six meter ssb station

N4BX griDXpedition from FM13AW in the CQ World Wide VHF Contest, July 19 & 20, 2008 

Station Captain 


N4BX will be operating on:

50.137 USB + -


Six Meters will be our bread and butter station for making multipliers. From the NC Coast, near Wilmington, NC if the band doesnt open up, we will be talking to ourself most of the time.  When the bands are not open, we plan to alternate between SSB and WSJT.


Yaesu FT920

TE Systems 350Watt Brick Amplifier


M2 6MJHV 7 Element Yagi, 30 Foot Boom 10.9 dbdgain for SSB

H Doublebay Antenna pointed North-South for SSB

H Doublebay Antenna pointed West-East for SSB

KB6KQ Omni-Directional Loop for SSB 


Updates & Results

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