Read Only Memory
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CRTCCRT Controller
CRUDCreate, Retrieve, Update, Delete
CSChip Select ; Clear to Send ; Code Segment
CSACalendaring and Scheduling API [IBM]
CSARChannel System Address Register
CSCWComputer Supported Cooperative Work
CSDCircuit-Switched Data ; Computer Services Department ; Corrective Service Diskette [IBM]
CSDSCircuit Switched Data Service
CSECertified System Engineer
CSFICommunication Subsystem For Interconnection
CSGConstructive Solid Geometry ; Consulting Services Group [Lotus]
CSICommand Sequence Introducer ; CompuServe Incorporated
CSIDCall Subscriber Identification
CSLComputer Sensitive Language
CSLIPCompressed Serial Line Interface Protocol [Internet]
CSMCode Set Map (file) ; Communications Services Manager ; Control Strip Module [Macintosh]
CSMA/CACarrier Sense Multiple Access/with Collision Avoidance
CSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access/with Collision Detection
CSMSCustomer Support Management System
CSNCard-Select Number
CSNETComputer Science Network
CSOCentral Services Organization
CSPCertified Systems Professional ; Chip-Scale Packaging ; Commercial Service Provider ; Commercial Subroutine Package ; CompuCom Speed Protocol [CompuCom] ; Communicating Sequential Processes ; Cross System Product [IBM]
CSPDNCircuit Switched Public Data Network
CSRAMCustom Static RAM
CSSContinuous System Simulator (Language)
CSSCascading Style Sheet [Microsoft] ; Contact Start-Stop ; Content Scrambling System
CSSMClient-Server Systems Management [IBM]
CS/SSCard Service/Socket Service
CSTAComputer-Supported Telephony Applications
CSUChannel Service/Switching Unit
CSVCircuit-Switched Voice ; Comma-Separated Value/Variable ; Common Services Verbs (interface) [Microsoft]
C2TCable Changing Technology
C&TChips and Technologies
CTBCipher Type Byte
 CTCChannel To Channel ; Counter/Timer Chip
CTCPClient-To-Client Protocol
CTIComputer-Telephony Integration
CTLComplex Text Layout
CTOSComputerized Tomography Operating System ; Convergent Technologies Operating System
CTPACoax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter
CTRCOCalculating,Tabulating,Recording Company (The name of this company was changed to "International Business Machines" by Thomas J. Watson, Sr.)
CTSClear To Send ; Computer Telephony Solution [IBM] ; Customer Telephone System
CTSSCompatible Time Sharing System
CUACommon User Access [IBM]
CUBCursor Backward
CUDCursor Down
CUECustom Updates and Extras (card) [Egghead Software]
CUFCursor Forward
CUICharacter-Oriented User Interface ; Common User Interface [IBM]
CUPCursor Position
CUPIDCompletely Universal Processor I/O Design [AST]
.CURCursor (file name extension)
CUSIPCommittee for Uniform Security Identification Procedures [U.S. Treasury]
CUTControl Unit Terminal
CUTEClarkston University Terminal Emulator
CUUCursor Up
CVFCompressed Volume File
CVGAColor Video Graphics Array
CVIAComputer Virus Industry Association
CVSConcurrent Versions System
CVWCodeView for Windows
CWACompetitive Web Analysis
CWDConvert Word to Double Word ; Change Working Directory [Internet]
CWISCampus Wide Information Service/System [Internet] ; Community Wide Information Service/System [Internet]
C2XCharacter To Hexadecimal [REXX]
CXMLCommerce Extensible Markup Language
CYMKCyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black (color model)
D/ADigital to Analog
DAAData Access Arrangement ; Decimal Adjust for Addition
DABDigital Audio Broadcasting
DACData Acquisition and Control ; Device Access Code ; Digital to Analog Convertor ; Dual Attachment Concentrator
DACLDiscretionary Access Control List
DADDesktop Application Director [Borland]
DAEDigital Audio Extraction
DAIDistributed Artificial Intelligence
DALData Access Language [Apple Computer] ; Data Access Layer ; Disk Access Lockout
DAMData Acquisition and Monitoring
DAOData Access Object [Microsoft]
DAPData Access Protocol [DEC] ; Developer Assistance Program
DAPIEDevelopers Application Programming Interface Extensions
DARIDatabase Application Remote Interface [IBM]
DARMSDigital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols
DARTDigital Audio Reconstruction Technology
DASDecimal Adjust for Subtraction ; Dual-Attached Station
DASDDirect Access Storage Device [IBM]
DATDigital Audio Tape ; Disk Array Technology
.DATData (file name extension)
DATACOMData Communications
DAVDigital Audio-Video ; Distributed Authoring and Versioning
DAVICDigital Audio-Visual Council
DBData Base ; Data Buffer ; Device Bay
dBAAdjusted Decibel
.dbaDate Book Archive (file name extension) [Palm]
DBCDevice Bay Controller
DBCSDelivery Bar Code Sorter ; Double-Byte Character Set
.DBFDatabase Format (file name extension)
DBISDun & Bradstreet Information Services
.DBKDocbook (format) (file name extension)
DBMData Base Manager
DBMSData Base Management System
DBRDOS Boot Record
DBSData Base Server ; Direct (to home) Broadcast (satellite) System
DBVDigital Broadcast Video
DBWRDatabase Writer [Oracle]
DB2Database 2
DCData Collection ; Data Communication ; Data Control ; Device Control ; Direct Current
D2CDecimal To Character [REXX]
DCADigital Communications Associates ; Document Content Architecture [IBM]
DCAFDistributed Console Access Facility [IBM]
DCAMDigital Camera ; Direct Chip Attach Module
DCBDevice Control Block ; Disk Coprocessor Board [Novell]
DCCData Country Code ; Digital Command Control ; Digital Compact Cassette ; Direct Cable/Client Connection ; Display Combination Code
DCDData Carrier Detect
DCEData Circuit-Terminating Equipment ; Data Communications Equipment ; Distributed Computing Environment [OSF] ; Distributed Computing Equipment
DCEDDistributed Computing Environment Daemon
DCFData Communication Facility [IBM] ; Data Compression Facility ; Data Count Field [IBM] ; Driver Configuration File [Lotus]
D-CHANNELData Channel
DCIDisplay Control Interface
DCLData Control Language ; Declaration ; DEC Command Language [DEC] ; Device Clear ; Digital Control Logic ; Digital Command Language [Digital]
DCMLDynamic Configuration Markup Language
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
DCPDevice Control Protocol ; Digital Light Processing [TI]
DCSData Collection System ; Data Control System ; Desktop Color Separation ; Distributed Control System
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transform
.DCTDictionary (file name extension)
DCUData-Cache Unit
DDDay ; Digital Display ; Double Density
DDADistributed Data Access ; Domain-Defined Attribute
DDBDevice Dependent Bitmap ; Device Descriptor Block
DDCDigital Data Channel [VESA] ; Display Data Channel
DDCMPDigital Data Communications Message Protocol [DEC]
DDCSDistributed Database Connection Services [IBM]
DDDDirect Distance Dialing
DDEDirect Data Entry ; Dynamic Data Exchange [Microsoft]
DDEMLDynamic Data Exchange Manager Library [Microsoft]
DDFDisplay Data Channel ; Dynamic Data Formatting [IBM]
DDIDevice Driver Interface ; Digital Document Interchange ; Direct Dial In
DDKDevice Driver Kit [Microsoft Windows]
DDLData Definition Language ; Data Description Language
DDMDistributed Data Management
DDNDefense Data Network
DDNSDynamic Domain Naming System
DDPDatagram Delivery Protocol ; Distributed Data Processing
DDRDynamic Document Review [Symantec]
DDSData Description Specification ; Digital Dataphone Service [AT&T] ; Design Data Sheet ; Digital Data Storage ; Distributed Database Services
DDXDigital Data Exchange
DEDevice End
DEAData Encryption Algorithm ; Disposable Email Address
DECDecrement ; Device Clear ; Digital Equipment Corporation
DECNETDigital Equipment Corporation Networking (protocol)
DEFDesktop Functional Equivalent [Compaq]
.DEFDefinitions ; Defaults (file name extensions)
DEKData Encryption Key
DELSTRDelete String [REXX]
.DEMDemonstration (file name extension)
DENDirectory Enabled Network ; Document Enabled Networking [Novell-Xerox]
DERDistinguished Encoding Rules
DESData Encryption Standard ; Data Entry Sheet
.DESDescription (file name extension)
DETDevice Execute Trigger
DFData Field ; Default ; Destination Field ; Device Flag ; Double Flag
DFCData Flow Control
DFDData Flow Diagram
DFDRDigital Flight Data Recorder
DFMDesign For Manufacturability [IBM]
DFPDigital Flat Panel
DFSDistributed File System
DFSMSData Facility Storage Management Subsystem [IBM]
DFTDesign For Testability ; Diagnostic Function Test ; Discrete Fourier Transform ; Distributed Function Terminal
DFUData File Utility
DGISDirect Graphics Interface Standard
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHLDynamic Head Loading
.DHPDr. Halo PIC (file name extension)
DIData In ; Destination Index
DIADocument Interchange Architecture [IBM]
DIBDevice Independent Bitmap ; Directory Information Base ; Dual Independent Bus [Intel]
DIBOLDEC Business Oriented Language
.DICDictionary (file name extension)
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DIDDirect Inward Dialing
DIDSDistributed Intrusion Detection System
DIFData Interchange Format
DIFFSENSDifferential Sense
DIIPDirect Interrupt Identification Port
DIMEDirect Internet Message Encapsulation
DIMMDual In-Line Memory Module
DINDeutsche Industrie Norm (German equivalent of EIA)
DIOData Input-Output
DIPDialup Internet Protocol [Internet] ; Digital Imaging Processing ; Dual In-line Package ; Dual In-line Pin
DIRDirectory (file)
DISDraft International Standard ; Dynamic Impedance Stabilization [CompuCom]
DISAData Interchange Standards Association ; Direct Inward System Access
DISPDisplacement (offset)
DITDirectory Information Tree
DIVEDirect Interface Video Extension [OS/2 Warp]
DIVXDigital Video Express
DIWD-Inside Wire [AT&T]
DIXDigital-Intel-Xerox (Original Ethernet Standard)
.DIZDescription In Zip (file name extension)
DLDownload (also D/L)
DL/1Data Manipulation Language 1 [IBM]
DLBDynamic Load Balancing
DLCData Link Control (protocol) [IBM] ; Distributed Loop Carrier
DLCIData Link Connection Identifier
DLDDisplay List Driver
DLEData Link Escape
DLLDynamic Link Library
DLMDistributed Lock Manager ; Dynamic Link Module
DLPDigital Light Processing [TI]
DLPIData Link Provider Interface
DLRDOS LAN Requester
DLSData Link Switching [IBM]
DLTDigital Linear Tape
DMDistributed Memory
DMADirect Memory Access/Addressing ; Document Management Alliance
DMACDMA Controller
DMACSDistributed Manufacturing Automation & Control Software
DMDDigital Micromirror Device [TI]
DMEDirect Memory Execution ; Distributed Management Environment
DMFDistribution Media Format [Microsoft]
DMIDesktop Management Interface
DMLData Manipulation Language
DMMDigital Multimeter
DMMSDynamic Memory Management System
DMOSDouble-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DMPDot Matrix Printer
DMPCDistributed Memory Parallel Computer
DMPPDistributed Memory Parallel Processor
DMQSDisplay Mode Query and Set [IBM]
DMSData Management Software ; Data/Document Management System
DMSDDigital Multistandard Decoding
DMSDKDigital Media Software Development Kit [SGI]
DMSSDistributed Mass Storage System
DMTDigital/Discrete Multi-Tone
DMTFDesktop Management Task Force
DMYDay Month Year
DNADeoxyribonucleic Acid
DNCDirect Numerical Control
DNICData Network Identification Code
DNISDialed Number Identification Service
DNSDomain Naming System
DOData Out ; Distributed Objects
.DOCDocument ; Documentation (file name extensions)
DOCSISData Over Cable-Service Interface Specification
DOCSVData Over Circuit-Switched Voice
DOEDistributed Objects Everywhere
DOIPDial Other Internet Providers [IBM]
DO-ITDisabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology
DOMDocument Object Model [W3C]
DOMFDistributed Object Management Facility
DOSDisk Operating System
DOSEMDOS Emulation
.DOTDocument Template (file name extension)
DOVData Over Voice
DOWDay Of Week
DPData Processing
DPADemand Protocol Architecture [3Com] ; Document Printing Architecture
DPAMDemand Priority Access Method
DPARENData Parity Enable [IBM]
DPBDrive Parameter Block
DPCDirect Program Control
DPIDistributed Protocol Interface ; Dots Per Inch
DPLDescriptor Privilege Level
DPMDigital Panel Meter
DPMAData Processing Management Association
DPMIDOS Protected Mode Interface [Microsoft]
DPMSDigital Power Management Signaling ; Display Power Management Support
DPOData Phase Optimization
DPSDocument Processing System
DPSKDifferential Phase Shift Keying
DPtoTPDisplay Coordinates to Tablet Coordinates (converting)
DQDBDistributed Queue Dual Bus
DQLData Query Language
DRData Received
D/RDirect or Reverse
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRAWDirect Read After Write
DR.BONDDial-up Router Bandwidth On Demand [NEC]
DRDADistributed Relational Database Architecture [IBM]
DR-DOSDigital Research-Disk Operating System
DRDWDirect Read During Write
DRIDeclarative Referential Integrit ; Digital Research Incorporated
DRMDigital Rights/Distributed Resource Management
DROData Request Output ; Destructive Read-Out
DRSDocument Registration System
.DRSDriver Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
.DRVDevice Driver (file name extension) (Also see .DVR)
.DRWDraw ; Drawing (file name extensions)
DSData Segment ; Data Send ; Data Server ; Double Sided
D/SDhrystone Per Second
DSADigital Signature Algorithm ; Directory System Agent
DSAPDestination Service Access Point
DSDDirect Stream Digital [Sony-Philips]
DSDDDouble Sided, Double Density (diskette)
DSEData Storage Equipment
DSEADisplay Station Emulation Adapter
DSECTDummy Control Section
DSHDDouble Sided, High Density (diskette)
DSIGDigital Signature
DSISDistributed Support Information Standard
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
ADSLAsymmetric DSL
BDSLBroadband DSL
CDSLConsumer DSL [Rockwell]
FDSLFixed Directory Subscriber List
HDSLHigh-Bit-Rate DSL ; High-Data-Rate DSL
IDSLIntegrated Services Digital Network DSL
RDSLRate-Adaptive DSL
SDSLSingle-Line DSL ; Symmetric DSL
VDSLVery-High-Bit-Rate DSL
VADSLVery-High-Rate Asymmetric DSL
VDSLVery-High-Data-Rate DSL
DSLDynamic Simulation Language
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSMDistributed Shared Memory
DSMADigital Sense Multiple Access
DSNDelivery Service Notification
DSOMDistributed System Object Model
DSPDigital Signal Processing/Processor ; Digital Sound Processor ; Directory Synchronization Protocol [Lotus]
DSPTDisplay Station Pass-Thru [IBM]
DSQDDouble Sided, Quad Density (diskette)
DSRData Set Ready ; Device Status Register ; Device Status Report
DSSDecision Support System ; Digital Signature Standard ; Direct Station Selector
DSSIDigital Standard Systems Interconnect [DEC]
DSSSDirect-Sequencing Spread Spectrum
DSSSLDocument Style Semantics and Specification Language
DSTNDouble Supertwisted Nematic
DSUData Service/Switching Unit ; Digital Service Unit
DSVDDigital Simultaneous Voice and Data
DSWData Status Word ; Device Status Word
DSXDigital Signals Cross-Connect
D2T2Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (printing)
DTADisk Transfer Area
.DTAData (file name extension)
DTCDesktop Conferencing
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTEData Terminal Equipment ; Dumb Terminal Emulator
DTFDistributed Test Facility
DTLDialogue Tag Language [IBM] ; Diode-Transistor Logic
DTMDigital Terrain Mapping
DTMFData Tone Multiple Frequency ; Dual Tone Multifrequency
DTPDesktop Publishing ; Distributed Transaction Process
DTRData Terminal Ready ; Data Transfer Rate
DTSDistributed Traffic Shaping [Cisco]
DTSSDartmouth Time Sharing System
DTVDesktop Video ; Digital Television
DTVCDesktop Video Conferencing
DUDisk Usage
DUADirectory User Agent
DUATDirect User Access Terminal
DUNDial-Up Networking [Microsoft]
DUNCEDial Up Network Connection Enhancement
DVDigital Video
.DVDESQview Script (file name extension)
DVCDesktop Video Conferencing ; Digital Video Camera
DVDDigital Video Disk
DVD-RDigital Video Disk-Recordable
DVD-RAMDigital Versatile Disc-RAM
DVD-ROMDigital Versatile Disc-ROM
DVEDigital Video Effect
DVIDigital Video Interactive ; Digital Visual Interface
.DVIDevice Independent (file name extension)
DVMDigital Volt Meter
DVMRPDistance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol [Internet]
DVOFDigital Video Over Fiber
DVRDigital Video Recorder
.DVRDevice Driver (file name extension) (Also see .DRV)
DWData Warehousing
