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MY MAIN WEBSITE, Helirods.net is frequently interfered with. There are times when I can't even get into the website builder to work on that site. Also, the actual URL's shown below are often changed (by "them") to keep things as jumbled as possible.


http://www.keyt.com/weather Santa Barbara, CA

LAS VEGAS TV weather:

The following are other sites of mine and some notations for my own use:
A note for those perusing this site
This is something of a links only website for my own convenience. 

The above is a collage of enlargements from orb photos imaged Feb, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. They are probably various "spirit beings" and are no more than a few inches in actual size.
The above two photos are of orbs taken at the house I stayed at in Las Vegas in during the Summer of 2010. I have many such photos and show other orb photos on my primary website: helirods.net

Three "hidden" pages on amallory
A strange letter of recruitment
This is a slight rewrite of something on my Experiences page of Helirods
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