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2008 N4ARR Field Day Statistics  

N4ARR QSO's by Top 25 Sections

N4ARR QSO's by Band

only worked 5 bands, as you can see we had over 400 Q's on 20M alone.

N4ARR Field Day Rate Graph

As you can see we had our rate up to 100 Q's per hour a couple of times.



N4ARR Field Day 2008

For Field Day 2008, the Dixie Radio Pirates went back to where it all started, Anderson Mountain, NC where the DRP was formed.    N4ARR operated as a 1A class operation.

Thanks to all who came by and visited and operated with us.

Tim Slay N4IB ARRL NC Section Manager stopped by on his official duties. Randy Zonkger AA4ZR stopped by wearing his official Red Cross hat.

The DRP experience in Mountaintop HF & VHF contesting sure paid off. We started setup at 11AM, (or were scheduled to do so anyway), and by 12:15PM, we had the station setup (rig, laptop, tent, table, generator) and ready to go with one antenna. By 1:30PM, three antennas and everything were up and running. At 1:45PM we were on the air claiming  a frequency and leisurely awaiting the 2PM kickoff. We had one heck of a thunderstorm roll through with torrential rains and high winds, we were able to continue operating, through it all. Thanks to the crew for getting is ready for the storm with about 15 minutes notice, especially Marks KI4UEWTIm N8KBM. They kept our operating tent from blowing down the mountain. We did have one thrill, when the roof of the tent raised 3 to 4 feet, during the fury of the storm, and Marks and Tim came to our rescue. Talk about drenched, Marks could have taken a shower and been dryer..

Special thanks also go out to Phil K4ATM, Wayne N4HWH, Bill W4GRW, John W4PAY, Steve N4OUT, and Joe AF1E for all your time and efforts. One short note...we have not heard from Tim KI4OKG, who rode his motorcycle up to visit us on the mountain, right before the storm struck, we hope he made it to shelter ok...

In typical Pirate fashion, we made our last contact at 1:59PM, and we had everything taken down by 2:28PM.

Our post FD critique was very productive, and everyone liked the lean mean 1A operation. For 2009, after our failed attempt to have a Pirates on the Lake FD in 2008, we must have our FD plans firmed up by March 2009 at the latest. Also we shall explore the possibility of going to 2A for 2009.

 2008 Field Day Photos 

John W4PAY

Wayne N4HWH

Tim N8KBM- Phil K4ATM- John N4PAY -Wayne N4HWH

Can you tell we are The Pirates ?



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