DWDMDense Wavelength Division Multiplexer
DWMTDiscrete Wavelet Multitone
DWTDiscrete Wavelet Transform
D2XDecimal To Hexadecimal [REXX]
.DXBDrawing Interchange Binary (file name extension) [AutoCAD]
DXCData Exchange Control
DXFData Exchange File ; Drawing Exchange Format
DXIData Exchange Interface
DYNSLTDynamic Select [IBM]
DYNSRCDynamic Source
EAEffective Address ; Extended Attribute [OS/2]
EAIEnterprise Application Integration
EAPExtensible Authentification Protocol
EARExternal Access Register
EARNEuropean Academic Research Network
EAROMElectrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EARSElectronic Access to Reference Services ; Electronic Authoring and Routing System [DEC] ; Explicit Archive and Retrieval System [Langley Research]
EATAEnhanced AT Bus Attachment
EAXEnvironmental Audio Extensions [Creative]
EBExabyte (1,024 petabytes) (One Billion Billion characters of information)
EBCEISA Bus Controller
EBCTElectron Beam Computed Tomography
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code [IBM]
EBIEquivalent Background Input ; Extended Background Investigation
EBNFExtended Backus-Naur Form
E-BOOKElectronic Book
EBPPElectric Bill Presentment and Payment
EBTElectronic Benefits Transfer
ECElectronic Commerce ; Error Control
ECALEnjoy Computing And Learn
ECATElectronic Card Assembly and Test [IBM]
ECBElectronic Codebook ; Event Control Block
ECCElliptic Curve Crypto ; Error Check Code ; Error Checking and Correction ; Error Correction Code
ECDEnhanced Color Display ; Enhanced Compact Disk
ECHOEuropean Commission Host Organization [Internet]
ECIExternal Call Interface
ECLEmitter Coupled Logic
ECMElectronic Control Module
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturers Association
ECNElectronic Communications Network
ECNEEnterprise Certified NetWare Engineer [Novell]
ECPEnhanced/Extended Capabilities Port [Microsoft]
ECSEnhanced Chip Set
ECTLElectronic Communal Temporal Lobe
ECUEISA Configuration Utility
EDErase Display
EDAElectronic Design Automation ; Embedded Document Architecture [Go Corporation]
EDBEmbedded Database
EDCElectronic Digital Computer ; Enhanced Data Correction ; Error Detection and Correction
EDDCExtended Distance Data Cable
EDGARElectronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval
EDGEEnhanced Data-Rates for Global Evolution
EDIElectronic Data Interchange ; Electronic Document Interchange [DEC]
EDIFElectronic Design Interchange Format
EDIFACTEDI for Administration Commerce and Transport
EDLEdit Decision List
EDLCEthernet Data Link Control
EDLINEditor (Line Text)
EDMSElectronic Document Management System
EDOExtended Data Out
EDOSEnhanced DOS for Windows
EDPElectronic Data Processing
EDPMElectronic Data Processing Machine
EDRAMEnhanced/Eraseable/Extended Dynamic Random Access Memory
EDSElectronic Data Systems (corporation)
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
.EDUEducational Institutions (Domain Name) [Internet]
EDVACElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (First stored-program digital computer)
EEExtended Edition [IBM]
EECExtended Error Correction
EELEpsilon Extension Language
EEMExtended Memory Management
EEMACElectrical & Electronic Manufacturers of Canada
EEMSEnhanced Expanded Memory Specification
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EESEscrow Encryption Standard
EFAExtended File Attribute
EFFElectronic Frontier Foundation
EFIElectromechanical Frequency Interference ; Electronics For Imaging ; Extensible Firmware Interface
EFIGSEnglish, French, Italian, German, Spanish
EFLEmitter Follower Logic
E-FORMElectronic Form
EFSEncrypting File System
EFTSElectronic Funds Transfer System
EGAEnhanced Graphics Adapter
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
EGREPExtended Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]
EHLLAPIEmulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface [IBM]
EIAElectronic Industries Association
EIDEEnhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EISExecutive Information System
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
EJBEnterprise JavaBeans
ELElectroluminescent (display) ; Erase Line
ELANEmulated Local Area Network
ELCEmbedded Linking and Control
ELDElectronic License Distribution
ELECEnterprise Local Exchange Carrier
ELFExecutable and Linking Format ; Extremely Low Frequency
ELSEntry Level System
EMElectronic Mail ; Emphasized ; End of Medium ; Expanded Memory
EMAElectronic Mail Association ; Enterprise Management/Memory Architecture
EMACSEditing Macros [Unix]
E-MAILElectronic Mail
EMBExtended Memory Block [LIM/AST]
EMBARCElectronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer [Motorola]
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility ; Enhanced Memory Chip ; E-Mail Connection ; Extended Math Coprocessor
EMCCEckert-Mauchly Computer Company (World's first computer company, founded by Presper Eckart and John Mauchly, who invented and built the first UNIVAC)
EMFExtended Metafile Format [Microsoft]
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
.EMLElectronic Mail (file name extension)
EMMExpanded Memory Manager
EMRElectro-Magnetic Radiation ; Enhanced Metafile Record
EMSElectronic Mail System ; Electronic Message Service ; Energy Management System ; Expanded Memory Specification [LIM]
EMSAPIExtended Messaging Services Application Programming Interface
EMWACEuropean Microsoft Windows NT Academic Centre
.ENCEncoded (file name extension)
ENDSEnds Segment
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer (First fully electronic digital computer)
ENSSExterior Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]
EOAEnd Of Address
EOBEnd Of Block
EOCEnd Of Conversion
EOFEnd Of File ; Enterprise Objects Framework [Next Computer]
EOIEnd Of Interrupt ; End Or Identify
EOJEnd Of Job
EOLEnd Of Line ; End Of List
EOMEnd Of Message
EORExclusive OR (Also XOR)
EOSEarth Observing System [NASA] ; End Of String ; Error Correction Code on SIMM
EOSDISEarth Observing System Data and Information System [NASA]
EOTEnd Of Table ; End Of Tape (marker) ; End Of Text ; End Of Transmission
EPElectrophotographic Engine
EPICExplicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (chip) [Intel]
EPLEffective Privilege Level
EPLDElectrically Programmable Logic Device
EPMEnhanced Editor for Presentation Manager [IBM] ; Enterprise Process Management [IBM]
EPPEnhanced Parallel Port
EPROCESSExecutive Process
EPROMElectrically Programmable Read Only Memory ; Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
.EPSEncapsulated PostScript (file name extension)
EPSFEncapsulated PostScript Files
ERAExtended Registry Attributes
ERASElectronic Routing and Approval System [Hughes Aircraft]
ERDEmergency Repair Disk ; Entity Reltionship Diagram
ERICEducational Resources Information Center [Internet]
ERLLEnhanced Run Length Limited
ERMAElectronic Recording Method, Accounting [General Electric]
EROMErasable Read Only Memory
EROSEarth Resources Observation System [U.S. Geological Survey]
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ER/RCExtended Result/Response Code
ERUEmergency Recovery Utility [Microsoft]
ESExtra Segment
ESAEnterprise Systems Architecture [IBM] ; European Space Agency
ESCEISA System Component ; Escape
ESCDExtended System Configuration Data
ESCMExtended Services Communications Manager [IBM]
ESCONEnterprise System Connection (Architecture) [IBM]
ESC/PEpson Standard Code for Printers
ESDElectronic Software Distribution ; Electrostatic Discharge ; Emergency Startup Disk
ESDIEnhanced Small/System Device Interface
ESFExtended Superframe
ESIEnd System Identifier ; Enhanced Serial Interface (specification) [Hayes]
ESMREnhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ESNElectronic Security/Serial Number
ESPEmulation Sensing Processor ; Encapsulating Security Payload (header) ; Enhanced Serial Port [Hayes] ; Enhanced Service Provider ; Enterprise System Platform ; Estimated Selling Price ; Eudora Sharing Protocol [Qualcomm]
ESREvent Service Routine
ESSElectronic Switching System
ESUElectro-Static Unit
ETEnhancement Technology
ETACSExtended Total Access Communication System [IBM]
ETANNElectrically Trainable Analog Neural Network (chip) [Intel]
ETBEnd of Transmission Block
ETCElectronic Toll Collection ; Enhanced Throughput Cellular (modem protocol) [AT&T]
E-TEXTElectronic Text
ETFEnriched Text Format
ETOMElectron-Trapping Optical Memory
ETPLEndorsed Tempest Products List
ETSEconometric Time Series
ETXEnd of Text
EUExecution Unit
EUCEnd User Computing ; Extended Unix Code [IBM]
EUDORA(Named after author of story: "Why I Live at the P.O.", Ms. Eudora Welty)
EUIEnd-User Interface
EULAEnd-User License Agreement
EUVLExtreme Ultraviolet Lithography
EVEExtensible VAX Editor
EVGAExtended Video Graphics Array ; Extended Video Graphics Adapter
EWANEmulator Without A Good Name [Internet]
EWSEmployee Written Software [IBM]
ExCAExchangeable Card Architecture [Intel]
.EXEExecutable (file name extension)
EXE2BINProgram used to convert an (.EXE) file to binary format (.COM) file
EXMEnterprise Messaging Exchange [Lotus]
EXTRNExternal Reference
E-ZINEElectronic Magazine [Internet]
FABComputer-Chip Fabrication Plant
FACFile Access Code
FAMOSFloating Gate Avalanche MOS
FANSFuture Air Navigation System
FAPFile Access Protocol
FAPIFamily Application Program Interface
FAQFrequently Asked Question
FARNETFederation of American Research Networks [Internet]
FASICFunction and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
FATFile Allocation Table
.FAXFax (file name extension)
FBCFind By Content
FC/ALFiber Channel/Arbitrated Loop
FCBFile Control Block
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FCC:File Carbon Copy
FCCSETFederal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
FC/ELFiber Channel/Enhanced Loop
FCIFlux Changes per Inch
FCLFibre Channel Loop
FCPGAFlip Chip Pin Grid Array [Intel]
FCRFIFO Control Register
FCSFiber Channel Standard ; Frame Check Sequence
FDFloppy Disk ; Floppy Drive ; Full Duplex
FDCFloppy Disk Controller
FDDIFiber Digital Device Interface ; Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDHDfloppy Drive High Density
FDISKFixed Disk
FDMFrequency Division Multiplexing
FDMAFrequency Division Multiple Access
FDXFull Duplex
FECForward Error Correction
FECNForward Explicit Congestion Notification
FEDField Emission/Emitter Display
FEFOFirst-Ended, First-Out
FEPFront End Processor
FEPIFront End Programming Interface
FERAMFerroelectric RAM
FESDKFar East Software Development Kit [Microsoft]
FETField Effect Transistor
FFFlip-Flop ; Form Feed
FFDCFirst Failure Data Capture [IBM]
FFSFast File System
FFSTFirst Failure Support Technology [IBM]
FFTFast Fourier Transform ; Final Form Text [IBM]
FGFloating Gate
FHSFan Heat-Sink
FGREPFixed Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]
FHSSFrequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum
FIBForwarding Information Base
FIFFractal Image Format
FIFOFirst-In, First-Out
FILOFirst-In, Last-Out
FINDSTRFind Strings
FIPFile Processor Buffering
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standard
FIRFast Infrared ; Finite Impulse Response
.FIRMBusiness or Firm (Domain Name) [Internet]
FIRSTForum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FITSFlexible Image Transport System
FIUFingerprint Identification Unit [Sony]
FIXFederal Internet Exchange
FKForeign Key
FLAFour Letter Acronym
FLCFerro-electric Liquid Crystal
FLLFoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro]
FLOPSFloating Point Operations Per Second
.FLRFolder (file name extension)
FMDFluorescent Multilayer Disk
FMRIFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
FMSForms Management System
FMVFull Motion Video
FOCUSForum of Control Data Users
FODFax On Demand
FOGFirst Osborne Group
FOIPFax Over Internet Protocol
FOIRLFiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE]
FOLDOCFree On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
.FONFont ; Phone ; Phone Directory (all file name extensions)
.FORFortran source code (file name extension)
FORTH(Programming Language)(See HLL)
FORTRANFormula Translator (Programming Language)(See HLL)
FOSEFederal Office Systems Exposition
FOSIFormat Option Specification Instance
FOSSILFido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer
FPCFloating Point Calculation
FPCEFloating-Point C Extension (specification)
FPGAField Programmable Gate-Array
FPLAField Programmable Logic-Array
FPMFast Page Mode
FPPFixed Path Protocol ; Floating Point Processor
FPRFloating-Point Register
FPSFavorite Picture Selection ; Frames Per Second
FPTForced Perfect Termination
FPUFloating Point Unit
FPXFlashPix (format) [Kodak]
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name [Internet]
FRADFrame Relay Access Device ; Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
FRAGFragment ; Fragmentation
FRAMFerroelectric Random-Access Memory
FRCFunctional Redundancy Checking
FREDFrame Editor ; Front-End to Dish
FRPIFlux Reversals Per Inch
.FRSWordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
FSFile Separator
FSBFront Side Bus
FSDFile System Driver [OS/2]
FSEFull Screen Editor
FSFFree Software Foundation [Internet]
FSKFrequency Shift Keying
FSNFull Service Network
FSPFile Service Protocol
FSRFree System Resources
FSTFlat Square Tube (monitor)
F/TFull Time
FTAMFile Transfer, Access and Management ; File Transfer and Access Method
FTLFlash Transition Layer [Inter]
FTMFlat Tension Mask [Zenith]
FTPFile Transfer Protocol [Internet]
FTPDFile Transfer Protocol Daemon
FTTBFiber To The Basement
FTTCFiber To The Curb
FTTNFiber To The Neighborhood
FTSFederal Telecommunication System
FTXFault Tolerant Unix
FUIFile Update Information
FVTFull Video Translation
FXPFile Exchange Protocol
FYIFor Your Information
GAGeneral Availability
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles
GALGeneric Array Logic
GAPIGateway Application Programming Interface
GARTGraphics Address Relocation Table
GATTGraphics Address Translation Table
GbGigabit (1,024 megabits) ; (One Billion Bits of Information)
GBGigabyte (1,024 megabytes) ; (One Billion Characters of Information)
GCCGNU C-Compiler [Unix]
GCCDGlass-Passivated Ceramic Chip Diode
GCRGroup Code Recording
GDAGlobal Data Area ; GNOME Data Access
GDDMGraphics Data Display Manager
GDGGeneration Data Group [IBM]
GDIGraphical Device Interface
GDLCGeneric Data Link Control [IBM]
GDPGraphic Draw Primitive
GDTGeometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ; Global Descriptor Table ; Graphics Development Toolkit
GECOSGeneral Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GEISGeneral Electric Information Service (company)
GEMGraphics Environment Manager (DRI Program)
GENIEGeneral Electric Network for Information Exchange
GEOGeostationary Earth Orbit
GEOSGlobal Entity Ordering System ; Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]
GETGet Execute Trigger
GFIGeneral Format Identifier ; Ground-Fault Interceptor
GGPGateway-Gateway Protocol [Internet]
.GIDTopics (file name extension) [Microsoft]
.GIFGraphics Interchange Format (file name extension)
GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out
GIIGlobal Information Infrastructure
GILSGovernment Information Locator Service
GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program
GIMPSGreat Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GINAGraphical Identification and Authentication
GISGeographic Information System ; Global Information Solutions [AT&T]
GIXGlobal Internet Exchange [Internet]
GKSGraphical Kernel System
GLGraphics Language
G/LGeneral Ledger
GLISGlobal Land Information System [US Geological Survey]
GLMGeneral Linear Models
GLOBEGlobal Learning by Observations to Benefit the Environment [Internet]
.GLYGlossary (file name extension) [Microsoft Word]
GMDIGigabit Media-Dependent Interface
GMLGeneralized Markup Language
GMPGlobal Mobile Professional
GMRGiant Magneto-Resistive (read head technology)
GMSGlobal Management System ; Global Messaging Service [Novell]
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GNDGround (signal/system)
GNNGlobal Network Navigator
GNOMEGNU Network Object Model Environment
GNUGnu's Not Unix (operating system)
GOADGNOME Object Activation Directory
GOSIPGovernment Open Systems Interconnection Profile
.GOVGovernmental (Domain Name) [Internet]
