our first five year statistics

2010 by the numbers

4,200    visits to the Next Step Drop-In Center
 38%    of our visitors were homeless
4,500     lunches made and provided by volunteers
3,500     community dinners prepared by volunteers
4,800    hours were given by volunteers to support our work


2010 annual report 

We celebrated our Fifth Anniversary in July, 2010. Though we're amazed at the numbers, your gifts and time do far more than simply add to the statistics. You help transform lives.

We'd like to introduce you to two incredible people.


Twirp's next steps story

When we first met "Twirp", she was often with a group of homeless teens who lived by the river in Monroe. She's completed her GED and is now attending college, works full time to pay for her college, has a stable place to live, and is doing great. We're proud of Twirp...you'll be inspired, too.

WATCH TWIRP'S NEXT STEPS STORY as she shared at our Fifth Anniversary celebration...it's only three minutes but powerful.


our friend Jim Redstone
Come by the Drop-In Center most mornings and you'll find our good friend, Jim Redstone, enjoying a cup of coffee with cookies. Jim recently recounted his story to Janos Kendall, our Drop-In Center Director...

"I came to the Next Step about 3 years ago. Some neighbors brought me a [sack] lunch...and explained about the Next Step. I was staying with my daughter, her boyfriend and their two baby girls. The boyfriend was arrested, my daughter left the home...in a matter of days, Child Protective Services came and took my granddaughters...so I became homeless. I went to the Next Step for hope...

I wasn't at the bottom, but oh, so close. I was a 70 year old grandpa with no home to be sad in...grandparents have no rights in these matters. I knocked on the Next Step door...I didn't know how or what questions to ask...they listened, they helped me write letters, make phone calls and taught me to be patient, hope, and persevere. It took a whole year before I finally got to see my granddaughters. The Next Step helped in so many ways - bus passes, stamps, phone calls, food, birthday and Christmas presents [for my granddaughters]...they really cared."

Can you find yourself in Jim's story? Maybe you made one of the lunches, brought gifts for a Christmas celebration, gave of your time as a volunteer to "just listen". Perhaps you gave a donation, one that allowed us to buy a bus pass for Jim to see his granddaughters.

...friendship, help, and hope...that's what the Next Step is all about.
our financial charts

you may also VIEW AND DOWNLOAD a more complete and detailed 2010 Statement of Activities

VIEW our 2009 video report of activities on You Tube
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