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Take the Next Step is a place where you will find a listening ear, a caring and committed staff, and volunteers to help you take that next step in your life.

We understand that even small obstacles can become life-derailing experiences to those who have little or no support in their lives, while those with personal support, friendships, help, and hope are able to make positive changes in their lives. 

That's why we're here...  


Our drop-in community resource center is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. Here you will find a wide range of resources and help.  We provide practical assistance - a computer center, lunches, emergency food, employment assistance, finding and referrals to affordable housing...we're committed to working with our clients to discover the resources that will help them live life to their fullest potential.  Drop-In Center >>>


Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm dinner is prepared and served by community dinner cooking teams - more than 120 volunteers make this possible.  In the summer, we move outside for some great barbecues!  There's always plenty of food.  Come join us!  Community Dinners >>>


During the school year Life Skills Classes begin at 6:45 pm following the community dinners.  Child care is provided for those attending classes.  Learn introductory computer skills, new parenting techniques, anger management, budgeting, home maintenance, credit repair and other practical skills.  Professional counselors regularly teach classes on overcoming fears, abuse issues, and developing healthy personal boundaries.  See our current class schedule >>>


The Next Step lawn has become the neighborhood soccer and play field.  As we've come to know the children of our neighborhood, we've come to understand their needs.

The statistics for our nearest elementary school are startling:
  • more than 66% of the children attending our nearest elementary school live in poverty
  • 59% of the students do not meet grade level reading standards
  • 80% fail to meet math standards
Kidz Camp
Kidz Club meets twice a week after school with healthy snacks, one-on-one reading time, helping with homework and time for fun.  

Kidz Club >>>


During the summer we "go to camp" on Tuesdays with our neighborhood children.  In 2010 we went around the world with people who have lived, worked and spent time in nine different countries, and then enjoyed our community barbecues.  In 2011, our theme was "JUMP!"  Kidz Camp >>>

GROWING TOGETHER a support and empowerment group for teen parents and their babies.  Two years ago, one of "our" teen moms asked if we would start a group.  She invited her friends and they invited others.  Every week teen moms meet with leaders including a licensed family and marriage counselor, friends and mentors at the Monroe "Y".  In 2010, we sent eight teen moms and their babies to a week long camp where nannies cared for their babies during the day.  It was a great time of fun, pampering and growth as the moms gained a sense of personal value and purpose for their lives.  Growing Together >>>


Homelessness has many different causes and faces and impacts all ages.
Homeless kids

The Next Step has become "home" for many homeless and street involved teens.  Every day we hear the sad and sometimes frightening stories of what makes life in the woods, or on the street, so much better than staying at home.  We help with immediate concerns like clothing, shelter, food, getting an ID, and longer term mentoring to help them return to school, find jobs, and chart a course for their future.  We learn a lot from them, too.  Youth and Teens >>>  


You can become part of this important work as a volunteer or donor.  Join the Next Step to offer friendship, help, and hope to our neighbors in need...or e-mail us to let us know how you'd like be get involved!
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More than 40 churches, community organizations, and businesses have come alongside to help and partner with The Next Step. Find out how you can become a part of this important work and...

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