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Ben'^ Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Live Stream Online: NFL Football Monday Night 2013

Watch NFL Football between Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Live Stream Online Monday Night 2013 in Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin at 8:40 PM (ET).

As a Packer fan transplanted to Chicago, I see a close game in the first half. At least from a fan perspective, the Bears still maintain the mystique of the great rivalry whereas it seems in the Green Bay camp, that sentiment has shifted toward the Vikings.

Bears enter this game underdogs with a chip on their shoulder and a view toward this rivalry more intense than that held by the Pack - as least that is my perception. Regardless, if both play at their level, should be a big game for Packer offense. 36-24 Packers.

With Mel Tucker running the defense poorly and with the injuries as well, Aaron Rodgers is going to have a huge game. What are the odds of him throwing 8 TDs to break the record?

Forget the analysis - Packers will pound the ball and break the the heart of the Bears defense, and Aaron will hit his six or seven killer 3rd down completions. But it will be a tight game - the Bears are tough.

It's a shame that the Cowboys will go butt forward into the playoffs - the Bears Lions and , maybe even the Vikings are better - I would love to see the Vikings ice that piece of compost Dez Bryant.

Finally - I want the Packers to beat and silence the Hawks and their idiot fans in Seattle in the playoffs just like we did last year. We are going to the superbowl.

We may be one of the only teams where there will be no quarterback controversy. Pride will not stand in the way of decisions with our quarterbacks. McCown understands his position in life and he wouldn’t hesitate to hand the driver keys back over to Cutler.