GPGas Plasma ; General Purpose
GPFGeneral Protection Fault
GPIGraphics Programming Interface
GPIBGeneral Purpose Information/Interface Bus
GPIOGeneral Purpose Input/Output
GPLGeneral Public License
GPRGeneral Purpose Register [IBM]
GPRCGlass Passivated Rectifier Chip
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GPSGlobal Positioning Satellite/System ; Global Product Specification
GPSSGeneral Purpose Systems Simulator (language)
GPUGraphics Processing Unit
GRADDGraphics Adapter Device Driver [IBM]
GREGeneric Routing Encapsulation ; Graphics Engine
GREPGlobal Regular Expression Print
.GRFGraph (file name extension)
.GRPGroup (file name extension)
GSGroup Separator
GSIGeneral Server Interface
GSMGlobal Shared Memory ; Global System for Mobile-Communications (network)
GSNWGateway Service for NetWare [Microsoft]
GSPGeneric Server Passer ; Global Service Provider
GSRGigabit Switch Router
GSTNGeneral Switched Telephone Network
GTEGeneral Telephone Electronics (corporation)
GTFGeneralized Timing Format
GTLGunning Transceiver Logic
GTOGuide To Operations [IBM]
GTPGeometry Theorem Prover
GTSGeneric Traffic Shaping [Cisco]
GSMGlobal Shared Memory ; Global System for Mobiles
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobally Unique Identifier ; Global Universal Identifier
GVTGlobal Virtual Time
GWESGraphic, Windowing and Event Subsystem
.gzCompressed file (compressed filename extension - using GNU gzip compression/decompression program) [Unix]
.HHeader (file name extension) [C]
HACMPHigh Availability Cluster Multi-Processing [IBM]
HALHard Array Logic ; Hardware Abstraction Layer ; House-Programmed Array Logic
HALHeuristically Programmed Algorithmic (computer) [from 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"]
HAPHost Access Protocol
HASPHouston Automatic Spooling Priority (System)
HBAHost Bus Adapter
HCLHardware Compatibility List
HCSSHigh Capacity Storage System
HCUHome Computer User
HDHard Disk ; High Density
HDAHead Disk Assembly
HDCDHigh Definition Compatible Digital
HDDHard Disk Drive
HDFHierarchical Data Format [NCSA]
HDIHead to Disk Interference
HDLHardware Description Language
HDLCHigh-Level Data Link Control
HDMHardware Device Module
HDMLHandheld Device Markup Language
HDRHeader ; High Data Rate
HDSCHigh Density Signal Carrier [DEC]
HDSSHolographic Data Storage System
HDTHost Digital Terminal
HDTVHigh Definition Television
HDVDHigh Definition Volumetric Display
HDXHalf Duplex
HEOSHigh Earth Orbiting Satellite
HFCHybrid Fiber-Coaxial
HFSHierarchical File System [Macintosh]
HFTHigh Function Terminal [IBM]
HGAHercules Graphics Adapter
HGCPHercules Graphics Card Plus
HIFHyper-G Interchange Format
HIFDHigh-Density Floppy Disk
HILHuman Interface Link [HP]
HIMEMHigh Memory
HIPPIHigh Performance Parallel Interface
HLCOHigh Low Close Open
HLLHigh Level Language
HLLAPIHigh Level Language Application Programming Interface
.HLPHelp (file name extension)
HLQHigh Level Qualifier
HLSHue, Luminance, Saturation (color model)
HMAHigh Memory Area [Microsoft] ; Hub Management Architecture
HMDHead Mounted Display
HMIHuman-Machine Interface
HMMHidden Markov Model
HMMPHyper-Media Management Protocol
HMOSHigh Density Metal Oxide Semiconductor ; High Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor
HMPHost Monitoring Protocol
HOTTHot Off The Tree (electronic newsletter)
HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicle
HPHewlett-Packard (Company)
HPCHandheld Personal Computer
HPCCHigh Performance Computing and Communications
HPDJHewlett-Packard Desk Jet
HPFSHigh-Performance File System
HPGHewlett-Packard Graphics
HPGLHewlett-Packard Graphics Language
HPIBHewlett-Packard Interface Bus
HPLJHewlett-Packard Laser Jet
HPOMHome Page Objects Model [Microsoft]
HPPAHewlett-Packard Precision Architecture
HPPIHigh Performance Parallel Interface
HPRHigh Performance Routing [IBM]
HPSBHigh Performance Serial Bus
HPUXHewlett-Packard Unix
HPWHigh Performance Workstation [Sun]
.HQXBinHex (file name extension) [Macintosh]
HRISHuman Resource Information System
HRGHigh Resolution Graphics
HRMSHuman Resource Management System
HRTFHead Related Transfer Function
HSHigh Speed
HSBHue, Saturation, Brightness (color model)
HSCHierarchical Storage Controller ; High Speed Channel
HSIHue, Saturation, Intensity
HSMHierarchical Storage Management
HSPHigh Speed Printer/Processor
HSSIHigh Speed Serial Interface
HSTHigh Speed Technology [U.S. Robotics]
.HSTHistory ; Host (file name extensions)
HSVHue Saturation Value
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTP-NGHTTP Next Generation
HTTPSHyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
HUDHeads Up Display
HUTHopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
HVPHorizontal & Vertical Position
HWCPHardware Code Page
HWDMHyperfine Wave Division Multiplexing
.HYPHyphenation (file name extension)
HYTELNETHypertext-browser for Telnet Accessible Sites
IAIntel Architecture [Intel]
IABInternet Architecture Board
IACInter-Application Communication [Macintosh]
IAECInternational Address Element Code
IAGInstruction Address Generation
IAKInternet Access Kit [IBM]
IALInternational Algebraic Language (ALGOL was first called IAL)
IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
IAPInternet Access Provider
IASInternet Access Server
IATImport Address Table
IAUPInternet User Account Provider [Internet]
IBCInstrument Bus Computer
iBCSIntel Binary Compatibility Specification
IBIPInformation Based Indicia Program [U.S. Postal Service]
IBMInternational Business Machines (Corporation)
IBM-GLIBM Graphics Language
ICInput Circuit ; Integrated Circuit ; Interrupt Controller
ICAIntelligent Console Architecture ; Intra-application Communications Area
ICANNInternational Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICAPInternet Calendar Access Protocol [Lotus]
ICASIntel Communicating Applications Specifications
ICBInternet Citizen's Band
ICCPInstitute for the Certification of Computing Professionals
ICDInternational Code Designator
ICEIn-Circuit Emulator [Intel] ; Integrated Computing Environment [Langley Research]
ICESInterference-Causing Equipment Standard
ICIImage Component Information ; Inter-CPU Interrupts
ICLInterface Clear
ICLIDIncoming-Call Line Identification
ICMImage Color Matching [Kodak] ; Incoming Message
.ICMImage Color Management (file name extension)
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol [Novell]
.ICOIcon (file name extension)
iCOMPIntel Comparative Microprocessor Performance [Intel]
ICPImage Coprocessor ; Integrated Channel Processor
ICQI Seek You (messaging program)
ICRIntelligent Character Recognition
ICSInternet Connection Sharing [Microsoft] ; Intuitive Command Structure
ICSAPIInternet Connection Services API
ICUInstruction-Cache Unit ; Intel Configuration Utility [Microsoft] ; ISA Configuration Utility
IDIdentification ; Identifier
IDAIntegrated Digital Access ; Intelligent Disk Array ; Intelligent Drive Array
IDAPIIntegrated Database Application Programming Interface
IDCIntegrated Database/Desktop Connector ; Internet Database Connector [Microsoft] ; Internet Data Center
IDDEIntegrated Development & Debugging Environment [Symantec]
IDEImbedded Drive Electronics ; Integrated Development Environment [Borland] ; Integrated Drive Electronics ; Intelligent Drive Electronics ; Interactive Design and Engineering ; Interface Design Enhancement
IDEAInternational Data Encryption Algorithm
IDENIntegrated Data Enhanced Network
IDFIntermediate Distribution Frame
IDIInitial Domain Identifier
IDIVInteger Divide
IDLInteractive Data Language ; Interface Definition Language
IDMIntegrated Document Management
IDMSIntegrated Data Base Management System
IDNXIntegrated Digital Network Exchange [IBM]
IDPIntegrated Data Processing
IDRIntelligent Document Recognition
IDTInterface Design Tool ; Interrupt Descriptor Table
.IDXIndex (file name extension)
IEInternet Explorer [Microsoft]
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEFInformation Engineering Facility
IEMSIInteractive Electronic Mail Standard Identification
IENInternet Engineering Notes
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IESGInternet Engineering Steering Group
IFCInternet Foundation Classes
IFDImage File Directory
IFFInterchangeable File Format [Amiga]
IFGIncoming Fax Gateway
IFPInstruction Fetch Pipeline
IFSInstallable/Integrated File System
IFSMInformation Systems Management
IGAIntegrated Graphics Array
IGCIntegrated Graphics Controller
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Standard
IGFETInsulated-Gate Field Effect Transistor
IGMPInternet Group Multicast Protocol
IGPInterior Gateway Protocol
IGRPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol [Cisco]
IGSInternet Go Server [Internet]
IHDIntegrated Help Desk [IBM]
IHVIndependent Hardware Vendor
IIFImmediate Interface
IIIInterstate Identification Index [NCIC]
IIOPInternet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIRImmediate Impulse Response
IISInternet Information Server/Services [Microsoft]
IITFInformation Infrastructure Task Force
IKEInternet Key Exchange
IKMPInternet Key Management Protocol
IKPInternet Keyed Payments [IBM]
ILAImage Light Amplifier
ILEIntegrated Language Environment [IBM]
ILECIncumbent Local Exchange Carrier
ILPInstruction-Level Parallelism
ILSInternational Language Support
IMInstant Messenger
IMACInternet Macintosh [Apple]
IMACSImage Management and Communication System
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
IMAXMaximum Image
IMDBIn-Memory Database
IMDSImage Data Stream (format) [IBM]
IMEInput Method Editor
IMLInitial Microcode Load [IBM]
IMPInformation/Interface Message Processor
IMPAIntelligent Multi-Port Adapter [DCA]
IMPPInternet Messaging and Presence Protocol
IMRInternet Monthly Report [Internet]
IMSInformation Management System ; Intermediate Maintenance Standards
IMSPInternet Message Support Protocol
IMTCInternational Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
IMTVInteractive Multimedia Television
IMULInteger Multiply
IMUXInverse Multiplexer
.INDIndex (file name extension)
.INFInformation (file name extension)
.INFOInformation Services (Domain Name) [Internet]
INFSInternet Network File System
.INIInitialize (file name extension)
INITInitialization ; Initialize
INMIntegrated Network Management
INNDInternet News Daemon
INSInput String ; Integrated Network Server
INTInteger ; Internal ; Interrupt ; International (organization Domain name) [Internet]
INTAInterrupt Acknowledge
InterNICInternet Network Information Center
INTOInterrupt if Overflow occurs
I2OIntelligent Input/Output
IOCInter-Office Channel
IOCCInput/Output Channel Converter ; Input/Output Controller Chip
IOCSInput/Output Control System
IOCTLInput/Output Control
IODEIntegrated Development and Debugging Environment [Symantec]
IOFInfrared Optical Film
IOPInput/Output Processor
IOPLInput/Output Privilege Level
IORInteroperable Object Reference
IOSGAInput/Output Support Gate Array
IPInstruction Pointer ; Intellectual Property ; Internet Protocol
IPBFInstalled Peripheral Base Flexibility
IPCInstructions Per Clock ; Interprocess Communication
IPCMOSInterlocked Pipeline CMOS [IBM]
IPCPInternet Protocol Control Protocol
IPCSIntegrated PC Server
IPDCInternet Protocol Device Control
IPDSIBM Personal Dictation System [IBM] ; Intelligent Printer Data Stream [IBM]
IPFInvalid Page Format
IPFCInformation Presentation Facility Compiler [IBM]
IPIIntelligent Peripheral Interface
IPLInitial Program Load/Loader ; Ion Projection Lithography
IPLInformation Programming Language
IPMImages Per Minute ; Interpersonal Message
IPMIIntelligent Platform Management Interface
IPNGInternet Protocol, next generation
IPPInternet Printing Protocol
IPRIntellectual Property Rights
IPSEIntegrated Project Support Environment
IPSECInternet Protocol Security
IPTCInternational Press Telecommunications Council
IPXInternetwork Packet Exchange [Novell]
IQLInteractive Query Language
IRCInternet Relay Chat
IRDIntegrated Receiver/Descrambler
IRDAInfrared Data Association
IRDSInformation Resource Dictionary System
IRETInterrupt Return
IRFIntermediate Routing Function ; Inheritance Rights Filter [Novell]
IRLInteractive Reader Language ; Inter-Repeater Link
IRLAPInfrared Link Access Protocol
IRLEDInfrared Light Emitting Diode
IRMInformation Resource Management ; Inherent Rights Mask
IRQInterrupt Request
IRQLInterrupt Request Level
IRTFInternet Research Task Force
IRXInformation Retrieval Experiment
ISInformation System ; Interrupt Status
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture (bus) [IBM] ; Instruction-Set Architecture
ISAKMPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISAMIndexed Sequential-Access Management/Method
ISAPIInternet Server API [Microsoft]
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
ISCInstruction Set Computer; Inter-Systems Communication [IBM]
ISDImage Section Descriptor ; Instructional Systems Design
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISHInformation Super Highway
ISIInternally Specified Index
ISISIntegrated Systems and Information Services
ISKMInternet Starter Kit for the Macintosh
ISLInteractive System Language ; Inter Switch Link [Cisco]
ISMIntegrated Services Model [IETF] ; Internet Service Manager [Microsoft]
ISMFInteractive Storage Management Facility
ISOCInternet Society
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISPInternet Service Provider ; Interrupt Stack Pointer ; Interrupt Status Port
ISPFInteractive System Programming Facility
ISRInformation Storage and Retrieval ; Interrupt Service Routine ; Interrupt Status Register
ISSInternet Sharing Software
ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number
ISVIndependent Software Vendor
ITInformation Technology
ITBInformation Technology Branch ; Intermediate Text Block
ITCInternational Typeface Corporation
ITEInformation Technology Equipment
ITFInteractive Test Facility
ITNIdentification Tasking and Networking
ITPInternet Transaction Processing
ITRInformation Technology Research [NSF] ; Input Transaction Record ; Internet Talk Radio
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
ITUGInternational Telecommunications User Group
ITU-TIESITU-Telecom Information Exchange Services
ITU-TSSITU-Telecommunication Standards Section
ITVInteractive Television
ITXIntermediate Text Block
IUInteger Unit
IUAPInternet User Account Provider
IUS/ITBInterchange Unit Separator/Intermediate Transmission Block
IVDSIntegrated Voice and Data Systems
IVISInteractive Video Information System
IVLIndependent Vendor League ; Intel Verification Lab
IVRInteractive Voice Response
IVSInteractive Videodisk System
IVTInterrupt Vector Table
IV&VIndependent Verification & Validation
I-WAYInformation Highway
IXCInterexchange Carrier
JAJump Address ; Jump if Above
JADJoint Application Design/Development
JADEJava Addition to the Default System
JAEJump if Above or Equal
JANETJoint Academic Network
JARJava Archive (file format)
JBEJump if Below or Equal
JCJump if Carry set
JCAJava Cryptography Architecture
JCLJob Control Language
JDBCJava Database Connectivity
JDFJob Description Format
JDKJava Development Kit
JDSLJava Data Structures Library
JEJump if Equal
JEDECJoint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
JEIDAJapanese Electronics Industry Development Association
JEPIJoint Electronic Payment Initiative
JESJob Entry System
JFCJava Foundation Classes
JFETJunction Field Effect Transistor
JFIFJPEG File Interchange Format
JFSJournaled File System [IBM]
JGJump if Greater
JGEJump if Greater or Equal
JIPSJANET Internet Protocol Service
JITJust-In-Time (compiler)
JLJump if Less
JLEJump if Less than or Equal to
JLIPJoint Level Interface Protocol
JMAPIJava Management Application Program Interface
JMFJava Media Framework [Sun]
JMIJava Metadata Interface
JMSJava Message Service
JNAJump if Not Above
JNAEJump if Not Above or Equal
JNBJump if Not Below
JNBEJump if Not Below or Equal
JNGJump if Not Greater
JNGEJump if Not Greater or Equal
JNIJava Native Interface
.JNKJunk (file name extension)
JNLEJump if Not Less or Equal
JNOJump if No Overflow
JNPJump if No Parity
JNSJump if No Sign
JOEJava Objects Everywhere
JOHNNIACJohn Neumann Integrator and Automatic Computer [Rand Corp.]
JOSSJohnniac Open Shop System [Rand Corp.]
