two meter ssb station

N4BX DXpedition from FM13 in the CQ World Wide VHF Contest, July 19 & 20, 2008 

Bill W4GRW
Station Captain

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N4BX will be operating on :

SSB 144.212

FM Simplex 146.550


Life in FM13 on Two Meters will be very interesting. It will either be very slow, or hopefully busy with Tropo Ducting along the Coast. We would like to work as many grid squares as possible on SSB, for our multipliers, and work FM Simplex  along Coastal Carolina. With the right conditions, working Florida and the Northeast USA are possibleon FM and SSB.  We hope to enhance those slow times by working WSJT both EME (Moon Bounce) and MS (Meteor Scatter). FM Simplex will be very crutial to our success  too. 


 Kenwood TS2000 Limited Edition SSB and FM

TE Systems 400W Brick SSB and FM


Cushcraft 4218 XL Boomer, 28.2 Foot Boom, 17.2 db gain for SSB

H Doublebay Antenna pointed North-South for SSB

H Doublebay Antenna pointed West-East for SSB

Hustler G7-144,  7dbd for FM

Cushcraft 13B2 for FM




  • Unfortunately, Two Meters never opened like we had hoped.
  • There was lots of great FM activity, especially the Rover stations.
  • At beginning of contest, we had some interstation interference, that we got corrected.