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Take the Next Step is about stories...stories of courageous people taking their own next steps...

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homeless teens with hats

Every Monday, New Hope Fellowship brings a big box of sack lunches. A couple of weeks ago the lunches came with a grocery bag full of hats, and this note: "Hand knitted hats for the Next Step from the ladies at New Hope Fellowship. 100% handspun / dyed merino wool."

What an amazing gift!

These hats are totally cool and a great hit with our homeless teens! "Wicked, sick...", they said, and that's a really good thing.

Thank you so much!

Read more about how you can VOLUNTEER...make sack lunches, hang out with homeless teens, knit hats!

graduation celebration

Eva* is a young mom who once easily cared for her middle class family and home-schooled her three children. She came to us after her husband developed an addiction and abandoned his family. "I don't know how to be poor and ask for help," she sobbed through her tears.

At Take the Next Step we have walked with Eva to find assistance to meet the needs of her family, get into job training, and to cheer her on as she takes each hard, courageous step.

Eva wrote to invite us to her graduation..."Good news!!!  I have successfully completed in July, my Nursing schooling and Nursing Assistant externship and, also completed and passed my state certification!  The kids are healthy and have transitioned into their school schedule well...

You...are welcome to come to my official Graduation Ceremony on October 7th...

Please keep praying for my family as I pursue my education and externships.  With the small practical things in life and the big things in life God is still our provider and fills in the gaps.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!"

glass of cold water

Gil* is a homeless teen who suffers from mental illness. His anguish leads to cutting himself with sharp objects across the tops of his arms. Debbie Taylor, our Youth Specialist and a family therapist, often visits with Gil. She listens to him and affirms him as he continues with his mental health appointments and medication. Along with lunches and basic resources to meet his needs at Take the Next Step, Gil receives encouragement and help

On a hot Friday in August, Gil was doing well and stopped by with two older friends. They were all hot and thirsty. Gil's friends were not in very good shape; they seemed to be under the influence. Sipping glasses of cold water in shade of our porch they began to relax until Gil's friend's phone rang. She answered it screaming, "No, you can't do that! You can't!"

As her hysteria continued, Gil tapped the woman on the shoulder, "I respect this place and everyone who works here. They've done a lot for me. You can't bring your drama here. You'll have to leave."

It's important to Gil that Take the Next Step remains a comfortable, safe place for everyone.

Come by sometime to see our Drop-In Center or

Jani driving steam roller

Jani*, an energetic, passionate woman, visited the Take the Next Step Drop-In Center one dreary day this spring. Though she was eager to go to work, she lacked training and was having trouble finding a job. Using the skills she gained from our Introduction to Computers class, Jani searched online and found an opportunity to take a $60 Flagger Certification Course. We had the funds to help Jani take the course.

This summer, Jani is working as a flagger. Her boss likes her so much he trained her to drive the "steam roller" on the job! Thank you for helping us give our neighbors their Next Step in getting back to work!

hand made card

Pauline* visited the Take the Next Step Drop-In Center in deep despair one afternoon. After an injury, her eye doctor prescribed medication to preserve her vision. Pauline didn't have enough money to buy the medicine. From our financial assistance fund, we helped Pauline cover the cost of her prescription.

A couple weeks later, Pauline returned. "You prevented me from going blind by helping buy the medication," she reported. She brought us gifts of thanks: a beautiful little brass vase with miniature roses, a classic literature volume, and this hand crafted pen and ink card that she made herself.

Thank you for helping to bring health to our neighbors!

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good news stories

* Names are changed to protect client confidentiality

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