There are many people who feel let down by the standard of information being supplied by Google Play regarding their LG Nexus 4 purchases.  For some they are excited to have managed to place an order and simply want to know when it might be delivered, some are in different countries over the holiday period and their predicted delivery date has been and gone, whilst others have concerns over their payments jumping in and out of their account.  

Unfortunately it seems that even though numerous efforts to find out what is going on with our orders and money, we have no real consistent information being provided from Google. Representatives are obviously dealing with a large number of calls, but we are all being told different things.  This is the reason why I have created this site.  To try and find out for ourselves what is going on, and make it easy for Google to understand our frustrations and requests. The simple message is this...

"Although we understand initial delivery times were estimates,
incorrect or no further information once these times have passed
is not good enough."

In time I will write a formal letter of complaint to Google with the specific aim of trying to find out what has been going wrong, attaching all the registered names for reference.  The contents and recipient of which have yet to be decided, although I can guarantee that any information submitted will not be passed on to any third parties - this will only go to Google.

If you would like to add your name to the list of people who have had a problem, either with the past round or current round of orders,  to get some correct and up to date information from Google, and to get them to understand how important this is for next time, please fill in the form here.

People who had problems in the first round can still fill it in retrospectively in order to get the message
across to Google / LG and help us find out what's going on.

If you want to get in touch, you can do so by sending an email to nexus4cr@gmail.com