waiting for dinner
community dinners

Tuesdays from 6:00 to 6:45pm

in the basement of the Monroe Covenant Church
next door to the Next Step.

We began serving Tuesday night community dinners in 2007. Three people on a volunteer cooking team served seven people at the first dinner.

summer barbecue

This year, 150 volunteers will serve more than
5,000 free and delicious dinners!

In the summer we're outside - it's barbecue time!

We move back inside in late September.  

LIFE SKILLS CLASSES begin on September 20th.

Everyone is invited to the Community Dinners - drop by sometime!
child care

We always have plenty of food. It's a good way to meet others who are involved with the Next Step and a great time to get to know our neighbors.

Professional Child Care with fun crafts and activities is provided for those attending Life Skills Classes.

We live in an amazingly generous and caring community - our Community Dinners are completely provided by the Cooking Teams. In this way, the Next Step is able to devote our resources to helping in other ways. That's one of the greatest things about the Next Step - the way our community has come alongside to help us offer friendship, help, and hope to our neighbors in need.

We have fun, too!

open mic night

We have a lot of talent in our community! Maybe you've seen Chaz walking around town with his backpack and guitar. Fortune has been a good friend for a long time, too. WATCH what they can do with the House of the Rising Sun, a couple of guitars, and a kazoo. Chaz and Fortune performed for our first open mic night! This is seriously great!

Check our NEWS AND EVENTS page for future dates.

students serving dinner

Students Can Make a Difference, from Fryelands Elementary are amazing!

Once a month, a team of students and their parents prepare enormous and delicious dinners for our guest. The students set up for dinner, bus and clear the tables (a wonderful sign of respect and care for our guests), and clean up after it's all over.

Read more about what STUDENTS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE do in our community.

Thanks to all the students, parents, and teacher Randy Brown!


If you'd like to help with a hot dish, salad, rolls and bread, or dessert, that's great! Just drop it by the basement of Monroe Covenant Church (next to the drop-in center) any Tuesday afternoon between 5 and 6 pm. Thanks!

Like to share your craft with kids?  We're always looking for new ideas!

To find out more about how you, your friends, your business, church, or community organization can join our Community Dinner Teams, E-MAIL RITA Gilifen, our Community Dinner Coordinator.

VIEW and DOWNLOAD  our Community Dinner Cooking Team Tips and Guidelines

If you're a Cooking Team Volunteer, you can see the current COOKING TEAM CALENDAR for the schedule.

You can also help fight hunger by making sack lunches. A good sandwich, some chips, a drink and a treat - pretty simple, with a huge impact. E-MAIL US or call our office for more information.

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community dinners

for children

after school program

summer program

for teens and youth

teen parent group

for homeless and street involved youth 

More than 50 churches, community organizations, and businesses have come alongside to help and partner with The Next Step. Find out how you can become a part of this important work and...

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesdays at 6:00 pm
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