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posted Feb 11, 2016, 5:17 PM by Scott Harris   [ updated Aug 31, 2016, 4:06 PM ]

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Inauguration Trip! Please add yourself to the EMAIL LIST

For those who already signed up and are looking for new information, I temporarily simplified things to make it easier for new people to sign up. I'll be in touch with you soon. Please ask if you have questions!

Here's the link to sign up - Find the ENROLL NOW button

IS THIS A NORTHGATE FIELD TRIP? No. This is not a school or district sponsored trip. The school is not officially promoting the trip. What this means is that the school and district are not funding or accepting liability for the trip. But what it also means is that we can open the trip to anyone. Unlike previous inauguration trips, you no longer need to be in a certain class or complete certain activities to attend. There is one possible downside - read "Will I Miss School" below.

The price is $2174. This includes everything except lunches, souvenirs, and whatever extra things you might choose to do. Additionally, you will have the option to purchase your own insurance plan from EF. Read the fine print on that, and please ask if you have questions about it.

WHEN? Inauguration 2017 is Friday, January 20, 2017. I have requested that we depart on Tuesday evening and return on Sunday.

WILL WE GET TO SEE THE INAUGURATION? On Friday, we will attend the inauguration. We probably will be too far away to actually see whoever is being sworn in. We will most likely watch it on screens and the sound system set up on the National Mall. But still - YOU'LL BE THERE!

WHAT ELSE WILL WE DO? We will have part of Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and the beginning of Sunday to visit Washington, DC. We will check out the monuments, the Smithsonian, and whatever else we have time for. The priority is the inauguration. The rest is whatever we can do. I'll have more details on evening activities as we plan them.

I'M A PARENT. CAN I GO? Yes. Sign up as as student would. However, be aware that there is a $300 adult supplement.

Yes. Yes it will.

WHAT IF (INSERT FAVORITE CANDIDATE'S NAME HERE) DOESN'T WIN? Then you'll watch someone else's inauguration. There isn't a "my candidate didn't win" refund. If your candidate doesn't win, plan to go hold up signs and protest.

WILL I MISS SCHOOL?  Yes. You will miss Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, it isn't a school field trip. There's a chance that it might not be an excused absence. This could be a problem if you have attendance issues. Not only that, but it will probably be the week of finals. All of us planning the trip will work with your teachers to find a solution for you to take your final exams. You might have a teacher that requires you to be in attendance and will not excuse your absence. You might take a test at the airport. You might take one on the airplane. Once again, we will help you to work with your teacher to find a solution.

WILL WE HAVE FUNDRAISING?  We will not have any official fundraisers. However, small groups are encouraged to get together to plan something.

WHAT IF I WANT MORE INFORMATION? First, sign up for the email list. For specific questions, you can send an email directly to Mr. Harris - Students can visit Mr. Harris in room 72 to ask questions. Please be aware of the September 15 deadline.

If you would like more about the trip from our travel company, EF Explore America, click HERE for the flyer and HERE for the fine print.

WHAT IF I'M READY TO SIGN UP?  We will cut off signups on September 15.
Here's the link to sign up - Find the ENROLL NOW button

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