About Fox Mike 13

N4BX VHF griDXpedition from FM13AW in the CQ World Wide VHF Contest, July 19 & 20, 2008

Fox Mike 13
   is the 126th Most Wanted Grid Square in the USA, out of 488 Grids and the most wanted Fox Mike Grid Square, according to:

Below is our operating location
to see it better on a map enter FM13aw


Fox Mike 13 Alpha Whiskey

 is located on the Southern Coast of North Carolina, just south of Wilmington. On most grid square maps it shows all water, but as you can see there is a little Terra Firma. There are no known permanent Amateur Radio VHF Operators as residents.

The Six Digit Grid Square is  Fox Mike 13 Alpha Whiskey.

                    FM 13 Grid Square Maps                       (click on map for larger image)