Dan reading with one of our kids
kidz club
Tuesday and Thursday
3:30 to 5:30 pm

  • We begin with a healthy, nutritious snack and just hang out to de-stress from the day
  • Then, for 30 minutes we read together. One tutor / mentor for each student.
  • For another half hour, we help each student with their homework
  • We finish with some fun activities - baking cookies, crafts, games, fun science experiments.  

Kidz Club is open to all elementary school age students.

We invite you to visit any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

Students are welcome to stay for our COMMUNITY DINNERS - great food, fun play and projects.

If you would like your child to join Kidz Club, please complete the Student Application and mail or drop it by the Next Step office. We will contact you to confirm that we have space for your child(ren).


While we do our best to make sure no student is turned away, we may have a waiting list. We depend upon our volunteers to make this a meaningful and helpful time for every student. Our goal is to have a one-to-one student-tutor/helper ratio.

Questions?  Call the Next Step office or  E-mail us.

Ready to volunteer?
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Download Volunteer Application (fillable Word.doc)

why we do kidz club

It's simple...

"Children living in poverty are SEVEN TIMES more likely to drop out of school..."

77% of children live in poverty
48% can't read up to grade level
67% fail to meet math standards

Third World country? Inner city? Neither. Monroe, Washington.

These are the statistics for our nearest elementary school.

We don't want our kids to end up as "statistics" and you can help!


77% of our neighborhood children live in poverty
  • Children in our neighborhood tell us their stories. They have little hope for the future. Already, in their young lives, elementary school age children can articulate their difficulties in school and the futility of staying in school; "Why should I go to school? I'll never get a good job anyway...".
48% can't read up to grade level
  • By the 3rd grade, it is very important for children to have mastered how to read since it underpins future learning in the upper elementary grades where more complex reading skills are required. They should have transitioned from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.1
67% fail to meet math standard
  • As children progress through the sixth and eighth grades, poor academic performance in math and English, low reading scores, absenteeism, and disengagement from school become very reliable predictors of whether they will later drop out of high school.1 

Children need to take next steps...early and often

  • On the individual level, it is also important to consider children’s beliefs in their own competence and motivation to succeed academically. Research seems to indicate that children’s beliefs in their abilities tend to become increasingly negative as they grow older, at least through early adolescence. When children believe they are less competent in certain academic activities, they tend to value them less which has negative implications for the effort they will put into school work.1

making cookies at Kidz Club

Don't be afraid that you need to be a math whiz to help! You can help in many ways, and even the math is pretty easy...
  • Make snacks
  • Spend half an hour reading with a child.
  • Have a passion for projects? 
  • Love crafts? 
  • Know some fun games? 
  • Cool science experiments?
Drop by any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon - we meet in the basement of the Monroe Covenant Church, right next door to the Next Step. You're always welcome and it's a great time for you to see what we do, how we do it, and how much fun you'll have.

Ready to get involved now?   E-mail us.

View / Download Volunteer Application (pdf format)
Download Volunteer Application (fillable Word.doc)

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1 American Psychological Association: Facing the School Dropout Dilemma, http://www.apa.org/pi/families/resources/school-dropout-prevention.aspx

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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