nVidia nForce 1-3/Windows XP Remixes and Chipset/GPU Drivers

All files below can be downloaded from this eSnips directory if you get a "bandwidth exceeded" message.

The remixes and individual chipset drivers below support all NF1-3 boards and are the latest available. Beta nForce drivers that are marked w/ a "*" are actually beta, while those that are not marked were originally WHQL but have lost certification due to modified INFs. NV no longer officially supports NF1-3, but some of the more recent WHQL chipset drivers are still compatible. Modifying their INFs is necessary to add support for NF1-3 chipsets (only DeviceIDs are added, nothing else is altered).

[NF1-3/WinXP Latest Remixes]

Latest Drivers

NF123LR1.0 (51.8MB zip): Latest Remix [v1.0]

Mirror (47.2MB rar)  

Audio driver version 4.66 (beta)
Audio utility version 4.51
PreNRM ethernet driver version 5.38 (beta*)
NRM ethernet driver version 67.89 (beta)
Network management tools version 67.93
GART driver version 4.40 (beta*)
Memory controller driver version 4.40 (beta*)
SMBus driver version 4.69 (beta)
Installer version 4.46 (International)
SATA/PATA RAID driver version 6.99 (beta)
SATA/PATA IDE driver version 6.99 (beta)
RAIDTOOL application version

Latest WHQL Drivers

NF123LWR1.1 (51.6MB zip): Latest WHQL Remix [v1.1]

Mirror (47.1MB rar) 

Audio driver version 4.62 (WHQL)
Audio utility version 4.51
PreNRM ethernet driver version 4.36 (WHQL)
NRM ethernet driver version 50.11 (WHQL)
Network management tools version 67.93
GART driver version 4.36 (WHQL)
Memory controller driver version 3.38 (WHQL)
SMBus driver version 4.67 (WHQL)
Installer version 4.46 (International)
SATA/PATA RAID driver version 5.18 (WHQL)
SATA/PATA IDE driver version 5.18 (WHQL)
RAIDTOOL application version


NVintInstaller446 (3.8MB): nVidia NF1-3/WinXP International Installer [v4.46]                                 Use this Installer version for installing individual drivers (if you don't want to update via Device Manager) or for creating your own "remix".  For example, you wish to update to "GART" driver v4.40 only. Then simply copy the extracted "GART" folder from "NVgart440.zip" into this Installer and run "setup.exe".  Do the same thing for each chipset driver to create a "remix".  


[NF1-3 Audio] 

NVaudioDrv462 (821kb): nVidia Audio driver (WHQL) [v6.14.0462.0 | 04/13/2005]
NVaudioDrv465 (817kb): nVidia Audio driver (beta) [v6.14.0465.0 | 07/26/2005]                            NVaudioDrv466 (824kb): nvidia Audio driver (beta) [v6.14.0466.0 | 08/31/2006]

NVaudioUtl451 (3.8MB): nVidia Audio utility [v4.51 | 04/02/2004]


NVmixerAdv (532b): Registry file to enable the "Advanced Settings" tab in the nVidia audio utility

OalInst203 (553kb): OpenAL Installer to install latest OpenAL components [v2.0.3]                        Installs the latest OpenAL 1.1 libraries, enabling support for core OpenAL operations as well as extensions such as EAX and EFX (the 2 dlls installed will take priority over the outdated ones in the latest nVidia audio drivers, if for some reason the game/app doesn't already includes its own).

Toggle5.1 (2kb): 2 registry files to turn 5.1 surround sound on/off for SoundStorm audio             See this thread at the nForcersHQ forum for more info.


