First, PRINT THIS View DownloadThen follow the checklist. You and a parent should check each one to confirm that it is COMPLETE.

Here are the codes you will need:


Period 1
Class ID: 13269156
Password: threads1

Period 2
Class ID: 13269160
Password: threads2

Period 3
Class ID: 13269163
Password: threads3

Period 4
Class ID: 13269164
Password: threads4


With Remind, you have a choice - "Essential Only" or "ALL"
Here's the difference:

ALL - MOST students should sign up for this. You will receive all of the reminders. This will include things like "Don't forget to finish..." and reminders for each assignment.  You don't need to sign up for both - you will also receive the Essential reminders.

Essential Only - You will only receive reminders for longer, ongoing assignments and announcements that are too late (or I  forgot) to make in class.


Period 1

Did you choose to sign up for ALL?
Did you choose to sign up for Essential Only?

You need to use your account (directions here if you forgot). Then click on the plus in the upper right corner - join a class. Use the code for your period
Period 1:
Period 2:  ljpz5e
Period 3:  lwbfw7n
Period 4:  wjhv8u7

Period 1 Pin: qhposst   
Period 2 Pin: gzmlcee
Period 3 Pin: tflssgr
Period 4 Pin: afxjfvi

If you have an iPhone or iPad, I recommend you use the letsrecap app. NEW: The Android app is available - search for "letsrecap" in Google Play to find it. If you cannot get into Google Classroom for any reason, here are the directions for the assignment:

  • Introduce yourself following this basic script. 
  • "Hello. My name is ADJECTIVE FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. Something that is important to me is _____" (the ADJECTIVE is from your interviews in English)
  • Fill in that blank, then give another couple sentences to explain it and why it's important to you.
  • Finish with "Thank you."

My contact information is at the bottom of every webpage. Let me know if anything isn't working for you.

Finally, don't forget to get your Chromebook agreement (CHROMEBOOK CARE FOR STUDENTS) signed.