Nathanael Greene Middle SchoolWhat is the Mission of the School Improvement Team?

To focus the school on student performance and a process of continuous school improvement that involves and informs all members of the school community in this work.

What are the Components of a School Improvement Plan?

 Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Goals, Strategies and Action Plans, Monitoring Plan

What are the Responsibilities of the School Improvement Team?

• Organize and manage a school-wide self-study process to identify important issues

• Create action plans (Providence One Plan or POP) to organize the improvement process

• Lead school-wide implementation of action plans

• Regularly collect academic and data information, and reflect on student progress

• Monitor and adjust action plans to better address student needs

• Evaluate and review the effectiveness of the action plans

• Report information to parents and central office 

• Begin self-study process again

Achievement Summary

Necap Summary Data for our school versus last year. Writing and math scores made some very good gains.
Our school versus the District. Way to go Greene!
Our school versus the District. Way to go Greene!