March 2, 2017

posted Mar 2, 2017, 12:18 PM by Scott Harris
HW/ASSIGNMENTS TURNED IN: "Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat" on Google Classroom - due tonight, 10:59 PM

STARTER: "What is America’s role in the world? How do we work with other countries? How do we treat them? How do they treat us?"

WHAT WE DID: American Foreign Policy Spectrum (if you were absent, get the worksheet on Friday - use the info on pages 3-5 of the handout to complete it. If you will also be absent Friday, print out the worksheet on pages 1-2 of the handout)

HANDOUT NAMES: Foreign Policy Spectrum

HOMEWORK ASSIGNED: "Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat" on Google Classroom - due Tonight, 10:59 PM; FHP Interview is due Wed, March 8 on

NOTES/REMINDERS: Check the Family History Project page for due dates