[NF1-2 10/100 PreNRM Ethernet]

NVenet436xp (213kb): nVidia Ethernet driver (WHQL) [v4.36 | 04/02/2004]
NVenet471xp (212kb): nVidia Ethernet driver (beta*) [v4.71 | 02/03/2005]                      NVenet538xp (258kb): nVidia Ethernet driver (beta*) [v5.38 | 10/27/2006]

[NF2-3 Gigabit NRM Ethernet]

Driver only (NAM not included)

NVnrmEnet5011 (430kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (WHQL) [v50.11 | 09/30/2005]                       NVnrmEnet6565 (593kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v65.65 | 03/06/2007]                      NVnrmEnet6715 (597kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.15 | 11/20/2006]                      NVnrmEnet6749 (384kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.49 | 06/28/2007]                      NVnrmEnet6758 (390kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.58 | 07/30/2007]                      NVnrmEnet6764 (390kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.64 | 09/20/2007]                      NVnrmEnet6767 (420kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.67 | 10/12/2007]                      NVnrmEnet6772 (421kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.72 | 11/17/2007]                      NVnrmEnet6774 (425kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.74 | 12/24/2007]                       NVnrmEnet67761 (472kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.76.1 | 02/19/2008]NVnrmEnet67862 (509kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.86.2 | 08/29/2008]NVnrmEnet6789 (511kb): nVidia NRM Ethernet driver (beta) [v67.89 | 08/01/2008]

NAM (copy "NAM" folder into "Ethernet" folder in the NRM Ethernet driver to install)

NVnam6793 (29.4MB): nVidia NAM [v67.93]


[NF1-3 GART] (AGP)

NVgart436 (91kb): nVidia GART driver (WHQL) [v4.36 | 04/02/2004]                                          NVgart440 (86kb): nVidia GART driver (beta*) [v4.40 | 04/27/2004]


[NF2 PATA IDE] (NF1 has no NV IDE controller)

NVide518xp (249kb): nVidia IDE driver (WHQL) [v5.10.2600.518 | 02/11/2005]
NVide534xp (237kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.534 | 05/17/2005]                              NVide535xp (238kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.535 | 05/26/2005]
NVide546xp (232kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.546 | 07/19/2005]
NVide552xp (232kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.552 | 08/18/2005]
NVide621xp (235kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.621 | 07/27/2005]
NVide622xp (236kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.622 | 08/12/2005]
NVide654xp (242kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.654 | 03/16/2006]
NVide666xp (245kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.666 | 04/24/2006]
NVide667xp (245kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.667 | 05/01/2006]
NVide677xp (280kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.677 | 06/28/2006]                              NVide678xp (280kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.678 | 07/10/2006]
NVide686xp (280kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.686 | 08/14/2006]                               NVide687xp (281kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.687 | 08/21/2006]
NVide691xp (314kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.691 | 09/21/2006]           NVide692xp (315kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.692 | 10/18/2006]
NVide695xp (315kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.695 | 01/18/2007]
NVide699xp (281kb): nVidia IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.699 | 05/15/2007] 

NVallIDEdrivers (4.6MB): all nVidia IDE drivers in one zip


Experimental AHCI RAID IDE drivers for NF2-3 can be downloaded from this eSnips directory.

Driver only (RAIDTOOL not included)

NVraidIDE518 (306kb): nVidia RAID IDE driver (WHQL) [v5.10.2600.518 | 02/11/2005]
NVraidIDE691 (375kb): nVidia RAID IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.691 | 09/21/2006] NVraidIDE692 (376kb): nVidia RAID IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.692 | 10/18/2006]
NVraidIDE695 (376kb): nVidia RAID IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.695 | 01/18/2007]
NVraidIDE699 (377kb): nVidia RAID IDE driver (beta) [v5.10.2600.699 | 05/15/2007]

RAIDTOOL (copy "raidtool" folder into "IDE" -> "WinXP" folder in the RAID IDE driver to install)

NVraidTool695 (11MB): nVidia RAIDTOOL [v5.10.2600.695]                                                        NVraidTool103042 (12.4MB): nVidia RAIDTOOL [v10.3.0.42]


[NF1-3 Memory]

NVmem338 (60kb): nVidia Memory Controller driver (WHQL) [v3.38 | 04/09/2003]                       NVmem440 (55kb): nVidia Memory Controller driver (beta*) [v4.40 | 04/27/2004]


[NF1-3 SMBus] 