JPEJump if Parity Even
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory
JPNFJoin-Projection Normal Form
JPOJump if Parity Odd
JREJava Runtime Environment
JSJump if Sign
JSPJava Server Page
JSSEJava Secure Socket Extension
JTAGJoint Test Action Group [IEEE]
JTAPIJava Telephony Application Programming Interface
JZJump if Zero
JNZJump if Not Zero
JSSJava-Script Style Sheet
JUGHEADJonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation and Display [Internet]
JVMJava Virtual Machine
K-12Kindergarten through 12th Grade [US Education System]
KAMKeep Alive Memory
KBKeyboard ; Kilobyte (1,024 bytes)
KBDKeyboard (also KEYB)
KBD$Keyboard [OS/2]
KBEKnowledge Based Engineering
KbpsKilobits Per Second
KBpsKilobytes Per Second
KDTKey Definition Table
KEFIRKey Findings Reporter [GTE]
KEYBBEForeign language KEYBoard program - Belgium
KEYBBRForeign language KEYBoard program - Brazil
KEYBCFForeign language KEYBoard program - Canadian-French
KEYBCZForeign language KEYBoard program - Czechoslovakia (Czech)
KEYBDKForeign language KEYBoard program - Denmark
KEYBFRForeign language KEYBoard program - France
KEYBGRForeign language KEYBoard program - Germany
KEYBHUForeign language KEYBoard program - Hungary
KEYBITForeign language KEYBoard program - Italy
KEYBLAForeign language KEYBoard program - Latin America
KEYBNLForeign language KEYBoard program - Netherlands
KEYBNOForeign language KEYBoard program - Norway
KEYBPLForeign language KEYBoard program - Poland
KEYBPOForeign language KEYBoard program - Portugal
KEYBSFForeign language KEYBoard program - Swiss-French
KEYBSGForeign language KEYBoard program - Swiss-German
KEYBSLForeign language KEYBoard program - Czechoslovakia(Slovak)
KEYBSPForeign language KEYBoard program - Spain
KEYBSUForeign language KEYBoard program - Finland
KEYBSVForeign language KEYBoard program - Sweden
KEYBUKForeign language KEYBoard program - United Kingdom
KEYBUSForeign language KEYBoard program - United States
KEYBYUForeign language KEYBoard program - Yugoslavia
KIFKnowledge Interchange Format
KISKnowbot Information Service [Internet]
KPIKernel Programming Interface
KQMLKnowledge Query and Manipulation Language
KRSKnowledge Retrieval System
KSDSKeyed Sequential Data Set
KSHKorn Shell (program) [Unix]
KSPHKeystrokes Per Hour
KSRKeyboard Send Receive
KVMKeyboard, Video, Mouse (switch) ; Kilobyte Virtual Machine
L2FLayer Two Forwarding [Cisco]
L2TPLayer Two Tunneling Protocol
LADDRLayered Device Driver Architecture [Microsoft]
LALLLongest Allowed Lobe Length
LANLocal Area Network
LANACSLocal Area Network Asynchronous Connection Server
LANDPLAN Distributed Platform
LANELocal Area Network Emulation
LAPLinux Application Platform
LAPBLink Access Procedure Balanced (protocol)
LAPDLink Access Procedure on the D-Channel (protocol)
LAPMLink Access Procedure for Modems
LARLoad Access Rights
LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASTportLocal Area Storage Transport (protocol) [DEC]
LATLocal Access Terminal ; Local Area Transport [DEC]
LATALocal Access and Transport Area
LAVCLocal Area VAX Cluster
LAWNLocal Area Wireless Network
LBLeft Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)
LBALogical Block Addressing
.LBRLibrary (file name extension)
LBTListen Before Talk
LBXLocal Bus Accelerator
LCALotus Communications Architecture [Lotus]
LCCLeadless Chip Carrier
LCCMLAN Client Control Manager [IBM]
LCDLiquid Crystal Display ; Lowest Common Denominator
LCFLow Cost Fiber
LCKLibrary Construction Kit [Microsoft FoxPro]
LCPLink Control Protocol
LCRLeast Cost Routing ; Line Control Register
LCSDLaminate Chip Signal Diode
LCULast Cluster Used
LDALogical Device Address
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol [IBM]
LDCLotus Development Corporation
LDDSLong Distance Discount Services (company)
LDMLogical Disk Manager ; Long Distance Modem
LDPLabel Distribution Protocol
LDTLocal Descriptor Table
LELess or Equal
LEALoad Effective Address
LEADLive Early Adoption and Demonstration [W3C]
LEAFLaw Enforcement Access Field
LECLocal Area Network Emulation Client ; Local Exchange Carrier
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LELLink, Embed and Launch-to-edit [Lotus]
LEMLanguage Extension Module
LENLow Entry Networking
LEOLow Earth Orbit
LEPLight-Emitting Polymers
LESLocal Area Network Emulation Server
.LETLetter (file name extension)
LFLine Feed
L2FLayer 2 forwarding (protocol) [Cisco]
LFAPLightweight Flow Admission Protocol
LFILast File Indicator
LFNLong File Name
LFTLow Function Terminal [IBM]
LFULeast Frequently Used
LGALeadless Grid Array
LGDTLoad Global Descriptor Table
LGPLLesser General Public License
LIASLibrary Information Access System
.LIBLibrary (file name extension)
LICLine Interface Coupler [IBM]
LICSLotus International Character Set [LDC]
LIDTLoad Interrupt Descriptor Table
LIEPLarge Internet Exchange Packet [Novell]
LIFLow Insertion Force
LIFOLast In, First Out
LILOLast In, Last Out
LIMDOLight Intensity Modulation Direct Overwrite
LIMMLight Intensity Modulation Method
LIMSLibrary Information Management System
LINUX(Operating system named after Linus Torvalds)
LIPLarge Internet Packet
LIPSLightweight Internet Person Schema ; Logical Inferences Per Second
LISPList Processing (Language)(See HLL)
LISTSERVList Server [Internet]
LIULAN Interface Unit
LIWLong Instruction Word
LLCLogical Link Control
LLDTLoad Local Descriptor Table
LLFLow Level Format
LMBLeft Mouse Button
LMBCSLotus Multi-Byte Character Set [Lotus]
LMDLast Modification Date
LMDSLocal Multipoint Distribution Service
LMILink/Local Management Interface
LMOSLeave Mail On Server
LMSLotus Messaging Switch [Lotus]
LMSWLoad Machine Status Word
LMULAN Management Utilities [IBM] ; LAN Manager for Unix
LNLoad Number ; Logarithm (Natural)
LN:DILotus Notes:Document Imaging
LOBLine of Business
LOCLines Of Code ; Loop On-Line Control
LOCISLibrary of Congress Information System
LODLetter Of Destruction ; Level Of Detail
LODSBLoad String Byte
LOGLogarithm (Base 10)
LOGO(Programming Language)(See HLL)
LONLocal Operating Network
LOOPELoop while Equal
LOOPNELoop while Not Equal
LOOPNZLoop while Not Zero
LOOPZLoop while Zero
LORELine Oriented Editor
LPARLogic Programming and Automated Reasoning
LPCLocal Procedure Call
LPDLine Printer Daemon (protocol) [Berkley]
LPDULogical Protocol Data Unit
LPILines Per Inch
LPLLotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
LPMLines Per Minute
LPNLogical Page Number
LPRLine Printer ; Line Printer Remote
LPSLow-Power Schottky
LPTLine Printer Terminal
LPT1First Parallel Printer Port
LPT2Second Parallel Printer Port
LPT3Third Parallel Printer Port
LQLetter Quality
LQMLink Quality Monitoring (protocol)
LRLink Register
LRCLocal Register Cache ; Longitudinal Redundancy Check
LRLLeast Recently Loaded
LRMLanguage Reference Manual ; Least Recently-Used Master
.LRSLanguage Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
LRULeast Recently Used
LSALAN and SCSI Adapter [IBM] ; Line Sharing Adapter ; Local Security Authority [Microsoft]
LSAPILicense Services Application Program Interface
LSBLeast Significant Bit
LSCLeast Significant Character
LSDLeast Significant Digit
LSILarge Scale Integration
LSLLink Support Layer ; Load Segment Limit
LSPRLogistics System Program Review
.LSTList (file name extension)
LTOLinear Tape Open
L2TPLayer 2 Transport\Tunneling Protocol
LTRLeft-To-Right ; Letter ; Load Task Register
LULogical Unit (Also LUN)
LUALogical Unit Application (interface)
LUILocal User Input
LUISLibrary User Information Service
LUNLogical Unit Number
LUTLookup Table
LVLogical Volume [IBM]
LVDSLow-Voltage Differential Signaling
LVMLogical Volume Management [IBM]
LWLazy Write
.LYRLyrics (music file name extension)
LZWLempel-Ziv-Welch (algorithm)
MACMacintosh (Apple Macintosh Computer) ; Mandatory/Media/Medium Access Control ; Message Authentication Code
MACMultiple Access Computers
.MACMacPaint (file name extension) ; Macro (file name extension)
MACHMultilayer Actuator Head [Epson]
MADEManufacturing and Automated Design Engineering
MADYMOMathematical Dynamic Modeling [TNO]
MAEMerit Access Exchange ; Metropolitan Area Ethernet
MAGMAMinimal Architecture for Generalized Markup Applications
MAIMultiple Applications Interface
.MAIMail (file name extension)
MAJCMicroprocessor Architecture for Java Computing [Sun]
MANManual [Unix] ; Metropolitan Area Network
MANIACMathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and Computer
MANPAGEManual Page [Unix]
MAPMaintenance Analysis Procedures ; Manufacturing Automation Protocol ; Memory Allocation Map
.MAPLinker Map (file name extension)
MAPIMail/Messaging Applications Programming Interface [Microsoft]
MAPICSManufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control System [IBM]
MARCMachine Readable Cataloging ; Multi-Technology Automated Reader Card
MARVELMachine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library [Library of Congress]
MASMMacro Assembler [Microsoft]
MASSMaximum Availability and Support Subsystem [Parallan]
MATMaintenance Access Terminal
MAUMedia Access/Adapter Unit ; Multistation Access Unit
MAVDMMultiple Application VDM
MBMegabyte (1,024 kilobytes) ; Middle Button (of 3 button Mouse)
MBASICMicrosoft BASIC [Microsoft]
MBCSMulti-Byte Character Set [IBM]
MBONEMulticast Backbone [Internet]
MBpsMegabytes Per Second
MbpsMegabits Per Second
MBRMaster Boot Record
MCAMicro Channel Adapter/Architecture [IBM]
MCADMechanical Computer Aided Design
MCBMemory Control Block
MCFMeta Content Framework
MCGAMulticolor Graphics Array
MCHMemory Controller Hub [Intel]
MCIMCI Communications Corp. (name from initials of original company - Microwave Communications, Inc.) ; Media Control Interface [Microsoft]
MCLMicrosoft Compatibility Labs [Microsoft]
MCMMulti-Chip Module
MCNEMaster Certified Novell Engineer [Novell]
MC-PGAMetallized Ceramic - Pin Grid Array
MCPSMicrosoft Certified Product Specialist [Microsoft]
MC-QFPMetallized Ceramic - Quad Flat Pack
MCRModem Control Register
MCSDMicrosoft Certified Systems Developer [Microsoft]
MCSEMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer [Microsoft]
MCUMicrocontroller Unit ; Multi-Chip Unit [DEC] ; Multipoint Control Unit
MDMake Directory ; Mini Disk [Sony] ; Monochrome Display
MDAModel Drive Architecture ; Monochrome Display Adapter ; Multidimensional Analysis
MDDBMSMultidimensional Data Base Management System
.MDFMenu Definition File (file name extension)
MDIMemory Display Interface ; Multiple Document Interface
MDICManchester Decoder and Interface Chip [AT&T]
MDKMultimedia Developers Kit [Microsoft]
MDLPMobile Data Link Protocol
MDRMetadata Repository ; Minimum Design Requirement
MDXMulti-Dimensional Expressions
MDYMonth Day Year
.MEOpening Information (file name extension) (As in READ.ME)
MEBMemory Expansion Board
MEDMinimum Expected Delay
MEMSMicro-Electro-Mechanical System
.MENMenu (file name extension)
MERCIMultimedia European Research Conferencing Integration
MESManufacturing Execution System
MESIModified, Exclusive, Shared and Invalid (protocol)
METMemory Enhancement Technology [Hewlett-Packard]
.METMetafile (file name extension)
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Class [Microsoft]
MFFSMicrosoft Flash File System [Microsoft]
MFIMultifuntion Interpreter
MFIOPMultifunction I/O Processor
MFLOPSMillion Floating Point Operations Per Second
MFMModified Frequency Modulation
MFPMulti-Function Peripheral/Printer/Product
MFPIMultifunction Peripheral Interface
MFSMacintosh File System [Macintosh] ; Magnetic Tape Field Search ; Memory File System Modified Filing System [Revelation Technologies]
MFTMaster File Table ; Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks
MGAMonochrome Graphics Adapter
MGCPMedia Gateway Control Protocol
MGEModular GIS Environment
MGETMultiple Get [Unix]
MGMLMinimal Generalized Markup Language
MHSMessage Handling Service ; Message Handling System
MIManagement Interface
MIBManagement Information Base
MICMessage Integrity Check
MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICSMacro Interpretive Commands
MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDPMobile Information Device Profile
MIFManagement Information Format
.MIFManagement Information Files (file name extension)
MIGMetal In Gap
MILMachine Interface Layer [Go Corporation]
.MILMilitary (Domain name) [Internet]
MIMMap Image Metafile ; Metal-Insulator-Metal (screen)
MIMDMultiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream (processor)
MIMEMultimedia Internet Message Extensions ; Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MI/MICMode Indicate/Mode Indicate Common
MINMinimum ; Mobile Identification Number
MINDMicrosoft Internet Developer [Microsoft]
MINUETMinnesota Internet Users Essential Tools [Internet]
MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
MISManagement Information System ; Multimedia Information Sources [Internet]
MIXMember Information Exchange
.MIXMicrosoft Picture It! (format)
MKDIRMake Directory
MLMachine Language ; Meta Language
MLAPIMultilingual Application Programming Interface
MLCMultilayer Ceramic ; Multilevel Cell (program) [Internet]
MLEMulti-Line Editor
MLIDMulti-Link Interface Driver
MLMMailing List Manager [Internet]
MLPMeridian Lossless Packing
MLPPPMultilink PPP
MMMinutes ; Month
MMAMicrocomputer Managers Association
MMCMatched Memory Cycle ; Microcomputer Marketing Council ; Microsoft Management Console [Microsoft]
MMCDMultiMedia Compact Disk
MMCXMultimedia Communication Exchange [Lucent Technologies]
MMDSMulti-channel Multipoint Distribution Service
MMFMulti Mode Fiber (cable)
MMIMan-Machine Interface
MMISMaterials Manager Information System
MMPMMulti Media Presentation Manager
MMUMemory Management Unit
MMVFMultimedia Video File [NEC]
MMXMatrix Manipulation Extensions [Intel] ; Multimedia Extensions
MNOSMetal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor
MNPMicrocom Networking Protocol [Microcom]
.MNUMenu (fine name extension)
MOMagneto-Optical (disk drive)
MOBMemory-Order Buffer
MOBOMother Board
MODModule ; Modulus
MODEMModulator Demodulator
MOHLLMachine Oriented High Level Language
MOLAPMultidimensional On-Line Analytical Processing
MOMManufacturing Operations Management ; Message-Oriented Middleware ; Microsoft Office Manager [Microsoft]
MONETMultiwavelength Optical Networking
MOOMUD, Object Oriented [Internet]
MOPMaintenance Operations Protocol
MOPSMillion Operations Per Second
MOSMagneto-Optic Storage ; Mean Opinion Score ; Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFETMetal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOTDMessage Of The Day
MOVMetal Oxide Varistor ; Move
MOVSMove String
MPMassively Parallel (processing) ; Multiple Processors
MP3MPEG Audio Layer 3
.MPAMemo Pad Archive (file name extension) [Palm]
MPCMultimedia Personal Computer ; Multipath Channel
MPCSMission Planning and Control Station (Software)
MPEMultiple Programming Executive [HP]
MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
MPIMessage Passing Interface ; Multiprecision Integer
MPLSMulti Protocol Label Switching [Cisco]
MPMMessage Passing Library [IBM]
MPMDMultiple Processor/Multiple Data
MPOAMulti-Protocol over Asynchronous-Transfer-Mode
MPPMassively Parallel Processing/Processors ; Message Posting Protocol ; Message Processing Program
MPQPMulti-Protocol Quad Port [IBM]
MPRMultipart Repeater ; Multi Protocol Router [Novell]
MPSMultiprocessor Specification
MPTNMulti-Protocol Transport Network
MPTSMulti-Protocol Transport Services
MPUMicroprocessor Unit
MQIMessaging and Queuing Interface [IBM]
MRMagneto Resistive ; Modem Ready
MRAMMagnetic Random Access Memory
MRCFMicrosoft Realtime Compression Format
MRCIMicrosoft Realtime Compression Interface
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRMMost Recently-Used Master
MROMulti-Region Operation
MRPManufacturing Resources Planning ; Materials Requirement Planning
MRPLMain Ring Path Length
MRSMedia Recognition System
MRTMean Repair Time
MRUMaximum Receive Unit
MSMemory System ; Message Store ; Microsecond ; Microsoft Corporation ; Millisecond
MSACMMicrosoft Audio Compression Manager [Microsoft]
MSAUMulti-Station Access Unit
MSAVMicrosoft Anti Virus [Microsoft]
MSBMost Significant Bit
MSBFMean Swaps Between Failures
MSCDEXMicrosoft Compact Disc Extensions [Microsoft]
MSCHAPMicrosoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol [Microsoft]
MSCSMicrosoft Cluster Server [Microsoft]
MSDMass Storage Device ; Most Significant Digit ; Microsoft System Diagnostics [Microsoft]
MSDEMicrosoft Data Engine [Microsoft1]
MSDNMicrosoft Developer Network [Microsoft]
MS-DOSMicrosoft - Disk Operating System [Microsoft]
MSDRMultiplexed Streaming Data Request
MSDSMicrosoft Developer Support [Microsoft]
MSFRMinimum Security Function Requirements [IBM]
.MSGProgram Message (file name extension)
MSIMedium Scale Integration
MSIEMicrosoft Internet Explorer [Microsoft]
MSIMNMicrosoft Internet Mail and News [Microsoft]
MSLMap Specification Library ; Mirrored Server Link
MSMQMicrosoft Message Queue-Server [Microsoft]
MSNMicrosoft Network [Microsoft]
MSOMultiple-Systems Operator
.MSPMicrosoft Paint (file name extension) [Microsoft]
MSRMicrosoft Reserved Partition [Microsoft]
MSRPManufacturer Suggested Retail Price
MSSMass Storage System ; Multiprotocol Switched Services [IBM]
MSTSMicrosoft Terminal Server [Microsoft]
MSWMachine Status Word
MSXMLMicrosoft XML [Microsoft]
MTAMessage Transfer Agent ; Multimedia Terminal Adapter ; Multiple Terminal Access
MTBBMean Time Between Breakdowns
MTBFMean Time Between Failures
MTBJMean Time Between Jams
MTFMicrosoft Tape Format [Microsoft] ; Modulation Transfer Function
MTHMemory Translator Hub
MTRPMaximum Transfer Rate Performance
MTSMessage Transfer Service/System ; Microsoft Transaction Server [Microsoft] ; Multichannel Television Sound
MTSTMagnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter [IBM]
MTTMulti-Transaction Timer
MTTDMean Time To Diagnose
MTTFMean Time To Failure
MTTRMean Time To Repair
MTUMaximum Transmission Unit
MUAMail User Agent
MUDMulti-User Dialogue/Dimension/Domain/Dungeon [Internet]
MUGMultiuser Game
MULTICSMultiplexed Information and Computing Service
MUMPSMassachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System (Programming Language)
MUSEMulti-User Shared Environment
.MUSEUMMuseums (Domain Name) [Internet]
MUSICMultiparty Multimedia Session Control
MUTMonitor Under Test
MVBMultimedia Viewer Book
MVCMultimedia Viewer Compiler
MVDMultivalued Dependencies
MVDMMultiple Virtual DOS Machines
MVGAMonochrome Video Graphics Array
MVIPMulti-Vendor Integration Protocol
MVPMultimedia Video Processor
MVSMultiple Virtual Storage
MVTMultiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks
MXMail Exchanger [Internet]
MXSMicrosoft Exchange Server [Microsoft]
MZRMultiple Zone Recording
NACNetwork Adapter Card
NACDNational Association of Computer Dealers
NACSNational Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NAENot Above or Equal
NAKNegative Acknowledgment
NALNovell Application Launcher [Novell]
NAMNumber Assignment Module
.NAMENames-Individuals (Domain Name) [Internet]
NAMPSNarrow-Band Analog Mobile Phone Service [Motorola]
NANOOne thousand-millionth
NAPNetwork Access Point
NAPLPSNorth American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax (graphics)
NASNetwork Access Server ; Network Application Support [DEC] ; Network Attached Storage
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDAQNational Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation
NASINetWare Asynchronous Services Interface [Novell]
NASIRCNASA Automated Systems Internet Response Capability
NASKERNASA Ames Kernel (benchmark)
NATNetwork Adddress Translators
NAUNetwork Addressable Unit
NAVSTARNavigation Satellite Timing and Ranging
NAWSNegotiate About Window Size
NBENot Below or Equal
NBINothing But Initials
NBMANon-Broadcast Multi Access
NBSNarrowband Socket ; National Bureau of Standards ; Numeric Backspace
NCNetwork Computer ; No Carry ; Numerical Control
NCANetwork Communications Adapter ; Network Computing Architecture [Oracle]
NCCNetwork Control Center
NCDNetwork Computing Device
.NCFNetware Command File [Novell]
NCGANational Computer Graphics Association
NCICNational Crime Information Center
NCMTNumerical Control for Machine Tools
NCOSNetwork Computer Operating System
NCPNetWare Core Protocol ; Not Copy Protected ; Network Control Processor/Program/Protocol
NCRNational Cash Register (Company)
NCSANational Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCSCNational Computer Security Center
NCSINetwork Communications Services Interface [Network Products Corp.]
