Contacting Google?

A few users have been calling Google up on the free number (landlines only - other methods and countries may charge) here in the UK and asking roughly the same questions, and appear to be getting roughly the same sort of answer, but we need to check this out.

Please do not get angry with the person on the other end of the phone. They can not magic your phone out of nowhere, and from what we can tell they have been given as much information as us. Speaking as someone who works in customer services, getting angry makes no difference to how we respond to you, other than it makes us feel like crap. 

If you do call or email, try aiming your questions towards the ones below if they apply to you...

1) What does "Pending" mean in relation to my order?

2) Do you know when the next shipment is likely to arrive in my country?

3) Find your latest correspondence from Google, get the estimated delivery time and check that this will still be honoured.

4) At what point should you call back?

5) If the original shipping has been missed, will they refund the shipping costs due to inaccurate information?

6) Will you be notified BEFORE the money is taken back out my account?

Remember that they want to help you, it is their job, so treat them with respect.

When we start hearing back information that is consistent, I will post the results here.

UK number = 0800 328 6081

If you want to get in touch, you can do so by sending an email to