NVsmbus445 (61kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.45 | 07/27/2004]
NVsmbus446 (55kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (beta*) [v4.46 | 08/20/2004]
NVsmbus450 (61kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.50 | 05/13/2005]
NVsmbus451 (56kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (beta*) [v4.51 | 08/16/2005]
NVsmbus452 (61kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.52 | 10/12/2005]
NVsmbus457 (61kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.57 | 06/08/2006]                                      NVsmbus459 (103kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.59 | 09/27/2006]
NVsmbus460 (103kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.60 | 11/09/2006]
NVsmbus462 (104kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.62 | 07/06/2007]                                   NVsmbus463 (105kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.63 | 09/06/2007]                                    NVsmbus464 (151kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.64 | 01/17/2008]                                   NVsmbus467 (210kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (WHQL) [v4.67 | 08/05/2008]                                     NVsmbus469 (204kb): nVidia SMBUS driver (beta) [v4.69 | 08/21/2008]


[GeForce WinXP 32bit] (PhysX not included)

GeForce (ForceWare) drivers below support all GF 6-200, except mobile GPUs.  


181.00xp32eng (36MB): nVidia GeForce (beta) [v6.14.11.8100 | 12/15/2008 | English]


185.20xp32eng (37.3MB): nVidia GeForce (beta) [v6.14.11.8520 | 12/26/2008 | English]



Download (60.9MB): nVidia GeForce (beta) [v6.14.11.8100 | 12/15/2008 | International]


PhysX81118 (32.7MB): nVidia PhysX system software (for GF 8 or higher only) [v8.11.18]


Precision140 (839KB): Precision nVidia GPU overclocking/monitoring utility [v1.4.0]


Silicon Image 3112/3114 RAID BIOS/Drivers and NVRAID BIOS

All files below can be downloaded from this eSnips directory if you get a "bandwidth exceeded" message.

[SiI 3112 SATA RAID]

SI3112_4250 (21kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID BIOS [v4250]                                             SI3112_4276 (21kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID BIOS [v4276]                                             SI3112_4279 (21kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID BIOS [v4279]                                             SI3112_4283 (21kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID BIOS [v4283]                                             SI3112_4284 (21kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID BIOS [v4284]

SI3112_53 (259kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.0.53 | 11/10/2005]       SI3112_56 (140kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.56.0 | 01/12/2006]
SI3112_561 (140kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.56.1 | 03/14/2006]
SI3112_57 (134kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID Driver (beta) [v1.0.57.0 | 06/28/2006]
SI3112_60 (156kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.60.0 | 02/01/2007]
SI3112_62 (163kb): SiI3112 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.62.0 | 08/17/2007]


[SiI 3114 SATA RAID]

SI3114r_5064 (25kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID BIOS [v5064]                                                            SI3114r_5073 (25kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID BIOS [v5073]

SI3114r_1007 (155kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.0.7 | 02/03/2004]                      SI3114r_1008 (123kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID Driver (beta) [v1.0.0.8 | 11/02/2004]                        SI3114r_10150 (137kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.15.0 | 04/10/2005] SI3114r_10160 (131kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID Driver (beta) [v1.0.16.0 | 06/27/2006]                    SI3114r_10190 (151kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.19.0 | 02/01/2007]
SI3114r_10200 (161kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.20.0 | 04/10/2007]SI3114r_10210 (160kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID Driver (WHQL) [v1.0.21.0 | 10/03/2007]

[SiI 3114 SATA RAID5]

SI3114r5_5314 (29kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 BIOS [v5314]                                         SI3114r5_5403 (29kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 BIOS [v5403]

