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N4BX VHF DXpedition from FM13 in the CQ World Wide VHF Contest, July 19 & 20, 2008

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Post Contest FAQ's

Q) How did N4BX do in the contest?

A) N4BX had a good contest, we didnt really know what to expect. Several people had operated from FM13 before, and warned us it could be aweful lonely. The final talley isn't in yet, but it looks like on Six Meters we had about 152 Q's and 70 grids (multipliers). On Two Meters we had about 60 Q's and 17 Girds (multipliers).  

Q) I have sent a QSL card, but havent received one back yet?

A) We took a team photo on site, and are trying to get a photo QSL made, unfortunately, it takes a while to get that done. Please hang in there, we will QSL 100%. After the logs are checked and rechecked, we will post the callsigns of stations worked on website, so theres no question.

Q) How bad was the weather, and how did it effect your operation?

A) Got to tell you, the weather was wild at best. We were wet most of the time, either from rain or the 95+ temps. The tents and one tower were setup on Friday afternoon, in the scorcing heat, Saturday morning brought Tropical Storm Christabol, the rain bands would blow through and drench us, then the heat, then another rain band. Someone went and got us ponchos to keep dry, but we got almost as wet in those sauna suits as the driving rains. The rains effected us the most on EME, it really caused many problems on receive with rain static, and visibility on the moon.


PreContest FAQ's

Q) When will N4BX be activating Fox Mike 13 ?

A) N4BX will be operating in the CQ Worldwide VHF Contest and will be active beginning on Saturday July 19th @ 1800 UTC time (2PM EDST), through Sunday July 20th @ 2100 UTC (5PM EDST). Six Meters and Two Meters are the only bands used for this contest. For more information on the CQ Worldwide VHF contest, heres a link to the rules.


Q) I really need FM13, how can I work N4BX and put FM13 in the log?

N4BX will be active on Six Meter SSB, Two Meter SSB, Two Meter WSJT EME, and Two Meter FM Simplex. Depending on your location, and equipment point your antennas towards Wilmington, NC. If you only have Two Meter FM equipment, you can still work N4BX, we will be active on FM Simplex.


Q) What is the six digit Grid Square for your operating location, so I can make sure my antennas are pointed right at you?

N4BX will be operating from the NC Ferry Division's Southport location. The Six Digit grid Square is FM13aw, you can see a Google Map Satellite photo of FM13aw here.


Q) What Frequencies will N4BX be active on?

A) Its hard to tell what band conditions will be like in Fox Mike 13, but N4BX will be operating on or near:

  • Six Meter SSB 50.137 USB
  • Two Meter SSB 144.212 USB
  • Two Meter FM Simplex  146.550
  • Two Meter WSJT  To Be Determined


Q) Why Fox Mike 13?

A) Fox Mike 13 was recently listed as one of the rarest grid squares on the East Coast, and with the newly announced Fred Fish Award the timing seemed right to activate this highly sought after grid square. Also, our friends Bill W4WNT, and George KI4KK  and their local club has been operating the ARRL VHF contest recently from FM13 and having such a blast, we wanted to join in on the fun..


Q) How can I contact the N4BX team ?

A) Before and after the contest you can email us at if you are in the Wilmington area we will be at the Southport ferry landing parking lot, stop on by and see us.


Q) I only have an Two Meter FM rig, how can I help?

A) You can work N4BX on Two Meter FM Simplex. We will be on 146.550 Simplex , make sure you open up your squelch so you will be able to hear us. If you are in the Wilmington area, there are several grid squares and you can be a Rover station and contact us in multiple grids. Here is a link to an excellent tool, it uses Google maps to determine grid squares and particularly the borders. Grid Map Enter in FM13 and then navigate to find your location.


Q) Am so excited,  I just worked N4BX from FM13, how do I get a QSL card?

A) Congratulations for being in the log! We will be having QSL cards made for this event, so it might take several weeks until we are able to send them out. Dont worry we will QSL 100%. Ken W4DXA has been announced as the N4BX QSL manager. Heres a link to Ken's address. An SASE will be appreciated.