NDBNon-Directional Beacon
NDDKNetwork Device Development Kid [Microsoft]
NDEFNot to be Defined
NDISNetwork Device/Driver Interface Specification
NDLNetwork Data Language
NDMPNetwork Data Management Protocol
NDNNon-Delivery Notice
NDPNumeric Data Processor
NDRNetwork Data Representation
NDRONon-Destructive Read Out
NDSNetWare Directory Service [Novell]
.NDXIndex (file name extension)
NECNippon Electric Company
NEDNASA Extragalactic Database [NASA]
NEGNegative ; Negate
NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEPNetwork Entry Point
NESNational Education Supercomputer
NESTNovell Embedded Systems Technology [Novell]
.NETNetworks (Domain Name) [Internet]
NetBIOSNetwork Basic Input/Output System [IBM]
NetBEUINetBIOS Extended User Interface [IBM]
NETMONNetwork Monitor
.NEWNew Information (file name extension)
NEWSNetWare Early Warning System [Frye Computer] ; Network Extensible Window System
NEWS.Current events [USENET Newsgroup Category]
NEXTNear-End Crosstalk
NFFNo Fault Found
NFSNetwork File System [Sun]
NGNo Good
NGENot Greater or Equal
NGINext-Generation Internet
NHCNational Hurricane Center
NHRNational Handwriting Recognition
NHRPNext Hop Resolution Protocol
NIANext Instruction Address
NICNetwork Information Center [Internet] ; Network Interface Card ; Numeric Intensive Computing
NICOLASNetwork Information Center OnLine Aid System [NASA]
NIDNew Interactive Display [NEC] ; Next ID
NIINational Information Infrastructure
NIMNetwork Installation Management [IBM]
NIMHNickel-Metal Hydride
NIONative Input/Output
NIPSNetwork I/Os Per Second
NIRNetwork Information Retrieval
NISNetwork Information Service [Unix]
N-ISDNNarrowband ISDN ; National ISDN
NISONational Information Standards Organization
NISPNetworked Information Services Project
NISTNational Institute for Standards and Technology
NITCNational Information Technology Center
NIUNetwork Interface Unit
NJENetwork Job Entry (protocol) [IBM]
NLNew Line
NLBNetwork Load Balancing [Microsoft]
NLENot Less or Equal
NLMNetWare Loadable Module [Netware]
NLPNatural-Language Processing
NLQNear Letter Quality
NLSFUNCNational Language Support Function
NLVNational Language Version [IBM]
NMINon-Maskable Interrupt
NMMNetWare Management Map [NetWare]
NMOSNegative Channel Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
NMPNetwork Management Protocol [AT&T]
NMSNetwork Management System [Novell]
NNNetwork Node ; No News [Internet]
NNINetwork to Network Interface
NNMNetwork Node Manager
NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol [Internet]
NOCNetwork Operations Center
.NOMIndividual with Personal Site (Domain Mame) [Internet]
NOPNo Operation
NOSNetwork Operating System
NPANetwork Printer Alliance ; Numbering Plan Area
NPINetwork Printer Interface
NPLNonprocedural Language
NPSNovell Productivity Specialist [Novell]
NPTNon-Programmable Terminal
NPTNNational Public Telecomputing Network
NPUNatural Processing Unit
NPXNumeric Processor Extension
NQSNetwork Queuing System [Cray]
NRCNational Research Council (Canada)
NRENNational Research and Education Network
NRMNetwork Resource Manager
NRZNot Return to Zero
NRZINon Return to Zero Inverted
NSNanosecond (one-billionth of a second) ; National Semiconductor (as in Ns16550 UART) ; Network Supervisor ; Non Stop
NSAPNetwork Service Access Point
NSAPINetscape Server API [Netscape]
NSA POLYNational Security Agency Polygraph
NSERCNational Sciences and Engineering Research Council
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSFNETNational Science Foundation Network
NSINASA Science Internet
NSLOOKUPName Server Lookup [Unix]
NSMNetscape Server Manager [Netscape]
NSPNative Signal Processing [Intel] ; Network Service Provider
NSSCNASA Standard Spacecraft Computer
NSTCNational Science and Technology Council
NSTLNational Software Testing Labs
NTNew Technology [Microsoft]
NT-1Network Terminator Type 1
NTASNT Advanced Server [Microsoft]
NTFNo Trouble Found
NTFSNew Technology File System [Microsoft]
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTISNational Technical Information Service
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
NTRASNT Remote Access Services [Microsoft]
NTSANetWare Telephony Services Architecture [Novell]
NTSCNational Television Standards Committee
NTUNetwork Termination Unit
NUINetwork User Identification ; Network User Interface ; Notebook User Interface [Go Corporation]
NULNull ; (dummy device) ; (no device)
NUMANon-Uniform Memory Access
NVNo Overflow
NVMNon-Volatile Memory
NVODNear-Video On Demand
NVPNominal Velocity of Propagation
NVRAMNon-Volatile Random Access Memory
NVTNetwork Virtual Terminal ; Novell Virtual Terminal [Novell]
NWSNetWare Web Server [Netware]
OABOne-to-All Broadcast
OADOpen Architecture Driver [Bernoulli]
OAGOfficial Airline Guide ; Online Air Guide
OAIOpen Applications Interface
OASOne-to-All Scatter
OBDOn Board Diagnostics
OBEXObject Exchange [Borland]
OCOptical Carrier
OCEOpen Collaborative Environment [Apple]
OCFObject Components Framework [Borland]
OCLObject Constraint Language ; Operation Control Language ; Operator Control Language
OCROptical Character Recognition
OCSOn-Card Sequencer
OCXOLE Custom Control
ODAOpen Document Architecture
ODAPIOpen Database Application Programming Interface [Borland]
ODBCObject-Oriented Database Connectivity ; Open Data Base Connectivity [Microsoft]
ODBMSObject-Oriented Database Management System
ODIOpen Datalink Interface [Novell] ; Open Device Interconnect [NetWare]
ODIFOpen Document Interchange Format
ODLObject Definition Language
ODMObject Data Manager [IBM] ; Optimized Distribution Model [Compaq]
ODMAOpen Document Management API
ODPOpen Distributed Processing
ODSOpen Data Services [Microsoft] ; Operational Data Store
ODSIOpen Directory Service Interface [Microsoft]
ODTOpen Desktop
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OEPOperand Execution Pipeline
OFOverflow Flag
OFBOutput Feedback (mode)
OFDMOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFMTOutput Format for Numbers
OFSObject File System [Microsoft] ; Output Field Separator
OFXOpen Financial Exchange
OHOff Hook
OHCIOpen Host Controller Interface
OIDLObject Interface Definition Language
OISOffice Information System
OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
OLCPOnline Complex Processing
.OLDOld version (file name extension)
OLEObject Linking and Embedding [Microsoft]
OLEDOrganic Light Emitting Diode
OLGAOnline Guitar Archive
OLIOptical Line Interface [AT&T]
OLMCOutput Logic Macrocell
OLSPOnline Service Provider
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
OMObject Manager
OMAObject Management Architecture [Microsoft]
OMEOpen Messaging Environment (protocol)
OMFObject Module Format [Microsoft] ; Open Media Framework ; Open Message Format
OMGObject Management Group
OMIOpen Messaging Interface [Lotus]
OMLObject Manipulation Language
OMROptical Mark Recognition
ONCOpen Network Computing [Sun]
ONDSOpen Network Distribution Services [IBM]
ONEOpen Network Environment [Netscape]
ONMSOpen Network Management System
ONUOptical Network Unit
OOADObject-Oriented Analysis and Design
OOBOut Of Band
OODBObject-Oriented Database
OODMSObject-Oriented Database Management System (also see ODBMS)
OOLObject-Oriented Language
OOOSObject-Oriented Operating System
OOPLObject-Oriented Programming Language
OOPSObject Oriented Programming and Systems
OOSObject-Oriented Systems ; Off-line Operating Simulator
OOTObject-Oriented Technology
OOUIObject Oriented User Interface
OPOperation ; Optical ; Output
OPACOnline Public Access Catalog [Internet]
OPCOrganic/Optical Photoconductor
OPCODEOperational Code
OPIOpen Prepress Interface
OPMOperations Per Minute
OPSOpen Profiling Standard ; Oracle Parallel Server [Oracle]
OPTOpen Protocol Technology
.OPTOptions (file name extension)
OPUSOctal Program Updating System
OQLObject Query Language
ORACLEOn-Line Inquiry and Report Generator (UNIX DB program)
ORBObject Request Broker [Microsoft]
ORDVACOrdnance Variable Automatic Computer
.ORGNon-Profit Organizations (Domain name) [Internet]
ORIOnline Retrieval Interface
.ORIOriginal (file name extension)
OROMOptical Read-Only Memory
ORSOutput Record Separator
OSOperating System
OS/2Operating System/2 [IBM]
OSAOpen Scripting/System Architecture
OSDOn Screen Display ; Open Software Description/Distribution
OSEOffice Server Extensions [Microsoft]
OS/EOperating System/Environment
OSFOpen Software Foundation
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSMOff-Screen Model
OSPOn-Screen Programming ; Optical Storage Processor
OSPFOpen Shortest Path First
OSQLObject Structured Query Language
OSR2OEM Service Release 2 [Microsoft]
OSSOpen Source Software
OTObject Technology
OTAOperation-Triggered Architecture
OTDROptical Time Domain Reflectometer
OTFOpen Token Foundation
OTIObject Technology International [IBM]
OTPOne-Time Programmable
OUIOrganizational Unique Identifier
OURSOpen Users Recommended Solutions
.OUTOutlines (file name extension)
OUTSOutput String
OVALObject-Based Virtual Application Language [Psion]
.OVLProgram Overlay (file name extension)
.OVRProgram Overlay (file name extension)
OWLObject/Open Windows Library [Borland]
P3PPlatform for Privacy Preferences Project
PABPersonal Address Book
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
PACEPriority Access Control Enabled [3Com]
PACSPicture Archiving and Communication System
PACS-LPublic Access Computer Systems List [Internet]
PADPacket Assembler/Disassembler
PADSPen Application Development System [Slate Corporation]
PAIHPublic-Access Internet Host [Internet]
PAISPublic-Access Internet Site [Internet]
.PAKPacked (compressed file name extension) [NoGate Consulting]
PALParadox Applications Language [Borland] ; Phase Alternating Line ; Programmed Array Logic ; Programming Assembly Language
.PALPalette (file name extension)
PALCPlasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal (display)
PALSPrinciples of the Alphabet Literacy System
PAMPluggable Authentication Module (library) ; Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PANPersonal Area Network [GTE]
PAPPacket-level Procedure ; Password Authentication Protocol ; Printer Access Protocol
PARPersonal Animation Recorder ; Parallel
PARCPalo Alto Research Center [XEROX]
PA-RISCPrecision Architecture-RISC [HP]
.PASPASCAL source code (file name extension)
PASCAL(Programming Language named for Blaise Pascal)
PATPort Address Translation
.PATPatch ; Pattern (file name extensions)
PATNPromotional Port Access Telephone Number
PAXPortable Archive Exchange [Unix]
PBPetabyte (1,024 terabytes) (One Million Billion characters of information)
PBAPrinted Board Assembly
PBCPlain-Text Block Chaining
PBEPrompt By Example
PBGAPlastic Ball Grid Array
PBRPolicy-Based Routing [Cisco]
PBXPrivate Branch Exchange
PCPersonal Computer ; Printed Circuit ; Program Counter
PCACIASPersonal Computer Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System
PCBPrinted Circuit Board ; Program Control Block
PCBCPlain/Propagating Cipher Block Chaining
PCDPhoto Compact Disk
PC-DOSPersonal Computer - Disk Operating System [IBM]
PCEBPCI to EISA Bridge [Intel]
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect/Interface
PCICPC-Card Interrupt Controller
PC-I/OProgram Controlled I/O
PCLPrinter Command Language [HP] ; Process Control Language
PCMPersonal Computer Manufacturer ; Printer Cartridge Metric [HP] ; Pulse Code Modulation
PCMAPaired Carrier Multiple Access
PCMCPCI, Cache, Memory Controller [Intel]
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCMIMPersonal Computer Media Interface Module
PCNPersonal Computer Network
PCNFSPersonal Computer Network File System
PCOPoint of Control and Observation
PCSPatchable Control Store ; Personal Communication Services/System ; Personal Conferencing Specification ; Planning Control Sheet ; Print Contrast Signal ; Process Control Systems ; Program Counter Store ; Project Control System
PCTPrivate Communications Technology
.PCTPicture (file name extension)
.PCXPicture Image (file name extension)
PDPhase-Change Dual ; Public Domain
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
.PDBPalm Database (file name extension)
PDCPrimary Domain Controller
PDDPhysical Device Driver ; Portable Digital Document
PDFPackage Definition File ; Portable Document Format ; Portable Document File ; Processor Defined Function ; Program Development Facility
.PDFPrinter Description (file name extension)[Borland,Lotus]
PDHPlesiosynchronous Digital Hierarchy
PDIALPublic Dialup Internet Access List [Internet]
PDLPage Description Language ; Program Description Language ; Program Design Language
PDMProduct Data Management
PDNPublic Data Network
PDOPortable Distributed Objects [Next]
PDPParallel Data Processing ; Plasma Display Panel ; Progammable Data Processor ; (DEC Computer System Designation, i.e. PDP-8, PDP-11)
PDSPacket Driver Specification ; Partitioned Data Set ; Planetary Data System ; Portable Document Software ; Processor Direct Slot [Macintosh]
PDSSPost Development and Software Support
PDTPerformance Diagnostic Tool [IBM] ; Programmable Drive Table
PDUPlug Distribution Unit ; Protocol Data Unit
.PDXParadox files (file name extension) [Borland] ; Printer Description Extension (file name extension)
PEParity Even ; Processing Element ; Protect Enable
PEAPocket Ethernet Adapter
PELPicture Element [IBM]
PEMPrivacy-Enhanced Mail [Internet]
PEN SDKPen Computing Software Development Kit
PEPPacket Exchange Protocol ; Packetized Ensemble Protocol [Telebit]
PERCPower Edge RAID Controller
PERLPractical Extraction and Report Language [Unix]
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Technique
PESPositioning Error Signal ; Processor Enhancement Socket Processor Upgrade Socket
PETPrint Enhancement Technology [Compaq]
.PFBPrinter Font Binary (file name extension)
PFEProgrammer's File Editor
.PFMPrinter Font Metrics (file name extension) [Windows]
PFNPage Fame Number
PFRPortable Font Resource ; Power-Fail Restart
PGAPin Grid Array ; Professional Graphics Adapter [IBM]
PGCProgram Group Control [Microsoft]
PGDNPage Down
.PGLGraphics (file name extension) [Hewlett-Packard]
PGMLPrecision Graphics Markup Language
PGPPretty Good Privacy (name of encryption program)
.PGPProGram Parameter (file name extension) [AutoCAD]
PHFPerfect Hash Function
PHIGSProgrammers' Hierarchical Interactive Graphics Standards
.PHOPhone List (file name extension)
PHPPersonal Home Pages (original name of this programming language, now known as PHP Hypertext Preprocessor)
PHSPersonal Handyphone System
PIProgram Interruption
PIAPeripheral Interface Adapter
PICPersonal Information Carrier ; Personal Intelligent Communicator ; Platform for Internet Content ; Priority Interrupt Controller ; Program Interrupt Controller
PICSPlatform for Internet Content Selection [W3C]
PIDProcess Identification Number ; Product ID ; Proportional, Integral, Derivative
PIERProcedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering
PIFPicture Interchange Format File ; Program Information File
PIIProgram Integrated Information
PILOTProgrammed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching
PilotACEPilot Automatic Computing Engine
PIMPersonal Information Manager ; Primary Interface Module ; Protocol-Independent Multicast
PINPersonal Identification Number ; Process Identification Number [Unix]
PINEPine Is Not Elm (original usage) ; Program for Internet News & Email (present usage)
PINGPacket Internet Groper
PIOParallel Input/Output ; Processor Input/Output ; Programmed Input/Output
PIPPattern and Information Processing ; Picture In Picture ; Problem Isolation Procedure ; Programmable Interconnect Point
PIPOParallel In, Parallel Out
PIRProtocol Independent Routing
PITProgrammable Interval Timer
PIXELPicture Element
PJPEGProgressive JPEG
PKPrimary Key
PKCPublic Key Cryptography
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
.PLPearl Language (file name extension)
PLAProgrammable Logic-Array
PLATOProgrammed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PLCCPlastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLDProgrammable Logic Device
PLDSPilot Land Data System [NASA]
PLLPhase Locked Loop
.PLLPrelinked Library (file name extension) [Clipper]
PL/MProgramming Language for Micros
PLSPrimary Link Station
PLVProduction Level Video
PL/1* Programming Language One
PMPresentation Manager [IBM] ; Preventative Maintenance ; Process Manager
.PM6PageMaker 6 (file name extension) [Corel]
P-MAILPaper Mail
PMDPacket Mode Data
PMMUPaged Memory Management Unit
PMOSPositive Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMRProblem Management Report [IBM]
PMSPolicy Management System
PNProcessing Node
P/N:Part Number
PNAProgrammable Network Access
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PNNIPrivate Network-to-Network Interface
PNPPlug And Play
POParity Odd
POAPortable Object Adapter
POCPoint Of Contact
POC-ITPoint Of Care-Information Technology [Johns Hopkins]
PODPiece Of Data ; Plain Old Documentation [Perl] ; Plain Old Dos ; Publishing On Demand
POEPower Open Environment
POHPower-On Hours
POLProblem Oriented Language
POPPoint Of Presence ; Pop from Stack ; Post Office Protocol
POP3Post Office Protocol, Version 3