SI3114r5_1200 (156kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 Driver (WHQL) [v1.2.0.0 | 02/14/2005] SI3114r5_1231 (158kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 Driver (WHQL) [v1.2.3.1 | 03/31/2005]
SI3114r5_1309 (165kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 Driver (WHQL) [v1.3.0.9 | 10/18/2005]
SI3114r5_1430 (170kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 Driver (WHQL) [v1.4.3.0 | 01/12/2006]
SI3114r5_1550 (171kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 Driver (WHQL) [v1.5.5.0 | 04/12/2006]
SI3114r5_15100 (188kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 Driver (WHQL) [v1.5.10.0| 09/05/2006]SI3114r5_15150 (179kb): SiI3114 SATA RAID5 Driver (WHQL) [v1.5.15.0| 02/05/2007]



NVraidROM481 (25kb): nVidia NVRAID BIOS [v4.81]                                                                 NVraidROM484 (25kb): nVidia NVRAID BIOS [v4.84]                                                                  NVraidROM560 (28kb): nVidia NVRAID BIOS [v5.60]


Cbrom215 (36kb): cbrom Award BIOS mod utility [v2.15]                                                            

How to replace an old RAID BIOS that's integrated into your motherboard's BIOS w/ a new RAID BIOS:      

1. Extract cbrom215 to an empty folder on your c: drive (e.g. c:\bios).
2. Extract the new RAID BIOS (e.g. raidbios.bin) and board BIOS (e.g. boardbios.bin) to that same empty folder.                                                                                                                                    
3. Open a "Command Prompt" window and type (hit "Enter" after each command):
a) cd c:\bios (this changes the directory to the empty folder you created on your c: drive)
b) cbrom215 boardbios.bin /pci release (this executes cbrom215 and removes the old RAID BIOS from the board BIOS)
c) a or b or c (this is the PCI module where the old RAID BIOS is located within the board BIOS, it should be PCI [A] or PCI [B] or PCI [C] -> choose only one letter)
d) cbrom215 boardbios.bin /pci raidbios.bin (this inserts the new RAID BIOS into the board BIOS)
4. You'll see a message "Adding raidbios.bin.....51.2%" and will never show 100%, this is normal. To see if it worked, type: cbrom215 boardbios.bin /d (this displays all the modules within the board BIOS)
5. You should see the new RAID BIOS at the "PCI ROM[A or B or C]" module. If so, then the modified boardbios.bin is ready to be flashed onto your motherboard.

MMtool319 (153kb): mmtool AMI BIOS mod utility [v3.19 m21]                                                     See this thread at the nForcersHQ forum for a guide on how to use mmtool to modify an AMI BIOS.


Select Abit Motherboard BIOS - SiI 3112 SATA RAID BIOS Modified

All files below can be downloaded from this eSnips directory if you get a "bandwidth exceeded" message.

[Abit AN7]

AN7_19_50 (264kb): Stock AN7_19 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4250                                     AN7_19_76 (264kb): Stock AN7_19 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4276                                         AN7_19_79 (264kb): Stock AN7_19 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4279
AN7_19_83 (264kb): Stock AN7_19 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4283
AN7_19_84 (264kb): Stock AN7_19 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4284


[Abit NF7 1.x | NF7-S 1.x | NF7-M]

NF7_28_50 (258kb): Stock NF7_28 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4250                                          NF7_28_76 (258kb): Stock NF7_28 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4276                                          NF7_28_79 (258kb): Stock NF7_28 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4279                                           NF7_28_83 (258kb): Stock NF7_28 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4283                                          NF7_28_84 (258kb): Stock NF7_28 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4284

[Abit NF7 2.0 | NF7-S 2.0 | NF7-V]

NF7D_27_50 (230kb): Stock NF7D_27 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4250                                     NF7D_27_76 (230kb): Stock NF7D_27 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4276                                     NF7D_27_79 (230kb): Stock NF7D_27 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4279                                     NF7D_27_83 (230kb): Stock NF7D_27 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4283                                     NF7D_27_84 (230kb): Stock NF7D_27 BIOS w/ SATA RAID BIOS v4284


FlashMenu1508 (2MB): Flash Menu Windows BIOS flash utility [v1.508]                            AwdFlash883 (32KB): Award Flash DOS BIOS flash utility [v8.83]                                                 See this page for a guide on how to DOS flash your motherboard's BIOS.