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NOTICE: MY MAIN WEBSITE, Helirods.net is frequently interfered with and is often hobbled in many ways. There were times past when I couldn't even get into the website builder to work on the site. That's why this website exists. I need the links for my own use if nothing else. Also, some of the URL's shown below are occasionally changed on my helirods.net website (by "them") to make links to that website as dysfunctional as possible.


http://www.keyt.com/weather Santa Barbara, CA

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A note for those perusing this site
This is something of a links only website for my own convenience. 

The above is a collage of enlargements from orb photos imaged Feb, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. They are probably various "spirit beings" and are no more than a few inches in actual size.
The above two photos are of orbs taken at the house I stayed at in Las Vegas in during the Summer of 2010. I have many such photos and show other orb photos on my primary website: helirods.net

Three "hidden" pages on amallory
A strange letter of recruitment
This is a slight rewrite of something on my Experiences page of Helirods
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