POPAPop All Registers
POPFPop Flags
POSPacket Over Sonet ; Point Of Sale ; Positive ; Programmable Object Select
POSEPalm Operating System Emulator
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface for Unix
POSTPower-On Self Test
POSTNETPostal Numeric Encoding Technique (bar code)
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service ; Plain Old Time-Sharing
POWERPerformance Optimization with Enhanced RISC [IBM]
PowerPCPerformance Optimization with Enhanced RISC-Performance Computing
PPParallel Port
P2PPeer To Peer ; People To People
P3PPlatform for Privacy Preferences
PPAPixel Processing Accelerator
.PPDPostScript Printer Description (file name extension)
PPDSPersonal Printer Data Stream [IBM]
PPGAPlastic Pin Grid Array
PPIPrecise Pixel Interpolation
PPMPages Per Minute
PPPPoint-to-Point Protocol [Internet]
PPPOEPoint-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet
PPSPackets Per Second ; Power Personal Systems [IBM]
PPTPPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol [Microsoft]
PQAPalm Query Application
PQFPPlastic Quad Flat Pack
PQOParallel Query Option
PRACSAPublic Remote Access Computer Standards Association
PRAMParallel Random-Access Machine ; Parameter/Programmable Random Access Memory
.PRCPilot Resource (file name extension) [Palm Pilot]
.PRDPrinter Driver (file name extension) [Microsoft]
PREPreformatted [HTML]
PREPPower PC Reference Platform [IBM/Motorola]
PRFPulse Repetition Frequency
.PRFPreferences (file name extension) [Grammatik IV]
.PRGProgram (file name extension)
PRIPrimary-Rate Interface
PRINTFPrint with Formatting [C Programming Language]
PRISMPhoto-Refractive Information Storage Material
.PRJProject (file name extension) [Borland]
PRMDPrivate Management Domain [X.400]
PRMLPartial-Response Maximum-Likelihood
.PROProfessionals (Domain Name) [Internet] ; Profile (file name extension)
PROFSProfessional Office System [IBM]
PROGProgram ; Programmer
PROLOGProgramming In Logic (Programming Language)(See HLL)
PROMProgrammable Read Only Memory
.PRSPrinter (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
PRTSCPrint Screen
PRVPeak Reverse Voltage
PSProportional Spacing
.PSPostScript (file name extension)
PS/2Programming System 2 [IBM]
PSAPIPresentation Space Application Programming Interface
PSCPersonal Super Computer ; Print Server Command ; Product Service Center
PSDNPacket-Switched Data Network
PSDSPacket-Switched Data Service
PSERVERPrint Server [NetWare]
PSFPermanent Swap File
PSIDPostScript Image Data
PSINET(formerly Performance Systems International)
PSMPrinting Systems Manager
PSNPacket Switching Network ; Processor Serial Number
PSPPersonal Software Products (group) [IBM] ; Program Segment Prefix
PSPDNPacket-Switched Public Data Network
PSRAMPseudo-Static Random Access Memory
PSRTPostScript Round Table [GEnie]
PSSProcess Status Structure
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
PSUPower Supply Unit
PSWProgram Status Word
.ps.ZCompressed PostScript (file name extension) [Unix]
PTPage Table
P/TPart Time
PTDParallel Transfer Disk Drive
PTEPage Table Entry
PTFProblem Temporary/Trouble Fix [IBM]
PTHPlated Through Hole
PTIPacket Type Identifier
PTTPostal Telephone & Telegaph
PUBPublic (directory) [Internet] ; Publish
.PUBPublication (file name extension) [Ventura]
PUNPhysical Unit Number
PUPPARC Universal Packet (protocol)
PURLPersistent URL
PUSProcessor Upgrade Socket
PUSHAPush All Registers
PUSHFPush Flags
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit ; Polyvinyl Chloride
PVMParallel Virtual Machine ; Pass-through Virtual Machine (protocol) [IBM]
PVPParallel Vector Processing
PVSParallel Visualization Server
PWBPrinted Wire Board ; Programmer's Workbench [Microsoft]
PWDPrint Working Directory [Unix]
PWSCSProgrammable Workstation Communication Services [IBM]
.PXPrimary Index (file name extension) [Paradox]
QAQuality Assurance
QAMQuadrature Amplitude Modulation
QBEQuery By Example
QBFQuery by Form
QBICQuery By Image Content [IBM]
QCQuality Control
QDAQualitative Data Analysis
QDOSQuick and Dirty Operating System
.QDIQuicken Dictionary (file name extension) [Intuit]
.QDTQuicken Data (file name extension) [Intuit]
QEMMQuarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager [Quarterdeck Corp.]
QFAQuick File Access
QFEQuick-Fix Engineering [Microsoft]
QFPQuad Flat Pack
QICQuality Information Using Cycle Time [Hewlett-Packard] ; Quarter-Inch Cartridge
.QIFQuicken Import File/Interchange Format (file name extension)
.QMTQuicken Memorized List (file name extension) [Intuit]
.QNXQuicken Indexes to Data (file name extension) [Intuit]
QOSQuality Of Service
QPGQuantum Phase Gate
QPSKQuadrature Phase Shift Keying
QSAMQueued Sequential Access Method
QTCQuicktime Conferencing [Macintosh]
RARemote Assistance ; Return Authorization
.RAReal Audio (file name extension)
RACFResource Access Control Facility
RADRapid Application Development
RADARRadio Detection And Ranging ; Rights, Availabilities, Distribution Analysis and Reporting [Disney]
RADBRouting Arbiter Data Base
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RADSLRate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
RAGRow Address Generator
RAIDRedundant Arrays of Independent Disks ; Redundant Arrays of Independent Drives ; Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
RAISRedundant Arrays of Inexpensive Systems
RALURegister Arithmetic Logic Unit
RAMRandom Access Memory
.RAMReal Audio Metafile (file name extension)
RAMDACRandom Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter [Sierra]
RAMPRemote Access Maintenance Protocol [Internet]
RANRadio Access Network
RAPRapid Application Prototyping
RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol
RASRandom Access Storage ; Reader Admission System [British Library] ; Reliability, Availability and Serviceability ; Remote Access Service ; Row Address Select
RASAPIRemote Access Service Application Programming Interface [Microsoft]
.RATRating (file name extension)
RAVERendering Acceleration Virtual Engine [Apple Computer]
.RAWRaw Data (file name extension)
RBRight Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)
RBBSRemote Bulletin Board System
RBCSRemote Bar Code System
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
.RCResource (file name extension)
RCLRotate Carry Left
RCPRemote Control Panel ; Remote Copy [Internet] ; Restore Cursor Position
RCRRotate Carry Right
RCSRecords Communications Switching System ; Revision Control System [Unix]
RDReceive Data ; Remove Directory
R&DResearch and Development
RDARemote Database Access
RDBReceive Data Buffer ; Relational Database
RDBMSRelational Database Management System
RDCLKReceived Timing Clock
RDFResource Description Framework [W3C]
RDNRelative Distinguished Name
RDORemote Data Object
RDPReliable Datagram Protocol ; Remote Desktop Protocol
RDR Remote Data Recovery
RDSRReceiver Data Service Request
RDTOReceive Data Transfer Offset [IBM]
RDXRealistic Display Mixer
.RECRecorder (file name extension) ; Recreational or Entertainment Activities (Domain Name) [Internet]
REC.Recreation [USENET Newsgroup Category]
.REFReference (file name extension)
REGALRigid Epoxy Glass Acrylic Laminate
RELSECTRelative Sector
REMRemark ; Remote ; Ring Error Monitor
RENRename ; Ringer Equivalence Number
REPERepeat while Equal
REPNERepeat while Not Equal
REPNZRepeat while Not Zero
REPZRepeat while Zero
RESRemote Execution Service ; Reset ; Resolution
.RESResource (file name extension)
RETResolution Enhancement Technology [HP] ; Return
REXRelocatable Executable
REXECRemote Execution
REXXRestructured Extended Executor (language) [IBM]
RFRadio Frequency
RFCRequest For Comments [Internet]
RFDRequest for Discussion [Internet]
RFIRadio Frequency Interference ; Request for Information
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFQRequest for Quotation
RFSRemote File Sharing ; Remote File System
RFTRevisable Form Text ; Rich Text Format
RFUReserved For Future Use
RGBRed-Green-Blue (color model)
RIReferential Integrity ; Ring Indicate
RIDRelative Identifier
RIFFResource Interchange File Format [Microsoft]
RIMRemote Installation and Maintenance [Microsoft]
RIMERelayNet International Message Exchange
RIPRaster Image Processor ; Remote Imaging Protocol ; Routing Information Protocol [Novell]
RIPEMRiordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail
RIPSRaster Image Processing System
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computing
RITRaw Input Thread [Microsoft]
RJERemote Job Entry
RLDReceived Line Detect
RLERun Length Encoded
RLLRun Length Limited
RLNRemote LAN Node [DCA]
RLOGINRemote Login
RLSDReceived Line Signal Detected
RLSIRidiculously Large-Scale Integration
RMReset Mode
RMAReturn Material Authorization ; Return to Manufacturer Authorization
RMBRight Mouse Button
RMDIRRemove Directory
RMIRemote Messaging Interface ; Remote Method Invocation [Sun]
RMONRemote Monitor/Monitoring
RMPRemote Maintenance Processor [IBM]
RMSRecord Management Services ; Root Mean Square
RNRead News [Internet]
RNARemote Network Access [Microsoft]
RNCRadio Network Controller
RNGRandom Number Generator
RNPRegional Network Provider
R-ORead Only
ROBReorder Buffer [Intel]
ROIReturn On Investment
ROLRotate Left
ROLAPRelational On-Line Analytical Processing
ROMRead Only Memory
ROOMReal-Time Object-Oriented Modeling
ROPRaster Operation ; RISC Operation
ROPESRapid Object-Orientation Process for Embedded Systems
RORRotate Right
ROSRead-Only Storage [IBM]
ROSCOERemote Operating System Conversational Online Environment
ROTRunning Object Table
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RPGReport Program Generator (Programming Language)
RPLResident Programming Language ; Requested Privilege Level
RPNReal Page Number ; Reverse Polish Notation
RPRINTERRemote Printer [NetWare]
RPPROMReprogrammable PROM
RPRRelative Performance Rating
RPQRequest for Price Quotation
RQBERelational Query By Example [Fox Pro]
RRReal Reality
RRPRecommended Retail Price
RSRadio Shack ; Recommended Standard (as in RS-232) [EIA] ; Record Separator ; Request to Send
RSA129(129 digit cryptographic security number named after its inventors: Drs. Ronald L. Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard M. Adleman)
RSACRecreational Software Advisory Council
RSCSRemote Spooling Communications System
RSDRoute Server Daemon
RSHRemote Shell
RSIRepetitive Strain Injury (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
RSLRequest-and-Status Link
RSPRequired Space Character
RSPXRemote Sequenced Packet Exchange
RSTReset ; Restart
RSTSResource Sharing Time Sharing [Digital]
RSVPResource Reservation Protocol
RSXRealistic Sound Experience ; Real Time Resource Sharing Executive
RTReal Time ; RISC Technology ; Run Time
RTAMRemote Terminal Access Method
RTCReal-Time Clock
RTDMReal-Time Data Migration
RTELReverse Telnet [Internet]
RTFRich Text Format
RTLRaster Transfer Language ; Register Transfer Language/Level ; Resistor Transistor Logic ; Right-To-Left ; Run Time Library
RTMResponse Time Monitor ; Runtime Manager [Borland]
RTMPRouting Table Maintenance Protocol
RTNReuters Transaction Network
RTOSReal-Time Operating System
RTPRapid Transport Protocol ; Real Time Protocol ; Real-Time Transport Protocol
RTSRemote Takeover System ; Request To Send
RTSPReal-Time Streaming Protocol
RTTIRuntime Type Information
RTTYRadio Teletypewriter (Communications)
RTVReal Time Video
RTXRun Time Extension
RUNRewind/Unload [IBM]
RVARelative Virtual Address
RVIReverse Interrupt
RWINReceive Window
RWMRead-Write Memory
RXDReceive Data
SASelective Availability
SAASystems Application Architecture [IBM]
SABRESemi-Automatic Business Research Environment
SACSingle Attachment Concentrator
SACDSuper Audio Compact Disk
SACLSystem Access Control List
SADLSynchronous Data Link Control [Racal-Vadic]
SAINTSymbolic Automatic Integrator
SALShift Arithmetic Left ; Spatial Aggregation Language
SAMSerial Access Memory ; Sequential Access Method ; Security Accounts Manager [Microsoft] ; Single Application Mode [Microsoft]
SANStorage/System Area Network
SANEStandard Apple Numeric Environment
SAPSecond Audio Program ; Service Access Point [DEC] Session Announcement Protocol ; Service Advertising Protocol ; Symbolic Assembly Program ; Systems, Applications and Products (company)
SAPISpeech Application Program Interface [Microsoft]
SARSegmentation and Reassembly ; Shift Arithmetic Right ; Specific Absorption Rate Successive Approximation Register ; Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARGSearch Argument
SASSales Accounting System ; Single Attached Station ; Single Audio System ; Statistical Analysis System
SASIShugart Associates System Interface (SCSI originated from SASI)
SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment
SATANSecurity Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
.SAVSaved (file name extension)
SAVDMSingle Application VDM
SAXSimple API for XML
SBSound Blaster [Creative Labs] ; Sound Board
SBAScene Balance Algorithms [Kodak] ; Service Based Architecture
SBASSatellite Based Augmentation System
SBBSubtract With Borrow
SBCSingle-Board Computer
SBCSSingle-Byte Character Set
SBISound Blaster Instrument
.SBRSource Browser (file name extension) [Borland]
SBSSmall Business Server ; Smart Battery Specification [Duracell/Intel]
.SCScript (file name extension)
SCAScalable Computing Architecture [HP]
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCAMSCSI Configuration Automatically
SCASScan String
SCBSubsystem Control Block [IBM]
SCCSerial Communications Controllers ; Serial Controller Chip ; Synchronous Channel Check [IBM]
SCCPSimple Conference Control Protocol
SCCSSource Code Control System
SCDStandard Color Display
S-CDMASynchronous Code-Division Multiple Access
SCFSystem Control Facility
SCIScalable Coherent Interface ; Serial Communications Interface
SCI.Science [USENET Newsgroup Category]
SCILSerial Control Interface Logic
SCLMSoftware Configuration and Library Management [IBM]
SCMService Control Manager ; ScreenCam Format [Lotus] ; Software Configuration Management ; Station Class Mark
SCOSanta Cruz Operation (Software Company) ; Synchronous Connection-Oriented (link)
SCOPESimple Communications Programming Environment [Hayes]
SCPSave Cursor Position ; Subsystem Control Port ; System Control Program
SCRSilicon Controlled Rectifier
.SCRScript (file name extension)
SCRAMSoftware Configuration, Release and Management
SCRNScreen (video display)
SCRSScalable Cluster of RISC Systems
SCSASignal Computing System Architecture [Dialogic]
SCSISmall Computer Systems Interface
SCTPStream Control Transmission Protocol
SDSend Data ; Super Density
SDASoftware Delivery Agent [IBM] ; Software Disk Array ; Source Data Automation ; System Display Architecture [Digital]
SDAMSingle DOS Application Mode
SDBSymbolic Debugger [Unix]
SDDSoftware Description Database [Internet] ; Subscriber Data Document ; System Distribution Directory
SDFSpace Delimited File ; Space Delimited Format
.SDFStandard Data Format (file name extension)
SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDISelective Dissemination of Information ; Single Document Interface ; Software Development Interface [Mosaic]
SDKSoftware Development Kit [Microsoft]
SDLSpecification and Description Language
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control (protocol)
SDMSystem Development Multitasking
SDMISecure Digital Music Initiative/Interface
SDMMCSecure Digital Multi Media Card
SDMSSCSI Device Management System [NCR]
SDNSoftware Defined Network [AT&T]
SDNSSecure Data Network Service
SDRStreaming Data Request
SDRAMSynchronous DRAM
SD-ROMSuper Density ROM
SDSSysops Distribution System
SD_STBStreaming Data Strobe [IBM]
SDTVStandard Definition Television
SDVSwitched Digital Video [AT&T]
SDXStorage Data Acceleration
SDXFStructured Data Exchange Format
SEAStandard Extended Attribute [OS/2]
.SEASelf Extracting Archive (file name extension) [Macintosh]
SEACName of first computer to use transistors, built by (National Bureau of) Standards Eastern Automatic Calculator (Also see SWAC)
SEALSegmentation and Reassembly Layer (protocol) ; Screening External Access Link [Digital-DEC]
SECSingle Error Correction
SECAMSequentiel Couleur Avec Memoire (Sequential Color With Memory)
SECCSingle Edge Contact Cartridge
SEDStream Editor ; Stream-Oriented Editor
SEHStructured Exception Handling
SEMScanning Electron Microscope ; Standard Electronic Module ; Strategic Enterprise Management [SAP]
SEPPSecure Encryption Payment Protocol
SERCOSSerial Real-Time Communications System
SETSecure Electronic Transaction ; Software Engineering Technology
.SETDriver Set (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC] ; Image Settings (file name extension) [Paradox]
SETEXTStructure Enhanced Text [Internet]
SEUSingle Event Upset ; Smallest Executable Unit
SFSign Flag
SFCSystem File Checker
SFDStart Frame Delimiter
SFDRSpurious-Free Dynamic Range
SFNShort File Name
SFQLStructured Full-text Query Language
SFSSystem File Server
SFTSystem Fault Tolerance
SFXSelf Extracting ; Sound Effect(s)
SGAShared Global Area
SGCPSimple Gateway Control Protocol
SGENSignal Generator ; System Generator
SGDTStore Global Descriptor Table
SGISilicon Graphics, Inc.
