The Letter

Note: A copy of this letter was sent to Dan Cobley, MD Google UK at roughly 00:40 on 14th December 2012. The first response can be found here.

Dear Google and LG,

Let’s be clear, this is not a letter about the delays, but a complaint about the communication, or lack of from you, to us. Section 1 of your code of conduct states the following...

Serve Our Users
Privacy, Security and Freedom of Expression
Take Action

Yet this could not appear further from reality. When it comes to communicating what is happening with the orders and money, for the LG Nexus 4, it is confusing at best, most would describe it as a shambles.

I have started a site for people to register their complaints and will provide it to you in time. It contains hundreds of very unhappy people, and the site itself is receiving thousands of unique, return visitors, indicating the scale of the problem. I will forward these on to you at your request.

We can clearly see the following details emerging; customers who have had money taken from their account, and were initially informed their estimated delivery date was 3-5 working days has been and gone. When we have called to ask what is happening, it is obvious from the contrasting information given out by Google employees, that not even they know what is going on. It is also evident that orders are not being fulfilled in a “first come first served” fashion, which is extremely disheartening for everybody involved.

At this time of year when many people are travelling, they find it extremely hard to arrange deliveries when they have inaccurate estimates of when they will arrive, this kind of problem is multiplied enormously by bad information. And again, not knowing when money will be taken from your account during the festive season is not acceptable.

All these problems, and many more that we have seen, all stem from either inaccurate information or lack of communication. Indeed there are many people who have indicated that they would be happy with the delays, if we had been informed of it. Some receive in excess of 5 different shipping estimates - how are we expected to react to this?

So here are our requirements for a resolution to this situation on behalf of all the users who have registered on my website, and around the world who are being left in the dark...

1) Communication from Google to all customers on what has gone wrong, including an apology.

2) Accurate shipping information supplied to all outstanding Nexus 4 orders within 48 hours.

3) Accurate information provided to customers on when the money will be taken back out of their account with at least 24 hours notice.

4) As the initial communications regarding estimated shipping were inadequate, (which is major factor in deciding to purchase the device) at least a full refund for all overdue shipping costs.

5) An apology to your Customer Service Representatives for putting unneeded pressure and stress upon them because of the lack of internal communications.

6) Shipping to be conducted on a “first come, first served” basis, based on the time on our Google Wallet receipts.

7) All future communication regarding any shipping of Google Play to be improved greatly.

As you will see from the data we have collected, many are considering cancelling altogether if the situation does not change. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


The undersigned, on behalf of all Nexus 4 customers.