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Need for Speed racing game first originated in Canada

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"Fast paced action filled thrill rides" is a good description of the NFSpeed series. Upgrading your car before racing online with other opponents is recommended. Drive the track and remember the trouble spots. This will aid in winning races. Check that you have enough power under the hood to challenge competitors. A 300 HP class 3 car is not going to stand a chance against a class 1 car with a 1000 HP. You might get to see their taillights for about 30 seconds. Light,quick acceleration cars work better on a short windy track.

Electronic Arts publish the games and several studios are involved with programming.

They include EA Black Box and Criterion Games. Need For Speed was first introduced as a police pursuit racing game. It has evolved with different characters and racing modes. Some game editions have cars from all over the world. Other games have more selected vehicles and race styles. The goal in all the games is to win races and tournaments. Elude hot pursuit police cars and navigate multiple maps. Winning races unlocks perks and car upgrades

It is very popular with racing game players. Online multiple player enabled and game console play. The game was first developed by Distinctive software which later becameEA CANADA.

NFSpeed "TheRun" video game includes online cloud storage. Save your top racing placement and post to the leader board. Challenge your friends to beat your time. Driver level progresses with completion of various challenge races and the USA cross country race "The Run". Your driving skills will be put to the ultimate test. Fast straight a ways, icy winding mountain roads and aggressive competitors make for exciting game play. Many racers thought they had the race won until they crested a blind hill at 200 mph + and ate the back end of a semi. Watch for traffic! Oncoming and in your lanes.

Buying car upgrades allows the vehicle class to improve,thus allowing the car to be used in higher class races. Vehicle may or may not be able to qualify for previous class races after upgrading.

More speed with a lower class car can be obtained with using nitro boost. Driving at high speed will refill your limited supply of the speed booster. Tracks with lots of straight ways justify a car with more power and speed. Heavy solid cars are good for ramming police cruisers and racing opponents. Automobile handling can greatly change from one car to another. Drivers usually find a favorite or two that suits their racing style.