SGMShaded Graphics Modeling
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
SGRSet Graphics Rendition
SGRAMSynchronous Graphics RAM
S/HSample and Hold
SHASecure Hash Algorithm [NSA]
SHARShell Archive
SHEDSegmented Hypergraphic Editor
SHGSegmented Hypergraphics
SHLShift Logical Left
SHRShift Logical Right
SHTMLServer-Side Include Hypertext Markup Language
S-HTTPSecure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
SHVStandard High-Volume
.SHWShow (file name extension)
SIShift-In ; Source Index ; System Information ; System Integration
SICStandard Industrial Code
SIDSecurity Identifier ; Serial Input Data ; Station Identification [AT&T] ; Symbolic Interactive Debugger ; System ID
SIDFSystem Independent Data Format
SIDHSystem Identification for Home Systems
SIDTStore Interrupt Descriptor Table
SIFTStanford Information Filtering Tool
SIGSpecial Interest Group
SIGCATSpecial Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology
SIMDSingle Instruction, Multiple Data-stream (processor)
SIMMSingle In-line Memory Module
SIMTELSimulation and Teleprocessing
SIMULASimulation (language)
SIOSerial Input/Output (communications driver)
SIPSession Initiation Protocol ; Single In-line Package
SIPCSimply Interactive Personal Computer [Microsoft]
SIPOSerial In, Parallel Out
SIPPSingle In-line Pin Package
SIRSerial Infrared [Hewlett-Packard]
SIRDSSingle-Image Random Dot Stereogram
SISLSystem Interrupt Steering Logic
SISNETSignal In Space Through The Internet
SI/SOSerial In/Serial Out ; Shift In/Shift Out
SITSpecial Information Tones
.SITStuff-It (compressed file name extension) [Macintosh]
SIUSystem Interface Unit
SKIPSimple Key-Management for Internet Protocols [Sun]
SKU#Stock Keeping Unit Number
SLAService Level Agreement
SLBStatic Load Balancing
SLCSubscriber Line Concentrator
SLDSecond-Level Domain (name)
SLDTStore Local Descriptor Table
SLEDSingle Large Expensive Disk
SLICSystem Level Integration Circuit ; System Licensed Internal Code [IBM]
SLIMStructured Language for Internet Markup
SLIPSerial Line Interface Protocol
SLMSpatial Light Modulator
SLMRSilly Little Mail Reader
SLOSHSea, Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricane (program)
SLOTScanned Laser Output Terminal
SLPService Location Protocol
SLSISuper Large-Scale Integration
SLSSSystems Library Subscription Service [IBM]
SLUSpoken Language Understanding
SMSet Mode ; Shared Memory
SMASoftware Migration Assistant [IBM]
SMARTSelf-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
SMBServer Message Block (protocol) [MII]
SMDSurface Mounted Device
SMDRStation Message Detail Recording
SMDSSwitched Multimedia/Multi-Megabit Data Service
SMFSingle Mode Fiber ; System Manager Facility [Compaq]
SMISystem Management Interrupt [Intel]
SMIFStandard Mechanical Interface
SMILSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMITSystem Management Interface Tool [IBM]
SMKSoftware Migration Kit [Microsoft]
SMLStandard Meta Language
SMMSystem Management Mode [Intel]
SMOBCSolder Mask Over Bare Copper
SMPSimple Management Protocol ; Symbolic Manipulation Program ; Symmetrical Multi-Processing ; Symmetric Multiprocessor
.SMPSample (file name extension)
SMPCShared Memory Parallel Computer
SMPSSwitching Mode Power Supply
SMRAMSystem Management Random Access Memory
SMSShort Message Service [Sprint] ; Small Messaging System ; Storage Management Services [NetWare] ; Storage Management Subsystem/System ; Systems Management Server [Microsoft]
SMSWStore Machine Status Word
SMTStation Management (protocol) ; Surface-Mount Technology
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMUSystem Management Utility
SNSerial Number
S/NSignal-to-Noise (Ratio)
SNASystems Network Architecture [IBM]
SNAPSub-Network Access Protocol ; Sub-Network Attachment Point
SNAPIStructured N-Dimensional Application Program Interface [Oracle]
SNEWSSecure News Server [Internet]
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SNOBOLString Oriented Symbolic Language (Programming Language)
SNPSerial Number/Password [Omen Technology]
SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
SOAStart of Authority
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SOCSystem On a Chip
SOC.Social Issues [USENET Newsgroup Category]
SOCKSSocket Secure (server) [Internet]
SO-DIMMSmall Outline DIMM
SOEStandard Operating Environment
SOHStart of Header
SOHOSmall Office/Home Office
SOISilicon-On-Insulator [IBM]
SOJSmall-Outline J-Lead
SOLSimulation Oriented Language
SOMStart of Message ; System Object Model [IBM]
SONARSound Navigation and Ranging
SONETSynchronous Optical Network
SOPSmall Outline Package ; Standard Operating Procedures
SOSSilicon On Sapphire ; Sophisticated Operating System ; Standards and Open Systems
SOTAState Of The Art
SOXSound Exchange
SPService Pack [IBM] ; Stack Pointer ; System Product
SPASecure Password Authentication [Microsoft] ; Software Publishers Association
SPANSpace Physics Analysis Network
SPAPShiva Password Authentification Protocol
SPARCScalable Processor Architecture ; Sun's Palo Alto Research Center
SPCSmall Peripheral Controller ; Statistical Process Control
SPCLSpectrum Cellular Corporation
SPCSStored Program Controlled Switch
SPDSerial Presence Detect
SPECSystems Performance Evaluation Cooperative
SPFShortest Path First ; System Programming Facility
SPGAStaggered Pin-Grid Array
SPISecurity Parameters Index ; Service Provider Interface ; SCSI Parallel Interface ; Stateful Packet Inspection
.SPISpool (file name extension)
SPIDService Profile/Provider Identifier
SPIKEScience Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based Environment [STScI]
SPIRESStanford Public Information Retrieval System [Stanford University]
SPLSpooler ; System Programming Language [HP]
.SPLSpell Checker (file name extension)
SPLDSimple Programmable Logic Device
SPMSystem Performance Monitor [IBM]
SPOOLSimultaneous Peripheral Operations On Line
SPOTShared Product Object Tree [IBM]
SPPSequenced Packet Protocol ; Standard Printer Port
SPPSScalable Power Parallel System [IBM]
SPRSpecial Purpose Register ; Statistical Pattern Recognition ; Symmetrical Phase Recording
SPREADSystems Programming, Research, Engineering and Development [IBM]
SPSSecure Packet Shield ; Shock Protection System ; Standby Power System
SPSSStatistical Package for the Social Sciences
SPTSectors Per Track
SPXSequenced Packet Exchange [Novell]
SQSqueezed (files)
SQESignal Quality Error (test)
SQL/DSStructured Query Language/Data System [IBM]
SQOSSecure Quality Of Service
SQRTSquare Root
SRShift Register
SRAMShadow Random Access Memory ; Static Random Access Memory
SRAPISpeech Recognition API
SRBSource-Route Bridge
SRCSystem Resource Conroller
.SRCSource (file name extension)
SRDScreen Reader System
SRDRAMSelf-Refreshed DRAM
SRGBSustained RGB (values)
SRMSecurity Reference Monitor
SROSharable and Read Only
SRPSuggested Retail Price
.SRPScript (file name extension)
SRPIServer-Requester Programming Interface
SRQService Request
SRRSerially Reusable Resource
SRSSound Retrieval System
SSStack Segment ; Single Sided ; Seconds
SS7Signaling System 7 [Bellcore]
SSASerial Storage Architecture
SSADStructured System Analysis and Design
SSAPSource Service Access Point
SSCPSystems Service Control Point [IBM]
SSDSolid State Disk
SSECSelective Sequence Electronic Calculator [IBM]
SSGASystem Support Gate Array
SSHSecure Shell (protocol)
SSIServer Side Includes ; Single System Image ; Small Scale Integration
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSPISecurity Service Provider Interface [Microsoft]
SSRPSimple Server Redundancy Protocol [Cisco]
SSTSpread-Spectrum Technology ; Systems Services and Technology
STASpanning Tree Algorithm
STARSelf Defining Text Archival
STCSet Carry Flag
STDSet Direction Flag ; Standard
STDAStreetTalk Directory Assistance [Banyan]
STDAUXStandard Auxilary
STDERRStandard Error
STDINStandard Input
STDIO.HStandard Input/Output Header [C Programming Language]
STDMStatistical Time Division Multiplexer
STDOUTStandard Output
STDPRNStandard Printer
STEPStandard for Exchange of Product
.STFStructured File (file name extension) [Lotus Agenda]
STISet Interrupt Flag
S/TKSectors Per Track
STLStandard Template Library
STNSuper-Twist Nematic
.STOREBusinesses Offering Goods (Domain Name) [Internet]
STOSStore String
STPSecure Transfer Protocol ; Shielded Twisted Pair (cable) ; Signal Transfer Point ; Synchronized Transaction Processing
STRStore Task Register ; Synchronous Transmitter Receiver
STRESSStructural Engineering System Solver (Programming Language)
STRUDLStructural Design Language (Programming Language)
STScISpace Telescope Science Institute
STTSecure Transaction Technology [Microsoft]
STXStart of Text
.STYStyle (file name extension) [Ventura, Word, WordPerfect]
SUBSubroutine ; Substitute ; Subtract
SUNSun Microsystems, Inc.
.SUPSupplemental Dictionary (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
SVCSwitched Virtual Circuit
SVFSimple Vector Format
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
SVGASuper Video Graphics Array
SVMSystem Virtual Machine [Microsoft] ; System Volume Management
SVNSwitched Virtual Network [IBM]
SVR#System V Release Number [AT&T]
SWACMobile version of SEAC, built for deployment to White Sands, and named Standards Western Automatic Calculator
SWAISSimple Wide Area Information Server [Internet]
SWAPShared Wireless Access Protocol
SWIGSimplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
SWISHSimple Web Indexing System for Humans
SWPSimple Web Printing
.SWPSwap (file name extension)
.SYLSyllabus (file name extension)
SYLKSymbolic Link
.SYMSymbols (file name extension)
.SYNSynonym (file name extension)
.SYSSystem Configuration (file name extension) ; System Device Driver (file name extension)
SYSADMINSystem Administrator
SYSGENSystem Generator
SYSLOGSystem Log
SYSMODSystem Modification
SYSOPSystem Operator
SYSREQSystem Request
SZSend ZModem [Unix]
TABTape Automated Bonding
TACSTotal Access Communication System
TADTelephone Answering Device
TAGTechnical Advisory Group
TAPTelelocator Alphanumeric Protocol
TAPCISThe Access Program for the CompuServe
TAPITelephony Applications Programming Interface
.tarTape Archive (archived file name extension) [Unix]
.tar.ZCompressed Archived files (file name extension) [Unix]
TASTelephone Access Server
TASMTurbo Assembler [Borland]
TAXITransparent Asynchronous Transceiver/Receiver Interface
TBTerabyte (1,024 gigabytes) (One Thousand Billion characters of information)
T/BTop and Bottom
TBBSThe Bread Board System (BBS)
TBGATape Ball Grid Array
.TBKToolbook (file name extension)
TBUTape Backup Unit
TCTest Control ; Transmission Control
TCLTool Command Language
TCMTrellis-Coded Modulation
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
TCPTape-Carrier Package
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDTransmit Data
.TDATo Do Archive (file name extension) [Palm]
TDCTabular Data Control
TDDTelecommunications Device for the Deaf
TDtoDPTablet Coordinates to Display Coordinates
TDETerminal Display Editor
.TDFTrace Definition File (file name extension) [OS/2] ; Typeface Definition File (file name extension)
TDITransport Device Interface
TDMTechnical Document Management ; Time Division Multiplexing
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDMSTerminal Display Management System
TDPTag Distribution Protocol [Cisco] ; Telelocator Data Protocol
TDSRTransmitter Data Service Request
TDRTime Domain Reflectometry
TE/2Terminal Emulator/2 [Oberon]
TEBThread Environment Block
TECTokyo Electronics Corporation
TEDTiny Editor ; Transient Electromagnetic Device
TEITerminal Endpoint Identifier
TELCOTelephone Company
TEMLTurbo Editor Macro Language [Borland]
TERThermal Eclipse Reading [Sony]
TERMPWRTerminator Power
TFDDText File Device Driver
TFELThin-Film Electroluminescent
.TFMTagged Font Metric (file name extension)
TFTThin-Film Transistor (screens)
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
.TGATarga Bitmap (file name extension)
THDTotal Harmonic Distortion
.THDThread (file name extension)
THINNETThin Ethernet
THOMASThe (U.S.) House (of Representatives) Open Multimedia Access System
THORTandy High-Performance Optical Recording
THRTransmit Holding Register
.THSThesaurus (file name extension)
TITexas Instruments, Inc.
