The Issues

Progress for all Students
As a community that values its children, it is important to strive for continual improvement in the quality of education in order for every child to reach his/her own potential. We need to ensure that all students are equipped with the tools to advance. When elected, we will make sure our students have the resources for learning in the 21st century.  Focusing on our children’s education and safety is our top priority.

Straight Talk, Open Doors
In order for a school district to become successful, it needs to be honest.  We will introduce transparency into the North Penn School Board’s decision making process - no more closed door meetings.  Our policy is to respect all personnel and parents.  It is important to involve the community through active dialogue.  We will work with Harrisburg and other elected officials to provide a secure future for our district. 

Maximize our district’s potential
We would welcome more involvement from our local business community.  This involvement would allow them to support our community by making sure the jobs stay local instead of outsourcing them from outside of the county and in some cases, the state.  New funding resources will be pursued by acquiring additional grant money.  We will not waste money on consultants, poorly managed construction contracts and frivolous perks for senior administration staff.  By utilizing creative and innovative solutions we will manage costs by making what we currently have work.

Advocate for World class public education
Public education for our children is the greatest investment we can make as a community. We have an opportunity to improve public education in the North Penn area by working together to ensure that all resources go to the students in our schools, not to experimental ventures. We have an obligation to our community to maintain our property values by creating an environment in our schools where children feel safe and will be equipped with technological skills that will enhance their success in the competitive world of the twenty-first century.  Having a stronger voice in Harrisburg enables us to reach these goals.

Support those who make our district work
Eliminate bullying and intimidation across the school district. Respecting teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers, cafeteria  workers and all personnel,  teaches our children what respect looks like.  We need to lead by example in treating all stakeholders - students, parents and taxpayers -with respect. We all need to work towards the common goal of providing a great education- and do it with respect.  Teachable moments are everywhere.

Embrace the diversity of the NPSD
As diversity grows, we would want to make sure that administrators encourage students and their parents to have a dialogue so that no group feels left out. That way from a young age, students can be aware of the rich traditions that have guided followers of all major faiths and all races.