TIATelecommunications Industry Association ; The Internet Adapter [Internet]
TIBTag Information Base
TIDTarget ID
TIESTime Independent Escape Sequence
.TIFTagged Image File (filename extension)
TIFFTagged Image File Format
TIGATexas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIGERTopologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing
TIIAPTelecommunications and Information Infrastructure
TILTech Info Library [Macintosh]
TIMTechnical Information Memo [Compaq]
TIMITechnology Independent Machine Interface [IBM]
TIMSText Information Management Systems
TINATelecommunication Information Networking Architecture
TIPTerminal Interface Processor ; Transaction Internet Protocol
TITOFETTunneling-In, Tunneling-Out Field Effect Transistor
TK/TKTrack to Track
TLAThree-Letter Acronym
TLBTranslation Lookaside Buffer
.TLBTable (file name extension)
TLDTop Level Domain (name)
TLITransport Layer Interface
TLSTransport Layer Security
TLUTable Lookup
.TLXTelex (file name extension)
TMDSTransition Minimized Differential Signaling
.TMLTemplate (file name extension)
TMSTraffic Management System [BA]
TNTwisted Nematic
TNCTerminal Node Controller
TNEFTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNOThe Netherlands Organization
TOCTable Of Contents
TODTime Of Day
TOFTiny Open Firmware
TOPTechnical and Office Protocol
TOSTerms Of Service
TPCTransaction-Processing Performance Council
TPFTransactions Processing Facility [IBM]
TPITracks Per Inch
TPLTable Producing Language ; Transaction Processing Language
TPMTransactions Per Minute
TPORTTwisted Pair Port Transceiver [AT&T]
TP-PMDTwisted Pair-Physical Medium Dependent (cable)
TPSTransactions Per Second ; Transaction Processing System
TPWTurbo Pascal for Windows
TQFPThin Quad Flat Pack
TQMTotal Quality Management
TRTerminal Ready
TRACERTTrace Route [Microsoft]
TRADICTransistorized Airborne Digital Computer (Name of first computer to be entirely transistorized)
.TRMTerminal (file name extension)
TRNThreaded Read News [Internet] ; Token Ring Network
TRONThe Real-Time Operating System Nucleus
TSTop Secret
TSATarget Service Agent ; Technical Support Alliance ; Telephony Services Architecture
TSAPITelephony Services Application Program Interface [AT&T ; Novell]
TSBTermination Status Block
TSDType-Specific Driver
TSEThe Semware Editor
TSIDTransmitting Subscriber Identification [Microsoft]
TSOTime Sharing Option
TSOPThin Small-Outline Package
TSPTelephony Service Provider
TSRTerminate and Stay Resident
TSSTask State Segment ; Time Sharing System
TS/SITop Secret/Sensitive Information
.TSTTest (file name extension)
TSTNTriple Supertwisted Nematic
TSVTab Separated Values
TTTypewriter Text
TTATransport-Triggered Architecture
TTCNTree and Tabular Combined Notation
.TTFTrueType Font (file name extension)
TTLTransistor-Transistor Logic
TTPThermal-Transfer Printing
TTSText-To-Speech ; Transaction Tracking System
TUCOWSThe Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
TUIText-Based User Interface [WordPerfect]
TUMSTable Update and Management System [Stanford University]
.TUTTutorial (file name extension)
TVFTable of contents Verbosely from File [UNIX]
TVFSToronto Virtual File System [IBM]
TVITelevision Interference
TVOLTelevision On-Line
TWAINTechnology Without Any Interesting Name (connection between application and scanner software)
TWEAKUITweak User Interface
TWXTeletypewriter Exchange Service
TXDTransmit Data
.TXFTax Exchange Format (file name extension)
TXT2STFText To Structured File [Lotus Agenda]
TZTime Zone [Unix]
UAUser Agent ; User Area
UAEUnrecoverable Application Error
UAMUser Authentication Method
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UASUser Application Software
UBRUnspecified Bit Rate
.UC2Compressed File (file name extension) [UltraCompressor]
UCEUnsolicited Commercial Email
UCLUniversal Communications Language
UCSUnicode Conversion Support ; Universal Character Set ; User Coordinate System
UCTUniversal Coordinated Time
UDAUniversal Data Access [Microsoft]
UDBUniversal Data Base
UDCUniversal Decimal Classification ; User Defined Commands
UDDUser Data Document
UDDIUniversal Description, Discovery and Integration
UD-DVDUltra-Definition Digital Video Disk
UDEUniversal Data Exchange
UDECUniversal Digital Electronic Computer [Burroughs]
UDFUniversal Disk Format ; User Defined Functions
UDGUser Defined Gateway
UDMAUltra Direct Memory Access
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UDTUniform Data Transfer ; User-Defined Type
UFSUnix File System
UGUser Group
UHCIUniversal Host Controller Interface
UHFUltra-High Frequency
UHLUniversal Hypertext Link
UIUnix International ; User Interface
UICUser Identification Code
UIDUser Identifier
UIMSUser Interface Management System
ULUnderwriters Laboratories ; Unordered List ; Upload
ULAUncommitted Logic Array
ULNUniversal Link Negotiation
ULSIUltra Large Scale Integration
UMAUnified Memory Architecture
UMBUpper Memory Block [LIM/AST]
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UMSUser Mode Scheduler
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System
UNCUniversal Naming Convention ; Uuencoded Netnews Collator [Unix]
UNCOLUniversal Computed Oriented Language
UNEPUnbundled Network Platform
UNIUser-Network Interface
UNICOMUniversal Integrated Communication (System)
UNICOSUniversal Compiler FORTRAN compatible
UNIIUnlicensed National Information Infrastructure
UNIVACUniversal Automatic Computer
UNIX(AT&T Bell Laboratories Operating System)
UNMAUnified Network Management Architecture
UNSPSCUniversal Standard Products and Services Classification
UPCUniversal Product/Program Code ; User Parameter Control
UPLUser Program Language
UPMUnix Programmer's Manual ; User Profile Management [IBM]
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply/System
URCUniform Resource Characteristics ; Uniform Resource Citation
UREPUnix RSCS Emulation Protocol (protocol)
URIUniform Resource Identifier
URLUniform Resource Locator
URNUniform Resource Name/Number
USUnit Separator
USARTUniversal Synchronous-Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USBUniversal Serial Bus [Intel]
USENETUser's Network [Internet]
USERIDUser Identification
USOCUniversal Service Ordering Code
USQUnsqueezed (files)
USRUS Robotics (corporation)
USRTUniversal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USSAUser Supported Software Association (United Kingdom)
UTUser Terminal
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
UTFUnicode Transformation Format
UTIUniversal Text Interchange/Interface
UTPUnshielded Twisted-Pair (cable)
UUCPUnix-To-Unix Copy Protocol
UUDUUDecoding [Unix]
UUDECODEUnix-To-Unix Decoding
UUEUUEncoding [Unix]
UUENCODEUnix-To-Unix Encoding
UUIUser-To-User Information [AT&T]
UUIDUniversal Unique Identifier
UWRUltra Wideband Radio
UXGAUltra Extended Graphics Array
VAVirtual Address ; Visual Age [IBM]
VADValue Added Dealer
VADDValue Added Disk Driver
VAIVideo As Input
VALValue ; Voice Application Language
.VALValidity Checks (file name extension) [Paradox]
VAMVirtual Access Method
VANValue Added Network
VAPValue Added Process
VARValue Added Reseller ; Value Added Retailer ; Variable
VASTVariable Array Storage Technology
VAX/VMSVirtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System [DEC]
VBVariable Block ; Visual Basic [Microsoft]
VBAVisual Basic for Applications [Microsoft]
VBE/AIVesa Bios Extension/Audio Interface
VBIVertical Blanking Interval
VBNSVery High Speed Backbone Network Service [MCI ; NSF]
VBRVariable Bit Rate
VBRUNVisual Basic Runtime
VBSVisual Basic Script
.VBXVisual Basic Extension (file name extension)
VCCVirtual Channel Connection
VCDVideo Compact Disk ; Virtual Communications Driver
VCIVirtual Circuit Identifier
VCLVisual Component Library
VCMVirtual Channel Memory
VCNVirtual Cluster Number
VCOSVisual Caching Operating System [AT&T]
VCPIVirtual Control Program Interface
VCRVideo Cassette Recorder
VDDVirtual Device Driver
VDDMVirtual Device Driver Manager
VDEVideo Display Editor ; Visual Development Environment
VDIVirtual Device Interface
VDISKVirtual Disk
VDMVirtual DOS Machine [IBM]
VDMADVirtual Direct Memory Access Device [Microsoft]
VDSVirtual DMA Services
VDTVideo Dial Tone ; Video Display Terminal
VDUVideo Display Unit ; Visual Display Unit
VEGAVideo-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter [Video-7, Inc.]
VEMMVirtual Expanded Memory Manager
VEMMIVersitile Multimedia Inteface
VERVerify ; Version
VERONICAVery Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-Wide Index to Computer Archives [Internet]
VERRVerify Read Access
VERWVerify Write Access
VESVideo Encoding Standard [Oracle]
VESAVideo Electronics Standards Association
VFVirtual Floppy
VFATVirtual File Allocation Table [Microsoft]
V.FCVersion.First Class (communications standard)
VFDVacuum Fluorescent Display
VFWVideo For Windows [Microsoft]
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VGCVideo Graphics Controller
VHDLVHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHFVery-High Frequency
VHSVery High Speed ; Video Home System ; Virtual Host Storage
VHSICVery High Speed Integrated Circuit
VIVisual Interactive (editor) [UNIX]
VIAVirtual Interface Architecture [Intel]
VIEVirtual Information Environment
VIFVirtual Interface ; Virtual Interrupt Flag
VIMVendor Independent Mail ; Vendor Independent Messaging ; Video Interface Module
VIOVideo Input/Output ; Virtual Input/Output
VINESVirtual Networking System [Banyan]
ViPVisual Programming [Lotus]
VIPVariable Information Processing ; Video Information Provider ; Virtual Interrupt Pending ; Visual Interactive Parser
VIPERVerifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability
VISVideo Information System [Tandy] ; Viewable Image Size ; Visual Instruction Set [Sun] ; Voice Information System
VJ HEADERVan Jacobsen Header (compression) [Unix]
VLAVariable Length Array
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
VL-BUSVesa Local-Bus [VESA]
VLDVariable-Length Decoder
VLFVery Low Frequency
VLINKVisited Link [HTML]
VLIWVery Large Instruction Word
VLMVirtual Loadable Module
VLSIVery Large Scale Integration
VLSIPSVery Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis
VLTVariable List Table
VMVirtual Machine ; Virtual Memory
VMAVirtual Memory Address
VMBVirtual Machine Boot
VMEVersa Module Eurocard ; Virtual Memory Environment
VMLVector Markup Language [Microsoft]
VMMVirtual Machine/Memory Manager
VMOSVertical MOS
VMPVirtual Modem Protocol
VMSVirtual Machine Storage ; Virtual Memory System ; Voice Message System
VMTVirtual Memory Technique
VNAVirtual Network Architecture
VNOSVisual Network Operating System
VOCCreative Voice (format) [Sound Blaster]
VODVideo On Demand
VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocol
VORVisions Of Reality
VOSVerbal/Voice Operating System ; Voice Operated Switch
VPVirtual Path
VPDVirtual Printer Device ; Vital Product Data [IBM]
VPDNVirtual Private Data Network
VPDSVirtual Private Data Service [MCI]
VPEVideo Port Extensions [Microsoft] ; Visual Programming Environment
VPLVirtual Programming Language
VPMVideo Port Manager
VPNVirtual Page Number ; Virtual Private Network
VPSVoice Processing System
VPSCVault, Process, Structure, Configuration
VPTVirtual Print Technology [Dataproducts]
VRVirtual Reality ; Voltage Regulated/Regulator
VRAMVideo Random Access Memory
VRDVirtual Retinal Display
VREVoltage Regulated Extended
VRMVendor Relationship Management ; Voltage Regulator Module
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling Language (originally named Virtual Reality Markup Language)
VROOMMVirtual Real-time Object Oriented Memory Manager [Borland]
VRRPVirtual Router Redundancy Protocol
.VRSWordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
VRTVoltage Regulation Technology [Intel]
VRUVoice Response Unit
VSVirtual Storage
VSAMVideo Surveillance and Monitoring ; Virtual Storage Access Method
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
VSEVirtual Storage Extended
VSFVertical Scanning Frequency
VSIVirtual Socket/Switch Interface
VSIOVirtual Serial Input Output
VSMVirtual Shared Memory ; Virtual Storage Management ; Visual System Management [IBM]
VSNVolume Serial Number
VSOSVirtual Storage Operating System
VSYNCVertical Sync
VTVertical Tab
VTAMVirtual Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]
VTNSVirtual Telecommunications Network Service
VTSVolume Tracking Driver
VUIVideo User Interface
VUPVAX Unit of Performance
VWBVisual WorkBench [Microsoft]
VWMVirtual Window Manager
VXAVariable-Speed Architecture [Ecrix]
VxDVirtual Extended Driver [Microsoft]
.VXDVirtual Device (file name extension) [Microsoft]
VXMLVoice Extensible Markup Language
V&VVerification and Validation
W3AWorld Wide Web Applets
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WAASWide Area Augmentation System
WABIWindows Application Binary Interface [SunSoft]
WAIWeb Accessibility Initiative ; Web Application Interface [Netscape]
WAISWide Area Information Server
WAITSWide Area Information Transfer System
WANWide Area Network
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WARPWeb Service Aggregation, Rely and Propogation
WATSWide Area Telecommunications Service
.WAVWaveform Audio (file name extension)
WBEMWeb-Based Enterprise Management
WCWord Count
WCSWorld Coordinate System
WD-40Water Displacement-40th Attempt
WDLWindows Driver Library [Microsoft]
WDMWavelength Division Multiplexing ; Windows Driver Model [Microsoft]
WDRAMWindows Dynamic Random Access Memory
WEAWeb Enabled Application
.WEBEntities Emphasizing the WWW (Domain Name) [Internet]
WEBNFSWeb Network File System [Sun]
WELLWhole Earth 'Lectronic Link (BBS)
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WFMWired For Management [Intel]
WFQWeighted Fair Queuing [Cisco]
WFWWindows For Workgroups [Microsoft]
WGSWork Group System
WHAMWaveform Hold and Modify [Microsoft]
WHCWorkstation Host Connection
WIMPWindows, Icons, Menus and Pulldowns
WIN 9.XWindows95/Windows98
WINDBGWindows Debugger [Microsoft]
WINEWindows Emulator
WINForumWireless Information Networks Forum
WIN...MEWindows Millennium Edition [Microsoft]
WINSWindows Internet Naming Service [Microsoft]
WIN...SEWindows Second Edition [Microsoft]
WINSOCKWindows Open Systems Architecture [Microsoft] ; Windows Sockets
WINWORDWord For Windows [Microsoft]
WIN...XPWindows The "Experience" [Microsoft]
WISEWordPerfect Information System Environment
WITWeb Interactive Talk [Internet]
.WKBWorkbook (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
.WKEWorksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
.WKQSpreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
.WKSWorksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
.WKZCompressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
.WK1Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
WLWord Line
.WLGDr. Watson Log (file name extension)
WLLWireless Local Loop
.WMAWindows Media Audio (file name extension) [Microsoft]
WMCWorkflow Management Coalition
.WMFWindows Metafile Format (file name extension) [Microsoft]
WMLWireless Markup Language
WMPWindows Media Player [Microsoft]
WMRMWrite Many, Read Many
WMTWindows Media Technologies [Microsoft]
WNICWide-Area Network Interface Co-Processor
WNIMWide-Area Network Interface Module
WORMWrite Once, Read Many
WOSWorkstation Operating System
WOSAWindows Open Services/Systems Architecture [Microsoft]
WOWWindow On Windows [Microsoft]
WPWordPerfect ; Word Processing ; Write Protected
.WPDWindows Printer Description (file name extension)
.WPGWordPerfect Graphics (file name extension)
WPHDWrite-Protect Hard Disk
.WPKKeyboard (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
WPMWords Per Minute
.WPMMacro (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
WPOSWorkplace Operating System
WPSWindows Printing System [Microsoft] ; Workplace Shell [OS2]
WPVMWindows Parallel Virtual Machine
.WQ1Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
.WQ!Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
WRAMWindows Random Access Memory
WREWeighted Random Early Detection [Cisco]
.WRIWrite (file name extension)
WRKWindows Resource Kit [Microsoft]
WSWordStar ; Workstation
WSAPIWeb Site Application Program Interface [O'Reilly]
WSDLWeb Services Definition/Description Language [IBM/Microsoft]
WSHWindows Scripting Host [Microsoft]
WSUIWeb Services User Interface
WTWrite Through
WTLSWireless Transport Layer Security
WTMWired For Management
WWISWorld Wide Information System [Internet]
WWWWorld-Wide Web [Internet]
WYSBYGIWhat You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
XAExtended Architecture ; Extended Attribute
XAPIAX.400 Application Program Interface Association
X2BHexadecimal to Binary [REXX]
.XBMX-Windows Bitmaps (file name extension) (black and white)
.XPMX-Windows Pixelmaps (file name extension) (color)
X2CHexadecimal to Character [REXX]
XCMDExternal Command
XCOPYExtended Copy
X2DHexadecimal to Decimal [REXX]
XDFExtended Density Format [IBM]
XDRExtended/External Data Representation
XFCNExternal Function
XFDLExtensible Forms Description Language
XGAExtended Graphics Array [IBM]
XHTMLExtensible HyperText Markup Language
XIDExchange Identifier
XIOSExtended Input/Output System
.XLAAdd-In (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]
XLFExceptional Fortran [IBM]
.XLKBackup (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]
XLLExtensible Link Language
XLMExcel Macro Language [Microsoft]
.XLTTemplate (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMMExtended Memory Manager [LIM/AST]
XMSExtended Memory Specification [LIM/AST]
XNSXerox Network System (protocol) [Xerox]
XOFFTransmitter Off
XONTransmitter On
XORExclusive OR (Also EOR)
XPExtreme Performance [Compaq]
XPEXP Embedded (see WIN...XP) [Microsoft]
XPRMXerox Print Resources Manager [Xerox]
XRNSExtensible Resource Name System
XRTExtensions for Real-Time
XSLExtensible Style Language
XSLTExtensible Stylesheet Transformation
XSMDExtended Storage Module Drive (interface)
XSSIExtended Server Side Includes
XTCLKExternal Transmit Clock
XULExtensible User-Interface Language [Netscape]
YAMYet Another Modem [Omen Technology]
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle [Internet]
Y2KYear 2000
(Y/N)?(Asks for a YES or NO decision)
YTDYear To Date
.zPacked file (file name extension - using Pack/Unpack program)..lower case z..[Unix]
.ZCompressed file (file name extension - using Compress/Uncompress program)..upper case Z..[Unix]
ZAKZero Administration Kit [Microsoft]
ZAWZero Administration for Windows [Microsoft]
ZBRZone-Bit Recording [IBM]
Z-CAVZoned Constant Angular Velocity
ZDLZero Delay Lockout
ZDSZenith Data Systems
ZIFZero-Insertion Force (socket)
ZIPZigzag In-Line Package ; Zone Improvement Plan (ZIPcode)
.ZIPCompressed File (file name extension) [PKWare]
.ZOOCompressed File (file name extension) [Dhesi]
ZPVZoomed Port Video [Toshiba]
ZSLZero Slot LAN